beautiful bare legs

bare legs

bare leg season is upon us and that means it’s time for me to up my game when it comes to shaving and smoothing. nothing makes me more self conscious about my legs than the first few weeks of sundress/sandal season and while it’s easy to give my toes a pedicure to shape them up for summer, getting my legs ready is a little less simple. i think it all comes down to a super close (non-irritating) shave and the perfect body lotion.

i was recently introduced to the schick hydro silk after claiming that i would never, ever stray from my venus embrace. i am totally eating my words because the schick has totally won me over! there’s something about the shape of the head that doesn’t miss a single knee hair and the extra wide razor surface means that it takes fewer strokes to get the job done. there is no razor burn or red bumps when i’m done and maybe it’s all in my head, but i swear that the shave lasts longer. i’m a very happy convert.

my new body lotion obsession is from vmv hypoallergenics. their essence hand + body smoother is seriously a wonder product. the texture of the lotion is the lightest i’ve ever found in a body product, but theĀ “whose legs are these?!” softness that it delivers is in a category all its own. i am in love with the way that it soaks right in, leaving no stickiness or grease behind and the way that it smooths and softens. it’s one of those products you’ll want to rub all over your entire body and its lightness has me questioning whether or not i can put it on my face! (but i don’t think i’ll risk it.)

these two products are keeping my legs in check until i can get them just the teensiest bit tanned. (come on, memorial day pool opening!) what are your secrets for soft and smooth legs?