in maggie’s shower

maggie's april showers

the glossarie is dedicating the month of april to the art of the shower! read more april showers themed posts here.

i am late to the april showers party, but had to squeeze in two quick reviews of newly-discovered products that are making my mornings extra lovely before the month is out!

victoria’s secret ‘love my body’ nearly nude body wash ($12) has quickly become a part of my daily routine thanks to the luxe, creamy texture and amazing scent. i’ve been religiously using the jasmine and water lily scent in my loofah, and the rich lather is the perfect daily moisturizing treat for my skin. plus, the scent lingers throughout the day.

eos ultra moisturizing shave cream ($3.49) has been keeping my skin bump-free (seriously! i’ve never been able to say that about a shaving cream product before.) shea butter and aloe make it incredibly nourishing, and i’m loving the pomegranate raspberry scent right now. note: it claims to work on wet or dry skin, but i haven’t braved the dry skin test yet.

what new products are making the cut in your get-clean routine?

davines love smoothing shampoo + conditioner

davines love

i am dedicating the month of april to the art of the shower!
read more april showers themed posts here.

kind of like the way that the right skincare routine provides the perfect foundation for your best-chosen cosmetics, the perfect shampoo and conditioner can make all the difference in your hair. when my hair is cleaned with the good stuff, my styling products perform better, and the finished look is a piece de resistance.

italy-born sustainable beauty company, davines, has been making big waves in salons with a focus on quality products that are crafted with style and spirit, but not only that – they really work.

the newest additions to my routine are davines love smoothing shampoo and conditioner. my entry into the brand, i have been nothing short of thrilled with this pretty pair! the shampoo is gorgeously scented, leaves my hair super soft and just the exact right amount of clean after a good head massage (free of oil, but without drying my scalp). i love a good lather and this stuff foams up nicely, yet it’s a piece of cake to rinse out. the conditioner is thick, almost masque-like and it frees my head of any tangles while giving hair a boost of moisture and smoothness – prepping it perfectly for the blow dryer and flat iron.

i think what’s got me loving this duo so very much is that it’s gentle. i can feel a difference when it’s in my hair and i can absolutely see a difference when my hair is done – leaving it seemingly healthier than when i started. best of all, what normally turns dry and frizzy when fresh out the shower, is moisturized and easy to get a comb through. after a blow dry, hair is left with added shine and some serious volume.

so, let’s recap: this good-for-you shampoo and conditioner adds shine, adds volume, cleans thoroughly, is gentle, lathers well, improves the health of your hair and smells great. i’d say there’s nothing not to love.

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yes to grapefruit exfoliating body wash

yes to grapefruit exfoliating body wash

i am dedicating the month of april to the art of the shower!
read more april showers themed posts here.

i’m not the biggest fan of body scrubs that come in tubs. something about unscrewing a big tub, trying to avoid water rushing into it, scooping out a bunch of crystals soaked in oils, slathering it on my body, attempting to avoid touching my face, and then slip sliding around in the shower trying not to kill myself…just isn’t the most relaxing experience.

i also find that while scrubs are great for exfoliating (their main purpose, yes), i always need to follow up with a body wash to rid my skin of excess oil when i’m done.

rather than leave my body un-exfoliated (gasp!), i have been hunting for the perfect solution – and this new scrub from yes to is changing the game. first of all, it comes in a tube which means i can put the lovely scented stuff straight on to my loofah without involving my hands. second, as i wash and scrub away i can actually feel my skin getting cleaner while the ground pumice naturally exfoliates.

i consider this more of a body polish as it walks the fine line between body scrub and body wash, leaving my skin with a smooth even tone that’s a touch glowier than what i started with. it’s completely non-greasy and rinses away clean without having to work at it and, best of all, i’m left with the feeling that it really takes care of my skin while it cleanses and exfoliates. (you know how some scrubs can feel like they are actually tearing your skin off of your body? none of that here.)

roll all of those amazing qualities into one product that costs under $10 and i can’t help but feel as though we’ve got a big winner on our hands.

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on my shower shelves

the glossarie shower shelves

i am dedicating the month of april to the art of the shower!
read more april showers themed posts here.

what better way to celebrate “april showers” than to give you a glimpse of the products that actually stare me in the face as i lather up each day? our shower scene is the perfect picture of cohabitation, complete with his and hers caddy shelves. here’s what mr. glossarie and i reach for everyday to get cleaned up:

top shelf / his:

  • paul mitchell tea tree special shampoo & conditioner, 2 for $20 in salons: as a confession, i have been known to partake in the mister’s shampoo – i love how invigorating it feels and how clean-smelling it leaves my hair. for the record, it works wonders on his head as well (and hair free of sticky man product means extra head scratches in our house).
  • kiehl’s ultra facial cleanser, $19.50: breaks up oil without drying out his face. i have nonchalantly tossed many a facial cleanser onto his shelf over the years and this is the only one that has stuck! he likes the way it leaves his face totally clean and balanced.
  • dove men+care body & face wash in extra fresh, $5: steve is a fan of this body wash because of how clean it gets him after a gritty soccer game or sweaty work out. the scent is great and the price isn’t too shabby either.

bottom shelf / mine:

  • soap & glory foam call, $16: i’m still in love with this body wash almost one year later. i am crazy for the consistency, the foamy lather and i can’t get enough of the scent!
  • colorproof clearitup detox shampoo: the newest addition to my shower continues to impress! my hair is clean, vibrant, with no harm done to its fragile state – win, win, win.
  • simple smoothing facial scrub, $6.99: when the heat goes off and there’s extra moisture in the air, the seasonal change can lead to breakouts. i like to increase exfoliation to twice weekly and this scrub has been a lifesaver. it soothes and smoothens rough skin, keeping my face free and clear of pesky spots.
  • use me moisturizer for fine hair, $29.99: my most favorite of all conditioners. this stuff detangles and softens without weighing my hair down. a little goes a long, long way and this might be the only conditioner not to break out my skin.
  • gillette venus embrace, $11: i won’t get into my frustrations about how they haven’t made more technological advances in the shaving department, but nonetheless, until they do this is the only razor i will ever use. i have not nicked myself once since transitioning over a couple of years ago and it leaves my legs and ‘pits baby smooth without the need for shaving cream.

so there you have it! a juicy sneak peek into the world behind my shower curtain. what do you think: should this be a regular feature? would you like to see what fellow readers and other bloggers keep inside their showers?

oh baby! california baby everyday lotion


i am dedicating the month of april to the art of the shower!
read more april showers themed posts here.

i think maggie is rubbing off on me with her routine filled with kids products. this wishy-washy weather has been absolutely beating on my skin and there is nothing i hate more than the act of lathering up with lotion post-shower. call me lazy, i just despise it. a few of my mom friends have raved about the california baby line and i found myself perusing their products at target last week. my skin was particularly miserable that day so when i stumbled upon their everyday lotion, i threw it in my basket. several showers and applications later, i am having a full on love-fest with this stuff, and here’s why: it’s non greasy, absorbs on contact but still soothes my sensitive skin. it glides on like silk and the french lavender scent is enough to make me want to bathe in it (the scent is much more womanly, not at all baby so don’t fret). the combination of skincare and aromatherapy make me so happy! plus, the knowledge that i’m using baby-safe ingredients on my body helps me sleep better. california baby is gluten, soy, oat, dairy and nut (?) free. with a 100% natural base and organic ingredients, this light-textured lotion has a permanent home in my bath basket.

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colorproof clearitup detox shampoo

colorproof clearitup detox shampoo

i am dedicating the month of april to the art of the shower!
read more april showers themed posts here.

i believe that everyone who uses styling products needs a “sunday” shampoo, a once weekly detox that clears your scalp of product buildup and restores much needed lustre to your locks. one of my favorite tricks is to incorporate a cleanser intended for those with color-treated hair into my washing repertoire. even though my hair is 100% natural (at the moment…some who know me well may remember my platinum blonde college phase), a shampoo for color-treated heads is a great way to take extra loving care of your hair and can even add a little oomph to your natural shade and texture.

colorproof’s clearitup detox shampoo has been a welcome addition to my shower caddy. it’s 100% vegan, letting ingredients like baking soda, vitamin c and vitamin e deeply cleanse hair and scalp of all dulling buildup without stripping color. it leaves my hair lushly clean, not squeaky thanks to a lack of sulfates. since i’ve been using it regularly, my color has definitely increased in vibrancy and my hair is much more shiny. i absolutely love this stuff!

as an added bonus, my stylist recently taught me the most effective way to apply shampoo. (you thought you knew!) after completely soaking your head, pour a small amount into your hands and rub them together to work up a lather. then, pat it on to the top of your head, spreading it evenly. once that’s done, get to giving yourself an excellent (and well-deserved) head massage. make sure to rinse thoroughly and voila – one clean head of hair!

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this is no april fool’s joke: i am dedicating the month of april to the art of the shower. with all of the fun and exciting things happening in color and fragrance and hair, sometimes bathtime beauty takes a backseat. i’m going to change all of that this month with a slew of posts dedicated to shampoo, body wash, shaving, and even post-shower rituals like the full body lotion rubdown and the at-home blowout. i’m so excited to kick off this month-long series (and fear not, your regularly scheduled makeup program will be sprinkled in there as well). i would love any requests or suggestions for shower-related reviews and roundups in the comments below – let’s get this party started!