sephora collection classic mineral powder brush

i’ve been faithful to one brush for two years. in the world of cosmetic commitments, that’s like an eternity! it was a good run. but the most recently purchased model of said brush took a swim in the toilet a couple of weeks ago and it brought me to the black and white striped palace of pretty with intentions to replace it yet again, but also to find a smaller concealer brush to help me hide my pesky blemishes.

i hunted down and chatted up the apron’d lady with the most flawless skin and asked for her recommendation for the concealer solution. she said absolutely without a doubt, the sephora classic mineral powder brush. she took the bare escentuals brush from my hand and said i would only need one brush if i went with this one. she touted excellent coverage and a natural finish – what can i say? i’m an easy sell.

but after weeks of getting up close and personal with this brush each morning, i can tell you with full confidence that it’s a must for every powder foundation gal, regardless of how much or little coverage you like. the reviews *almost* speak for themselves (709 total with an average review of 4.8/5) but i’ll give my two cents for good measure:

this brush is unbelievably soft. it grabs onto my mineral powder and blends perfectly. the bonus for me is that the denseness of the bristles allows it to cover blemishes which means i don’t need to invest in a second brush or a separate concealer. some people have said they wished it were larger, but the size is actually perfect for fitting inside mineral foundation caps – i’ve found other brushes to be too large and fluffy so the bristles get destroyed when i’m swirl-tap-buffing. all in all, it puts the product where you want it, you look like your natural self, but better and it doesn’t leave a stray hair behind.

it’s also an upgrade at a lower price and who can argue with that? the sephora collection classic mineral powder brush is $26 online and in stores.


9 thoughts on “sephora collection classic mineral powder brush

  1. This is one of my favorite brushes I own. It’s an allure winner as well. I actually use it for liquid foundation to buff into the skin and it gives a natural finish and also for mineral powder/setting powder. It’s AMAZING.


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