bobbi brown ‘old hollywood’ eyeshadow palette

bobbi brown old hollywood eyeshadowholy gorgeous, this eyeshadow palette from bobbi brown is everything. i don’t even like eyeshadow all that much (i’m kind of afraid of it, it’s fine.) and i know that i need this palette in my life. for one, bobbi’s shadows are the business. they are beautifully formulated, with a wide range of flats and glitters, they blend easily and they stay put. the color combination in this set of nine has every shade that i’m certain i would need for the rest of my life, including eclipse (a dark black matte). the remaining eight neutrals are just my speed and they include three mattes (ivory, fog, and beige), two metallics (golden pink and candlelight gold), and three serious sparklers (chocolate bronze, gold, and opal). i’m thinking that these possibilities are beyond endless and that this palette is sure to be a longtime friend. get your hands on this one before it goes, gals.

bobbi brown ‘old hollywood’ eyeshadow palette, $75 >


11 thoughts on “bobbi brown ‘old hollywood’ eyeshadow palette

  1. glad to know I am not the only beauty blogger who isn’t wild for shadow. but I agree, this palette looks so wearable and EASY! must check it out immediately.


  2. Fun! I am new to trying out different eyeshadows — for years I have been afraid to try anything besides liner and mascara on my eyes for fear that the shadow made me look like I had black eyes or extremely tired eyes. But these shades look like they are the perfect neutrals! Thanks so much for sharing.


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