lush rose jam shower gel

lush rose jam shower gel

there is a little something spicing up my shower these days!

far beyond your average body wash, lush rose jam shower gel is decadent with a scent that is to die for. i’m partial to an indulgent ritual when it comes to cleaning my body and i love the way that rose jam lathers and fills my entire bathroom with smells of goji berry, lemon, and vanilla. (i swear i smell honey in there too, but it might just be my bionic nose.) beyond leaving me sweetly scented, argan oil nourishes things right up, leaving my winter-ravaged skin soft and hydrated. on top of all that, the addition of lemon oil works to clarify so that there’s a nice balance between hydration and cleansing.

this stuff is good.

if you haven’t brought lush products into your bath scene, you are majorly missing out. their shower gels are a great place to jump into the line and the smaller sizes are the perfect entry-level product. if you think rose jam’s scent bouquet just might be your cup of tea, note that this one happens to be limited edition – so scoop it up before 12/25 and enjoy all of the luxe benefits that lush has to offer.

lush rose jam shower gel, $10.95 – $29.95 >

spring cleaning

spring cleaning

this spring, i’m cleaning up my act by upgrading some of the products i use to keep my body, skin, and hair fresh and happy. it’s nice to be nice to yourself and while i love the feeling of being scrubbed completely clean, it’s not always the best thing for my body. a lot of products with harsh cleansers are rough on skin, we know that over-shampooing is awful for your hair, and that the chemicals in many cleansers and removers can do more harm than good. i’m not the most obsessed with avoiding these things entirely, but i’ve found that making little changes are not only beneficial, but sometimes the gentler products work even better.

simple eye makeup remover, $6.99: i tend to scrub my eyes when i wash my face to get rid of the primer, shadow, and mascara that i wear daily. after i rubbed them raw a couple of weeks ago, i vowed to add a gentle eye makeup remover to my bedtime routine. i like simple’s version because it’s not at all oily or greasy and it’s free of dyes, perfumes, and irritants.

josie maran bear naked nail wipes, $9: my nails and cuticles are always left so dry after a run with typical polish remover. infused with argan oil, these nail wipes from josie maran leave my nails in perfect condition with no need for extra hydration. one pad cleans all ten nails and I’m left with the feeling that they are naturally nourished.

dr. sponge facial cleaning sponge, $8.50: these natural and biodegradable facial cleansing sponges are the coolest! coming in eight varieties to suit all skin types, they mildly exfoliate, leaving skin clean and fresh. the best part is that after you use it, you can squeeze the water out and use it to actually dry your face so there is no towel needed.

you smell paper hand soap, 3 for $8.75 (75 washes!): the hand soap in public bathrooms really grosses me out. as an aesthetically pleasing (and fun!) alternative, you smell paper hand soap requires just a few drops of water to magically transform into a perfect lather. hands are left smelling like fresh laundry and each pack is small enough to pack inside the smallest clutch.

marvis mouthwash concentrate, $22.50: my husband and i are big fans of a morning swish and we both love contemporary toothpaste brand, marvis. when they launched their new mouthwash concentrate, i know we’d love it. just like their toothpastes, this alcohol-free mouthwash is freshly innovative and it leaves my mouth with long-lasting peppermint taste.

lush no drought dry shampoo, $13.95: i have to wash my hair every other day and that’s only if I douse it in dry shampoo on day two. this version from lush absorbs excess oil and volumizes, but fresh ingredients make me feel a bit better about massaging it into my scalp.

show me your lip bomb, cait

pretty & fun lip bomb

name: cait
internet home: pretty & fun
number of products: 8
she says: my standard stash that I carry around on a daily basis – a pop of lip color is the easiest accessory a girl can add!
the bomb: 

NARS heat wave, $24
revlon colorstay overtime lipstick in stay currant, $7.99
burts bees lip balm, 2 for $5.49
revlon just bitten kissable stain in lovesick, $7.49
eos lip balm in summer fruit, $2.99
sonia kashuk lip gloss in precious, $8.99
LUSH liquid lipstick in believe, $18.95
revlon matte lipstick in really red, $7.99

i absolutely adore cait! her blog, pretty & fun, was one of my first and favorite discoveries on the ‘net. she and i finally connected in person at ifb a couple of years ago. i was completely taken by her bright, sweet personality and her most perfect top knot. she is an absolute doll and she is always rocking a flawlessly stunning bold lip. let’s just say that i’m taking some very careful notes on her #lipbomb.

lush sugar scrubs for lips

lush sugar scrubs for lips

my lips have been exhibiting dry and flaky behaviors of epic proportions since my trip to nyc last weekend. something about that city chill (and wind!) combined with dry hotel room air really did a number on me. not only were my lips so red that people were asking me what lip color i was wearing (umm…nothing-that’s-just-how-chapped-they-are-thanks.), but the visible dryness and flakes were more than i could handle. once i got back to dc and calmed down the redness with a larger quantity of vaseline than is probably recommended, i got down to the business of smoothing things out.

before washing my face last night, i broke out my new favorite lip scrub from lush. i like lush’s lip scrubs because along with being all natural, the salt and sugar granules are small, making them gentle enough to tackle the rawest skin and still get the job done. i took a healthy serving and smeared it all over my lips, making sure to get all around the edges and in the corners. rubbing my fingers in a circular motion, i could already feel situations improving. then i rubbed my lips together for a few seconds before rinsing off with warm water.

the difference was immediately noticeable, plus the yummy flavor and simple list of all natural ingredients means you can literally lick your lips. (and trust me, you’ll want to – these are delicious!) mine were left baby soft and smelling sweetly of coconut, a huge improvement over the ‘before’ picture.

these little pots are the real deal! grab one of your own in three flavors for $9.95 at lush.

pretty gifty: under $20

pretty gifty: under $20

got a secret santa? need a stash of stocking stuffers? one (or more!) from this bunch will brighten the day of someone on your list, without lightening the load in your wallet:

1 – a luxe lotion for $14; mark very sassy body lotion
2 – a bottle of polish in an artsy box for $12.50; nookie nail polish from laqa & co
3 – airline-approved hair care for $19.50; oribe beautiful color travel set
4 – spirited and sparkling blotting linens for $5; boscia pink peppermint blotting linens
5 – a sweet and salty lip scrub for $8.95; lush popcorn
6 – balm in a ball for $18.50; this works beauty ball ornament
7 – two pastel cream shadows for $17; topshop eye cream duo
8 – a purse-sized solid perfume for $10; crazylibellule and the poppies rose a saigon

cuticle care

cuticle care 101

the harsh effects of winter are so unforgiving on your skin, but perhaps no precious part is hit harder than your hands. while hand creams and balms play a big role in preventing dryness, i like to be sure to give a little extra love to my cuticles this time of year.

historically, they are probably the least cared for part of my entire body, but as i have slowly discovered the benefits of a good cuticle treatment, it has become a tiny luxury that i cannot live without. (dry cuticles can lead to snags and tears that are not only painful, but can open you up to infection – ouch!)

in the land of cuticle care, there are creams and there are oils. depending on your needs and your preferences, the options are endless. the key ingredient in all products is some sort of moisturizing oil, so you can opt for a convenient, less messy cream, or go straight to the source and choose an easily absorbed oil. some say that oils are best, especially if you’re dealing with super dry skin, but i find that a cream can definitely soften things up nicely.

now that you’re schooled in cuticle care, i’ve rounded up several of my favorite products, at all price points to help ensure that yours are not overlooked this season:

top row, left to right:
dior creme abricot fortifying cream for nails, $24
deborah lippmann cuticle oil, $20
sally hansen cuticle eraser + balm, $6
l’occitane cuticle & nail cream, $18

bottom row, left to right:
the body shop almond nail & cuticle oil, $12
butter london handbag holiday cuticle oil, $18
burt’s bees lemon butter cuticle cream, $6
lush lemony flutter cuticle butter, $16.95

a few lovely links

lip service

i have discovered the secret to the most kissable lips thanks to two products plucked from the pages of this month’s lucky, the luxe for less issue. both are organic and cost less than $10.

to start, rub-a-dub with lush mint julips peppermint and chocolate sugar lip scrub. it leaves lips smooth, moisturized and tasting like mint-chocolate chip ice cream (so if you’re on the bride’s diet like moi, you can enjoy a little taste of heaven without the evil calories).

once scrubbed, your lips will be perfectly primed and ready for our next step: a swipe of lulu organics ruby mint lip balm. this tiny tube is all natural, with a breath-freshening minty taste and subtle ruby-colored tint. it’s the buy of the century as far as i’m concerned!

so for less than twenty bucks you can have one gorgeous and naturally enhanced pout. please note: the glossarie is not responsible for any and all spontaneous makeup seshes that occur as a result of following this two-step lip luvin’ routine.

eyes and ears and mouth and nose

head shoulders knees and toes, knees and toes!

lush continues to impress with their latest release: a limited edition, customizable kit to get you through the harshness of winter. packed within that brown box are nine products guaranteed to add moisture and help you combat dry skin and hair that result from jack frost nipping at your nose. here’s what’s inside:

this is as close to a new year, new you as you can get without a full-out trip to the spa. at the insane price of $25 (i don’t know about you, but that’s what i pay for a pedicure) you can polish up literally from head to toe. happy scrubbing!