favorite lip products

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i’m over on meg biram’s place in the blog world talking about my five most favorite lip products! meg has been tapping into the inner workings of several of my best beauty blogger girls and the resulting posts are incredibly fun. click on over to see the five products that made my cut, and rediscover a new go-to (or twelve).


e.l.f. lip exfoliator

elf lip exfoliator

the skin at the edges of my lips is extra prone to flakes (i think it has something to do with my foundation, but that’s a story for another day). they rear their ugly heads at the worst times – like when i want to wear lipstick of any kind. i picked up e.l.f. lip exfoliator at target last week thinking that i haven’t seen a good stick exfoliator since i used the body shop’s lip scuff in college. it was a total impulse purchase, but at $3 what did i have to lose?

i used it this morning and let me tell you that i am blown away by this little guy! a few circular rubs on my top and bottom lips eliminated all traces of flakes and left behind a super moisturizing balm that has made them hydrated and very happy. my lips are plumped up and so smooth that i can’t stop rubbing them together. i feel like i just gave them a mini facial! and oh, did i mention they taste like vanilla?

win. win. win.

e.l.f. lip exfoliator is available online and at target for $3.

brow power

brow power


five of the top tools helping me to keep my eyebrows looking lovely (left to right):

shape: elf brow comb brush, $1
whips things right into shape, if i do nothing else
after washing my face, i brush my brows.

pluck: tweezerman cynthia rowley slant tweezer, $25
crazy for this collaboration! the print is too good
and the tweezers are reliably precise – as always.

highlight: boom boom brow bar push-up brow, $18
one side matte, one sparkly – two ways to amp up your
arches depending on your mood or agenda.

tame: tweezerman browmousse, $10
locks down the unruly hairs.
long lasting, no flakes or stickiness, an old standby.

define: tweezerman eyehance, $20
the *best* brow pencil.
a super natural shade fills everything in flawlessly.

are you as brow obsessed as me? do share your favorite tricks and tools!