ole henriksen rub’n’buff salt scrub

the most wonderful time of the year can be the worst for your skin. a body exfoliator is a basic necessity, but it can be tough to find one that’s not too harsh and that also leaves you feeling clean. (i’m addicted to lather, i don’t know about you.) so when allure’s catherine o’neill tweeted that she couldn’t live without this scrub, i knew that i needed to give it a try.

believe me when i say that this big tub of scrub will turn your shower into a little spa.

before we even get down to the nitty gritty, let’s talk scent, shall we? the combination of lemongrass and lavender is oddly energizing and calming at the same time. bottom line: it smells delightful. the sea salt works to deep clean and exfoliate skin while the creamy texture surrounding the scrub is moisturizing and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. it actually gives my skin the softness that i’ve been looking for from a hydrating body wash so that i don’t need to douse myself in lotion post-shower – a most welcome and unexpected quality in a scrub. it rinses completely clean and the ginormous jar will last you well into spring. it has also done incredible things for my dry winter hands.

this is great for anyone who likes to feel refreshed but whose skin needs a little extra love during the freezing cold months. it’s pure pampering and, like cat, i’m starting to wonder how i lived without it!

ole henriksen rub’n’buff salt scrub is $48 for 28 oz.

ps – check out a few of my holiday wishes / gift ideas (this scrub among them) in refinery29!


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