greening my routine with mario badescu

mario badescu green routine

my skin care routine has quite literally gone green.

besides being perfectly fitting for saint patrick’s day, the truth is that this trio has saved my pregnancy hormone-ravaged skin. the team at mario badescu must be getting pretty used to my panicky emails at this point and seeing as though i am yet to present them with a pickle that they cannot get me out of, it’s really no surprise that they sent me the perfect solution to my latest problem.

they informed me that my sensitive, oily, acne-prone skin requires a combination of chemical exfoliation, gentle disinfection, and soothing nourishment to keep it from getting inflamed. here’s the very festive combination of products that is keeping everything in check:

mario badescu enzyme cleansing gel, $12
forget everything you know about washing your face. add a drop of water to this mint-colored gel, massage it over your skin and every trace of makeup is dissolved, without drying. it provides a deep clean without being harsh – just be sure to avoid your eye area.

mario badescu seaweed cleansing lotion, $15
a very green toner to remove any left-behind smudges of makeup while also giving something back. it cleans out all of my pores with witch hazel, soothes my sensitive areas with aloe, helps to prevent dryness and preps skin perfectly for my night cream.

mario badescu seaweed night cream, $20
this green cream restores hydration (essential for helping my skin to repair itself overnight) without adding oil. collagen and hyaluronic acid leave things feeling so smooth and plumped up in the mornings, while also reducing redness and shrinking pimples.

all three products have made a visible (and fast) improvement in my skin – completely turning things around from the broken out turmoil that i have been experiencing. lucky for me, and thanks to mario badescu, going green has saved the day!


mario badescu herbal hydrating serum

mario badescu herbal hydrating serum

i’m in nyc this week, land of life threatening wind chill. i can’t remember the last time i saw a single digit reading on the thermometer and those kind of elements do not do nice things to my sensitive virginia skin. thankfully, i thought to pack my new winter obsession for this trip into the polar vortex: mario badescu herbal hydrating serum.

i’m not the biggest serum gal in general, but this one has changed my way of thinking. for one, it’s less of a serum and more of a gel. secondly, it’s the most lightweight burst of (lasting!) hydration that i have ever felt. i have been putting it on morning and night, out of the shower, and right before bed. it instantly soothes that tight post-face-wash feeling and while it would probably be enough to wear without a moisturizer during other times of the year, i have been layering my current favorite over top for a double-duty level of moisture that cannot be beat.

it’s one of those versatile products that i predict will be joining me on many a dry flight and hotel stay in the future because i now realize how much happier my skin is when it’s properly hydrated. as opposed to thick and heavy moisturizers, i love how the serum is completely non-greasy, sinks right into my skin and has not caused a single breakout or irritation. it has saved my skin on this jaunt to the big city.

if you need to supercharge your skincare routine for added winter protection, i would move this little blue bottle to the top of your list.

mario badescu herbal hydrating serum, $30 >

best of 2013: mario badescu giveaway


although technically, i discovered mb very late in 2012, my love for his products truly developed over the last twelve months. you already know how much my face loves these products. when nothing else works, my skin finds sweet salvation in the cleansers, moisturizers, and treatments, not one of which has ever disappointed. i recommend the regimen all of the time for its friendly price point and adaptability to every skin type. it’s that good.

in celebration of my fabulous year with mario badescu, the ever-generous brand team has given me one acne repair kit to give away. i swear by the drying lotion to clear up spots overnight (and i even dab it on while getting ready for extra fighting power) and the drying cream is perfect for spreading over more general areas (ahem, chin, jawline) when you feel a zit or three coming on. the buffering lotion is a godsend for cystic acne, and this trio together is one fierce plan of acne attack.

if your skin is troublesome and you’re at your wits’ end, or if you are looking for some serious weapons to add to your skincare mix, this kit is for you. enter through the link below and bring on the clear skin for 2014!

enter to win mario badescu acne repair kit! >

mario badescu aloe moisturizer

mario badescu aloe

i’m sitting poolside soaking up a few last florida sunrays before jetting back to virginia tonight and i am completely in awe of how well my skin has behaved on this little getaway. normally flying alone is enough to send my face reeling into a chaotic breakout, let alone traveling to a hot and sweaty (although beautiful!) climate. before i left, i switched my moisturizer to mario badescu’s aloe version with spf 15 and i’m thinking it’s made all the difference. i had been craving something a bit richer than the one i have been using and the mb team was quick to recommend the aloe option. this moisturizer is so ultra soothing. i slather it on morning and night, my skin completely drinks it in and is left feeling hydrated, smooth, and not at all sticky. the addition of spf 15 means that i am protected from those aforementioned sunrays and the aloe vera gel has already made a visible difference on my acne scars, just leaving things looking more calm and even. i’m a BIG fan of this newfound drama-free face and you can bet i’ll be repurchasing this little mint green bottle.

mario badescu aloe moisturizer spf 15 ($22) >

mario badescu a.h.a. botanical body soap

mario badescu body soap

some days it seems like my face gets all the love. with a multi-step routine and all of the painstaking ways that i pamper the skin above my chin, it often dawns on me that my trunk and limbs get the short end of the stick. on the search for some serious skincare for my body, i stumbled upon mario badescu’s a.h.a botanical body soap. adding this simply packaged, no-frills product to my shower scene has made a major impact on clarity and glow – especially on my arms and chest. (thank goodness – because when sleeveless season comes creeping up on me, i start to get a touch self conscious about the skin that’s been hiding in sweaters all winter.)

this alpha hydroxy formula has polished my skin to perfection, ridding it of dry spots and the tiny red bumps that can crop up when it’s cold. it deeply cleanses and exfoliates, breaking down dead skin cells, and making an instantly noticeable difference in softness. the natural scent is rejuvenating in the morning or after a run, but the thing i like best about this bottle is that it has cleared up the problem areas on my back and shoulders. (later, bacne!) it sudses up in a major way, but washes away clean with no soapy residue.

normally not one to get too excited about a product that washes down the drain,  i feel such a huge difference in my skin from before i get into the shower to the time when i’m toweling off, that i can’t help but be impressed. this one has really won me over with its chemical exfoliation that’s leaving my skin ready for sundresses.

mario badescu a.h.a. botanical body soap, $8 – $14

mario badescu hair care

mario badescu hair products

my hair has been enjoying the benefits of mario badescu’s hair products over the last couple of weeks. i should have known that the master of botanically-based skincare would have another trick up his sleeve! similar to his skin products, mario’s hair line offers multiple options depending on your specific needs, at an exceptional price. i’ve been alternating the simple and mild all-purpose egg shampoo (which doubles as a body wash) with the clean-rinsing chamomile shampoo (great for my oily hair – it doesn’t build up or weigh my hair down) with perfectly lustrous and shiny results. my favorite product by far is the hair rinsing conditioner. it leaves my hair feeling so soft without adding any weight. when you’ve got medium-fine hair without a ton of density like moi, this is a godsend. i also love knowing that i’m using pure and simple ingredients and i can’t get enough of the resulting good hair. let’s just say that these three bottles have quickly become a few of my favorite things!

shop mario badescu hair ($8 – $14) >

beauty to be thankful for

beauty to be thankful for 2012

happy thanksgiving!

this is my favorite of all holidays. it always reminds me how much i have to be thankful for and towards the tippety top of that very long list is the opportunity to share my beauty love with you wonderful people. i absolutely adore blogging beauty and i’m so grateful that you visit the glossarie to read and comment as often as you do. you guys are the best.

also on my thankful list? several standby products that i couldn’t survive without:

top row
mac powder blush in easy manner
bobbi brown creamy lip color in blue raspberry
chanel lash curler
dior creme de rose lip balm

bottom row
mane message hair ties
essie beyond cozy
tweezerman zebra slant tweezer
mario badescu buffering lotion
neutrogena naturals purifying pure scrub

this group keeps me looking my best: clear skin, curled lashes, soft lips and flushed cheeks. while it’s true that in the grand scheme of life, beauty products might not rank too high, i really do love and cherish the great ones – and i know you do, too! so, if you’ve got beauty products that you’re thankful for, i would love to hear ’em.

i hope you all enjoy a warm and cozy thanksgiving with your family and friends.

my mario badescu skincare regimen

mario badescu

at my wits end with my skin (yet again), i turned to the experts at mario badescu for a customized regimen. as i ran through my laundry list of complaints (acne-ridden, tight after washhing, oily in the afternoons, sensitive and all around miserable to deal with) my expectations were low that the brand could deliver anything that would improve the situation. i was pleasantly surprised to receive a warm and friendly “let’s get you cleared up!” and a note that my new skincare was en route.

the products that landed on my doorstep (complete with personalized instructions) were simple and no frills. i fully appreciated that they were completely non intimidating and after following the instructions to a tee, i noticed a quick response from my skin. from the very first wash, i felt pretty confident that this system could really work for me. things were clearer, but also healthier and more nourished. the routine wasn’t just ridding my face of bacteria and clogged pores, it was giving something back, but without extra ingredients that my skin doesn’t need. this is very difficult to achieve. knowing that the line is botanical-based and fairly priced has only fueled my love affair.

here’s the system that’s working for me:

AM glycolic foaming cleanser, $15 – lathers and exfoliates dead skin chemically (which i’ve learned is so much better for my sensitive skin that manual scrubs and brushes)

AM oil-free moisturizer, $22 – light and soothing, a pea-sized amount hydrates my entire face without clogging pores, it also leaves my skin so soft and works as a great base for makeup

PM orange cleansing soap, $12 – oil-free and soap-free, removes all makeup and dirt without stripping skin

PM seaweed cleansing lotion, $15 – super gentle, non-drying, catches any traces of makeup that i may miss with my cleanser and includes anti-inflamatories to help with redness

PM a.h.a. & ceramide moisturizer, $20 – oil-free with lemon extract, revives my oft-congested skin, non-greasy and really helps to restore everything (since acne treatments can be super dulling)

it’s the exact right amount of steps, the exact right combination of formulas. all together, it’s not too gentle, and not too harsh. my skin has never been happier!

am i way late to this party? have you tried mario’s miracle workers?