pixi lip twin vs. korres lip butter glaze

in stark contrast to last weekend’s peek inside the glamorous life, this weekend holds hours of schoolwork and babysitting while the husband hosts a bachelor party in atlantic city. to add a little shine to this humdrum weekend of mine, i’m thinking about picking up a new wallet-friendly gloss and i’ve narrowed it down to two:

pixi succulent lip twin cheek and lip color duo
$18 at target and online

a multitasker! the tube houses a fruity, satin-y balm with light pigment. the dome is a semimatte cheek / lip tint in a matching shade.

korres lip butter glaze
$14 at sephora

vanilla scented, crazy moisturizing, nonsticky, sheer, shiny goodness in an application-friendly tube.

i love how clever and cutesy the pixi is but i’m also a longtime fan of korres and love to see the famous butter in shinier, more vibrant hues. decisions! your votes and opinions are much appreciated. here’s hoping a new gloss makes my weekend! and now, a few things that have already made my week:

happy friday!


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