use me anti gravity volume myst

volume spray, hair spray

let’s talk about sexy hair. 

it’s big, toussly, you can flip it around and get your fingers through it, but it has a mussy texture that evokes a bit of bed head without being sloppy.

if your hair could use some sexing up, have i got the ticket for you. use me’s anti gravity volume myst doles out thickness and volume with piecy texture that’s all kinds of sexy. i love the softness that i get from the paraben and sulfate-free formula and the remaining ingredients include nothing that will weigh me down. my hair is fluffy with slight hold and a flippy finish that’s easy breezy. it’s all kinds of bombshell in a bottle.

use me products are the best because i know that i’m not putting anything in my hair that will damage or dry it. in the case of anti gravity, the spray texture is lightly hydrating with ingredients that protect my hair from my hot tools but that don’t build up and create heaviness. these products always give me my very best hair – like this is the way my hair is naturally supposed to behave.

but way, way better.

use me anti gravity volume myst ($24.99) >

on my shower shelves

the glossarie shower shelves

i am dedicating the month of april to the art of the shower!
read more april showers themed posts here.

what better way to celebrate “april showers” than to give you a glimpse of the products that actually stare me in the face as i lather up each day? our shower scene is the perfect picture of cohabitation, complete with his and hers caddy shelves. here’s what mr. glossarie and i reach for everyday to get cleaned up:

top shelf / his:

  • paul mitchell tea tree special shampoo & conditioner, 2 for $20 in salons: as a confession, i have been known to partake in the mister’s shampoo – i love how invigorating it feels and how clean-smelling it leaves my hair. for the record, it works wonders on his head as well (and hair free of sticky man product means extra head scratches in our house).
  • kiehl’s ultra facial cleanser, $19.50: breaks up oil without drying out his face. i have nonchalantly tossed many a facial cleanser onto his shelf over the years and this is the only one that has stuck! he likes the way it leaves his face totally clean and balanced.
  • dove men+care body & face wash in extra fresh, $5: steve is a fan of this body wash because of how clean it gets him after a gritty soccer game or sweaty work out. the scent is great and the price isn’t too shabby either.

bottom shelf / mine:

  • soap & glory foam call, $16: i’m still in love with this body wash almost one year later. i am crazy for the consistency, the foamy lather and i can’t get enough of the scent!
  • colorproof clearitup detox shampoo: the newest addition to my shower continues to impress! my hair is clean, vibrant, with no harm done to its fragile state – win, win, win.
  • simple smoothing facial scrub, $6.99: when the heat goes off and there’s extra moisture in the air, the seasonal change can lead to breakouts. i like to increase exfoliation to twice weekly and this scrub has been a lifesaver. it soothes and smoothens rough skin, keeping my face free and clear of pesky spots.
  • use me moisturizer for fine hair, $29.99: my most favorite of all conditioners. this stuff detangles and softens without weighing my hair down. a little goes a long, long way and this might be the only conditioner not to break out my skin.
  • gillette venus embrace, $11: i won’t get into my frustrations about how they haven’t made more technological advances in the shaving department, but nonetheless, until they do this is the only razor i will ever use. i have not nicked myself once since transitioning over a couple of years ago and it leaves my legs and ‘pits baby smooth without the need for shaving cream.

so there you have it! a juicy sneak peek into the world behind my shower curtain. what do you think: should this be a regular feature? would you like to see what fellow readers and other bloggers keep inside their showers?

travel pretty: dc-nyc-boston-newburyport-dc

i’m on the train headed back to nyc for a week of fun with hobo at the international gift fair. from new york, i’m training up to boston for a little visit with my family, and then the husband and i will be flying back from mass back to dc.

the trip totals 11 days away from home and comprises planes, trains, automobiles, hotel rooms, my sister’s brighton apartment and my parents’ house in newburyport. as if the length of time wasn’t enough of a suitcase dilemma, it’s also a lot of different climates and activities to prepare for (a trade show, nights out in new york, a red sox game, lazy days at the beach). i like to think that i’ve mastered packing over this last year, but sometimes bringing beauty can still be a real challenge, especially when i’m tight on space and really suck at going without any of my favorite products.

here’s what i have tucked away in the tsa-approved liquids and gels department (all packed inside the clear zip around pouch from my favorite stephanie johnson ml traveler):

1. leila lou perfume oil – which i’ve lately taken to wearing
in the crooks of my elbows, does anyone else do this?
2. use me cleanser for fine hair – a godsend against harsh hotel water
3. somme institute nourishing cleanser, from the pillow pack
4. somme institute double defense spf, from the pillow pack
5. ole henriksen ultimate lift eye gel – completely necessary for the next few early mornings, will be completely unnecessary by the time i reach the beach on saturday :)
6. use me moisturizer for fine hair – see #2
7. nars lip lacquer in baby doll – a super easy daytime lip
8. somme institute serum (full size)
9. perricone md no concealer concealer – most days i’m lucky enough not to need this, but late nights and early mornings mean ugliness for my often-hiding dark circles
10. vaseline lip therapy (impossibly tiny!) – combats dry hotel and plane air to keep lips soft
11. somme instite a-bomb, from the pillow pack
12. clinique all about eyes – i never fall asleep without it!
13. urban decay naked skin (full post coming tomorrow, simply ah-mazing)

as you can see, i monopolize every inch of real estate in that clear plastic pouch – thank goodness for super small versions of my (many) essential products!

my ten favorite product finds of the year

it was really fun to see which posts were the most popular among you lovelies yesterday. i thought i would do my own spin on it and choose ten posted products still making an impact in my routine at the end of 2011. in no particular order:

ten favorite products of the year

1. butter london nail nail foundation is encouraging me to do more at-home manis (a beauty resolution of mine for 2012!)

2. bobbi brown tinted moisturizer oil free is my everyday ‘foundation’ – i love the fresh dewy look it leaves me with. it gives enough coverage to hide my flaws, but is sheer so i don’t look too done up.

3. use me products have been a godsend! i love the low foaming scalp cleanser, soft and light hair moisturizer, and the get it straight gelee. my hair is forever changed and there is no turning back!

4. technically never posted, but i write enough about stephanie johnson that i thought it would be ok to throw this one in there. her multipurpose medium flat pouch in rodeo drive silver is the perfect sweet, slim beauty bag for on the go. i don’t leave home without it.

5. eos lip balm leaves my lips the smoothest they have ever been. i keep one at my desk, one in my purse, and one at my bedside. it’s the $3 miracle that i can’t get enough of!

6. clinique bottom lash mascara has been a top-shelf find. even though i use it only on my top lashes, the tiny brush and smudge-proof formula keep me coming back for more.

7. the bare escentuals ready eyeshadows are incredible! the application is so smooth, the duo pairings foolproof, and the staying power impressive enough to make me want to experiment with more eye color. and for a nude shadow addict, that is really saying something.

8. the sephora microfiber hair turban has done amazing things for me. for one, it stopped what i had always assumed was a receding hairline (in fact, my heavy hair towel was pulling the baby hairs out from around my face). it also stays in place sans slippage, cuts drying time in half and is a dream to travel with!

9. nars pure sheer lip treatment in lara not only has the best of names, but it’s the ultimate in easy lip color. i call it a little slip of nothing, adding just the right boost to your natural look.

10. jane iredale’s retractable lip brush has opened me up to a whole new world of lip products! i despise sticking my finger into pots of gloss and balm, but this little beauty has changed all of that. i love the way it snaps shut for toting around – you never know when you will need it!

have you discovered anything through the blog that has found a permanent home in your beauty bag this year?

use me products

i have reached full hair nirvana thanks to a new-to-me line of hair products by use me. the new england based line is organic, sulfate-free, paraben-free, and eco-friendly but beyond all of that, it works. product names and packaging are straight forward with user-friendly directions clearly stated on each one. follow the instructions to the t, and i promise you’ll be enjoying some seriously luscious locks.

but back to me, and more importantly, my hair.

i’ve fully converted to the get it straight gelee which beats frizz sans stickiness. my hair has crazy bounce and shine, almost like i’ve had it professionally blown out instead of just haphazardly blowing it dry then smoothing it with a flat iron (i have no talent with a round brush). i’ve been alternating the scalp cleanser and hair moisturizer with my favorite drugstore duo and noticed a major change in the health of my hair. it’s less oily with fewer split ends and more volume. as an added bonus, the lovely crop of um, shall we say blemishes, on my back has cleared up remarkably.

these products are absolutely amazing and i can’t get past the fact that they are all natural. for something to work this well and be good for me, well that’s just icing on the cake. to further boost their do-gooder philosophy, use me products are packaged in safe plastic and refillable at their salons (currently just in the new england area, you lucky northeastern beauties, you!).

for us gals in other parts of these fine united states, products are also available online. learn more and get your own – your hair will thank you!