detox your locks

ouidad superfruit renewal, phytoneutre

sometimes my hair feels…congested. product buildup can cause it to go heavy and limp and kind of dull at virtually no notice. i used to rely on drugstore detox shampoos like this one to get things back to normal, but i’ve found that they really strip things down and dry them out unnecessarily – almost creating more trouble than they are worth. lucky for me detox shampoos have come a long (and i mean long) way. i’ve been playing with two new releases from phyto and ouidad to the tune of squeaky clean and extra gorgeous results.

ouidad superfruit renewal clarifying cream shampoo, $18
anyone with curly hair knows that it’s notoriously sensitive to product buildup, so it’s no surprise that the queen of curl has created the epitome of clarifying shampoos. this cream shampoo feels more like a conditioner, but lathers beautifully to get all of the gunk out of your hair. it smells heavenly, making my shower feel like a sweetly scented oasis that really adds to the whole experience. while it’s a wiz at detoxing, the addition of five superfruit acids add vibrancy, shine, softness and bounce leaving my hair looking the best it ever has.

phytoneutre detox clarifying shampoo, $19
this option from phyto is also a cream formula that eliminates buildup, but eucalyptus oil means that your hair’s natural protective barrier remains intact. chamomile, sage, and witch hazel break down even the strongest-holding styling products while delivering a boost of oxygen to your scalp that you can actually feel. i find that the scent here is weighted in eucalyptus for a fresher, deep clean (and tingle!), but that the results are incredible. with mostly natural ingredients and a concentrated formula, you’ll notice that a little goes a long way.

with results like these, you’re probably wondering why i don’t make either (or both!) of these my regular go-to shampoo. the truth is that detoxifying shampoos should really only used once a week, but either of these beauties would make a perfect complement to whatever shampoo/conditioner duo you’re already committed to – and will probably make them work even better.

curly girl essentials

curly girl


on the heels of my refinery 29 story, my curls have been seeing the most light of day that they’ve seen since college (when late nights and early classes left me no time for straightening). as i’ve been letting them run wild and free, i’m learning how to care for them and loving the fact that i can go three full days without washing them. while i am still professing my love and adoration for salt sprays, they to tend to dry things out and i’m not so crazy about that. here are a few new-to-me curl maintenance products that are keeping my spirals happy and heat-free.

aveda sun care after-sun hair masque, $26
technically relegated for apres beach, this ultra nourishing hair masque works to moisturize salt-parched hair. it’s brilliant for giving your tresses a much needed recovery boost and since it drenches hair in hydration, it gives curls extra bounce and shine without being heavy. i’m learning how important moisture is for curls. it’s making all of the difference!

ouidad curl defining styling souffle, $26
this one surprised me since i generally do not like products that have to be raked through my hair. start with just a little bit and build from there. the pudding texture is actually very easy to scrunch in and the result is slightly stretched and elongated curls. it’s a nice alternative to the salt sprays and the finished effects are still super pretty.

wella ocean spritz, $16
this is exclusively meant to be used on dry hair and it’s genius for giving your second or third day curls essential rejuvenation. it’s matte and gives nice hold, so if you’re opting to throw your ringlets back into a pony or topknot, it’s a great tool to keep on hand because it gives things some shape. the finished look is a bit wild and unkempt, but i like it.

mark. curl to curl reactivate and define mist mini, $8
where oh where has this stuff been all of my life? this is like the nectar of life for my curls! it’s an instant refresher, taming all flyaways and giving shape and definition to my slept in bird’s nest. it’s tiny and travel-friendly so it can be tucked into my purse, too. best: when i use it, no one knows that i’m rocking yesterday’s (or the day before’s) curly do.