la prairie anti-aging eye and lip perfection

la prairie lip and eye perfection

it’s a wicked gloomy day here in virginia so i’m tucked up at my kitchen table sipping hot coffee and perusing boots and sweaters online, thinking about how i have to spend three days in virginia beach this weekend. at a soccer tournament. in the rain.

to get my out of my (very) mini funk, i’m dreaming of the ultimate fall beauty buy: this anti-aging eye and lip perfection from la prairie. i was given a small sample of each formula included at a neiman marcus beauty event earlier this fall and can i just tell you that they are GORGEOUS. the ultra luxurious lip balm is thick and hydrating with a slight plumping effect that is too good to be true. and the eye gel is illuminating and lifting – perfect for patting on when you need to quickly transition from the office to the bar, or anytime you need a boost. both products are combined in one stunning silver compact for the ultimate in on-the-go refreshment.

it’s chic. it’s portable. it’s, well like the name says, perfection.

but it’s also one hundred and fifty dollars.

am i rushing out to buy this tomorrow? absolutely not. (i’m on a shopping ban, remember?)

but a girl (and her lips and her eyes) can dream.

la prairie anti-aging eye and lip perfection, $150 >


4 thoughts on “la prairie anti-aging eye and lip perfection

  1. La Prarie is ridiculously gorgeous and wonderful and expensive!!! I was gifted a full size caviar eye serum and i’m so in love with this stuff! I swear I was born to be rich! Not sure what happened in the process lol… great review as always! xo Carla


    • it really is a line that’s worthy of the hype. i hate stuff that’s expensive for expensive’s sake, but la prairie is actually worth its weight in gold!


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