falconwright wallet pouch

falconwright wallet pouch

i really don’t care to discuss the fact that it’s going to be 70 degrees today and 25 degrees tomorrow. (because that’s just crazy.) all i want to talk about right now is this adorable pouch from falconwright. done up in bubblegum pink with a white print and a mint suede tassel, this little beauty is shouting spring. i love pouches for many reasons, but mainly because they keep the depths of my daily tote organized – catching all manner of things from receipts to change, stray otc meds and let’s not forget about that #lipbomb. this one is perfectly sized at 7×5″ and is beyond cute enough to be taken out on its own for an errand or a mocktail.*

falconwright’s shop is chock full of pretty pouch options, each more fabulous than the next. if your clutter or your business cards are looking for a new home, definitely give their handmade selection a good long look.

falconwright pouches ($28 – $68) >

note: my non-water drink of choice these days? it rotates between a refreshing lemonade and the occasional chick fil-a cookies & cream milkshake. gotta get my kicks where i can get ’em while i’m the wagon!


morphe deluxe buffer brush

morphe deluxe buffer brush

everyone has their druthers when it comes to foundation application: fingers, sponge, flat brush, etc. – and i happen to be a fan of the big, fluffy brush. this version from morphe is near perfection. for one, the size is generous but not too big (you’ve still got to be able to get into those eye corners and nose crevices after all). the bristles are the right combination of sturdy, but soft so that it applies foundations seamlessly and at the same time doesn’t irritate. (side poll: have you ever touched a makeup brush to your skin and it just plain hurts? i hate that!) i just love the way that this brush buffs and blends color right onto my face, making it look like second skin. i was so happy to find that for a lesser known brand, the quality here is very high, with not a single hair going astray (my biggest brush gripe!) and a price point that simply cannot be beat. if you’re in the market for a new way to apply your favorite face base, take a look at morphe – i think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

morphe deluxe buffer brush, $13.95 >

sam villa e-t.c. light hair dryer

sam villa e-t.c. light hair dryer

i’m going to level with you beauties.

until right before christmas, i had been using the same hair dryer that i took with me to my freshman year of college. that’s a solid 14 year relationship we are talking about here, and longer than i have known my husband. i loved that thing so much that i traveled with it everywhere, because in my eyes it far surpassed any and all hotel hair dryers or those at my friends’ houses. things were serious.

fast forward to december 2013 and sam villa’s e-t.c. light appears on my doorstep. i was hesitant, but also ready for a change, vowing to take my hair and skincare more seriously in the new year, even if that requires upping my financial investment. the box boasted all things that i was looking for: ultra lightweight, maximum airflow, ceramic tourmaline (translation: better for your hair), even whisper quiet – i was ready to give it a try.

after one (lightning fast!) blow dry, i was hooked. this thing weighs half as much as my previous model, dries my hair twice as fast and leaves it smooth, soft, and shiny. most importantly, it is visibly less dry and damaged, with more fluff and volume than ever before. without a doubt this blow dryer has made my hair healthier and given me back valuable minutes previously lost to my morning routine. needless to say, i quickly parted ways with my prehistoric blow dryer from the year 2000 and made some room in the vanity for this shiny new toy.

my love for this hair dryer has even been endorsed by a stylist friend who says it is the absolute best there is!

now, knowing that this wonderful tool isn’t cheap and knowing that my dear glossarie friends would be interested in procuring one for themselves, i worked with sam villa to create a 20% discount for my readers. using the code GLOSS, you can get 20% off your entire order at sam villa on top of a current february promotion that they are running which brings the cost of the e-t.c down to $135.96 (from $199.99).

i’m not saying that this hair dryer will change your life (ok, i am), but i will wager that it could very potentially be the last one that you ever buy.

sam villa e-t.c. light hair dryer, $135.96 (after using code GLOSS) >

orla kiely at target

orla kiely at target

if you don’t know orla kiely, then you definitely should. she’s a contemporary irish designer by way of london who has especially made a name for herself when it comes to unique retro prints. she’s known for her laminate cloth handbags which are the true essence of this darling collection, currently at target. when i spotted these absolutely adorably patterned cosmetic bags, i wanted to stuff all of them into my cart at once! i love that they are fabulous, functional, and pieces that are true orla originals at a fraction of the price. truth be told, i would pay top dollar because the organizers, zip pouches and train cases would make a serious impact on my travel situation. i’m going back to get the double zip ($16.99), the train case ($19.99), and the organizer ($16.99) for sure. my advice? if you spot these beauties at your local  target you should definitely scoop a couple up – because i don’t imagine that they will last long!

orla kiely for target cosmetic bag collection ($9.99 – $29.99) >

sonia kashuk soft cosmetic case

sonia kashuk soft cosmetic floral

i am lo-ving these soft cosmetic cases from sonia kashuk’s target line, not only because of their budget-friendly price of $6.99, but because their smaller size recently forced me to do a major edit of the contents of my (dirty, oversized) cosmetic bag. it wasn’t a good situation – i had old eyeliners, eyeshadows i never wear, three cheek tints (i mean, really) and a variety of other unnecessary goods in that old thing. this perfectly-sized pouch was just too cute to pass up, so purge i did!

the chubby little number is small enough to limit me to my essentials but flexible enough that i can still stick in a few extra products if i need ’em. the adorable prints are a plus – we are loving the floral shown above and this geometric. i might just snag a few more if my makeup starts overflowing again. such a great solution for toting my daily necessities on the go!

do tell us what do you prefer: a large makeup bag that fits everything you might
(or might not) need, or a small, just-the-basics pouch?

shop sonia kashuk soft cosmetic case ($6.99) here >

butter london color favorites

butter london cheeky lippy

i have fallen pretty hard for the butter london color cosmetics collection. i was fully introduced to the line at the ny now market in august and was shocked then to find myself drawn towards blue eyelashes, electric green eyeliner, and balmy black cherry lips. now that i’ve had the time to really play with some things, i have honed in on two clear favorites that i’ve been reaching for daily: cheeky cream blush in pistol pink and lippy tinted lip balm in black cherry. the vibes of these two products could not be more different, but i’ve found that they work beautifully together.

cheeky cream blush ($20) is silky and sheer, easily buildable, and pistol pink is a serious fuchsia  that can go from subtle to fierce with the swipe of your fingertips. i’ve taken to applying it with this duo fiber buffer from morphe because the size is perfect for picking blush up out of the pan and it creates the perfect cheek effortlessly with just a few stipples. (also, you can’t beat the price!) now, the color is bold but i love a pop of hot pink on my cheeks!

for lips, lippy tinted lip balm ($20) is your new best friend. these formulas are light and sheer, feeling really nice once they’re on, and wearing a surprisingly long time for a tinted lip. the black cherry shade is a fall must, a wine red with just a touch of edge. i’m the first one to shy away from a vampy lip (i think it looks mean!) but this color has stolen my heart and i like the way that it adds a little attitude to my oft-understated makeup look.

have you tried the butter london color cosmetics yet?
think you’ll give either of these beauties a go?

and ps : can we just give a small round of applause for
amazon’s new luxury beauty department?
they never cease to amaze.

stephanie johnson mini pouch in dubai

stephanie johnson mini pouch in dubai

nails are deborah lippmann’s rolling in the deep;
my fabulous ring is by anna beck

stephanie johnson’s mini pouch is nothing short of a handbag essential. its small size and boxy shape make it ideal for stashing daily makeup products, pain killers, tweezers, spare change, and whatever else you’ve got clanking around the bottom of your purse. this isn’t exactly breaking news – but when i saw the traditional mini pouch in her shimmering dubai ensemble of golden glittering sequins and patent tassel zipper, i knew that she was WAY to good to travel inside of another bag. once i figured out that i could slide my iphone 5, a set of keys, two lip products, my ID, debit card AND a box of altoids smalls comfortably inside, i knew that it would make the perfect wedding clutch. i carried it to our friends outdoor event on saturday to the tune of many compliments and now i’m counting down the days until i can take it somewhere else – because this beauty is way too pretty to be collecting dust in my makeup bag drawer!

have you ever turned a cute cosmetic bag into an elegant little clutch?

stephanie johnson mini pouch in dubai, $33

a few recent favorites

a few recent favorites

i’ve been a little testing machine lately and sometimes there is just TOO much goodness to share at once. rather than keep you waiting while i craft individual posts for each of these pretty products, i’ve mashed them into one gorgeous little group. i hope you like what you see!

beautyblender, $19.95
is anyone else a complete sucker for the beauty to go section at sephora? this not-at-all-new pink sponge totally captured me and it was way beyond time that i gave it a try. i have used it both wet and dry to apply my favorite cc cream and i have to say that it has never been faster or easier to flawlessly blend my foundation. i’ve been using the blendercleanser to keep it clean and, well, i may just toss my brushes forever.

kiehl’s multi super-corrective cream, $62
talk about a major upgrade to my fall face care, this ultra thick yet still non-greasy cream from kiehl’s is super luxe. it glides on to my skin and has a slight optical blurring effect. it soothes my tight post-shower skin and it’s thick enough that i can use it as an eye cream at night. it’s extremely hydrating but it leaves my skin matte so it feels like i’ve got nothing on. my foundation blends seamlessly over top and my face feels comfy all day long.

balm chicky sweet baby ginger balm balm, $12
you guys, this stuff is GORGEOUS! the balm chicky line of cheeky balms is too cute for words. they are chunky and oversized (reminding me of my favorite bath & body works balms of the 90’s) and the flavors are to DIE for – melon, cucumber, hot chocolate, honey. yum! best of all each tube has a “friend end” for sharing. they are hydrating and flavorful, and way too much fun. if you know what’s good for you, you will def check these out.

sally hansen fuzzy coat in tight knit, $6.99
this polish was the hero in yesterday’s textured nail art post. it was definitely way outside of my normal nail repertoire but i’m so happy that i gave it a test run because they are really great. you can layer them over your favorite solid shade, put them on bare nails, or even “sandwich” them together different jelly polishes for a fun effect. they were a surprisingly long time and they’re a cinch to remove. definitely a fun little update!

lulu organics jasmine travel hair powder, $9.50
another star from the beautyhabit collection, this hair powder is a fabulous little upgrade on my current go-to. it’s silky and talc-free and its tiny size is beyond perfect for keeping handy on the go. on day two, i often find myself with a need to powder up late in the day as opposed to first thing in the morning. this is so easy to work with in a restaurant bathroom (or wherever you find yourself) and the jasmine scent is delightful.

josie maran argan cream blush, $22
i don’t know where this pretty golden compact filled with soft pink perfection has been hiding, but i sure am thrilled to have discovered it. finally someone has created a cream blush that blends into skin without just sitting on top. the sunrise color is gorgeous, leaving me with a natural glowy flush that lasts all day long. my skin absolutely loves something about the argan oil and i love that it doesn’t “fight” my foundation. pretty, pretty, pretty.

shu uemura tokyo lash fiesta s eyelash curler


most of you are familiar with my obsession over shu uemura’s eyelash curler. i used it for years and then it all but disappeared from the us markets without explanation. i’ve been happily plugging away with my replacement chanel, but it has always left me wondering what those japanese masterminds have been up to! then, over the weekend, allure teased this new (?) tokyo lash fiesta s eyelash curler and i cannot stop thinking about it.

allure was able to get their hands on one of these mysterious beauties and they are claiming that it’s better than the original because of its open sides and virtually no risk of pinched eyelids. now, the original shu lash curler is beautifully shaped and never pinches, so the notion that they might have improved on that further is kind of exciting.

honestly, i don’t even care if it’s better, i just need it.

i have searched all ends of the internet and there is not a stitch of information on this bad boy. i’m bewildered and forced to wait (not at all) patiently for more news to break on the fresh update, so obviously the only solution to my dilemma was to share this kind-of news with you so that i’m not alone in my misery.

happy monday :)

*update! the powers that be at shu uemura have let me know that the tokyo lash fiesta s eyelash curler will be on sale on their website starting september 3rd!*

friday favorites

2013-07-26 13.06.57

i found myself faced with too many amazing products to count this week (always a good problem) so i’m sharing a handful of bite-sized reviews. as always, let me know if you want more : )

dermablend skinperfector blemish and oil clearing primer, $45
summer always means more breakouts for me, but i’ve been combatting the dreaded acne flare up with this primer from dermablend. it goes on light, like a lotion, but it dries perfectly matte, stopping shine dead in its tracks – even when the “feels like” is 107.

real techniques expert face brush, $8.99
seriously where have these brushes been hiding? this one applies bb/cc creams and liquid foundations like a dream and i have not seen one hair out of place. the finished effects are pixel perfect, giving this spendier option a run for its money.

jouer lip sheer spf 15 in santorini, $22
these little lippies are gorgeous and this new rosy pink shade is a creamier counterpart to my favorite from the fall. santorini is the perfect finishing touch to an everyday makeup look, leaving lips flawlessly pink, extra soft, and protected from the summer sun.

lumene time freeze eye perfecting treatment, $15.99
now this is really brilliant. i could kiss whoever thought to pair an eye treatment with a flexible lip gloss applicator! this cooling, fine-line reducing gel is actually fun to apply each night before bed – and the firming / de-puffing effects aren’t bad either!

maybelline volum’express the falsies big eyes, $9.49
i adore this dual ended mascara. with two formulas and brush sizes to separately address your top and bottom lashes, this guy gives excellent volume. it doesn’t smudge or flake and it lifts my lashes up and out, rivaling its beauty counter competitors.