clinique almost lipstick in luscious honey

clinique is launching eight new shades of its beloved almost lipstick formula (of black honey fame, which i know from this post has many a glossarie reader fan!) in january. if that wasn’t excitement enough, they’ve put one lonely shade, called luscious honey, on presell today and tomorrow only. it looks to be a delightfully springy, punchy berry color that i know i’m going to need to get my hands on.

the almost lipsticks are sheer and glossy, so lots of your natural lip color shines through when you wear them, making them friendly to all. luscious honey is on presell december 18th and 19th for $15 (and free shipping!) then it disappears until the full launch in january.

are you going to snag one?

are you dying to see the other seven shades, or is black honey enough almost lipstick for  you?


10 thoughts on “clinique almost lipstick in luscious honey

  1. Ok it’s no secret I love your blog! And your in northern va too!? Cool! I’m reading on the iPad right now. Very cool. I’m brad new to the whole blogging thing, but your site is great! One day maybe I’ll be like yours! Ha!


  2. Beautiful color! I am still trying to really make the whole bright red thing work for me, but alas I have given up and usually wipe it off as fast as I put it on. Bold colors is usually represented by my clothes, but I am dying to get some color on my lips. Maybe this is it…


    • yes! this is very sheer so it’s not bold or scary. i’m fair and definitely have trouble plunging into brights. i think you’ll like this a lot – let me know if you give it a try!


  3. Hi! I just wanted to ask: is the Luscious Honey shade a bright red colour? I’ve been trying to look for swatches of it online and stumbled upon your blog! thanks a lot(:


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