stila sweet treat bronzing powder

stila sweet treat bronzing powder

i’m aware that not everyone suffers from my particular shade of pale, but the way i see it, we can all benefit from a good bronzer. something about the month of march with its long, dragged out end-of-winter (please, let it be the end of winter) days has me so disgusted by the lack of color in my skin that i had to take action. i did a little research into how to treat “ghost face” and kept stumbling upon stila’s valentine’s day bronzing powder in sweet treat. it’s the right mixture of matte and shimmer, with shades of brown, pearly sand, and even peach to deliver depth and glow to my sad complexion. the trick is to get your hands on the softest, fluffiest brush you can find (i love this one) and dust it ever so lightly all over your skin for a touch of warmth. it’s bringing me immense happiness, and is serving as just enough saving grace to get me to spring. (come. on. spring!)

to tempt you even further, stila is currently offering 25% off and free shipping through friday with code spring25, bringing this little beauty down to a perfectly bite sized $10.50.

stila sweet treat bronzing powder, $14 >

(use code spring25 to get 25% off and free shipping through 3/14)


ag bb cream

ag bb cream

i really can’t stress the importance of a good hair day highly enough – even for those of you whose bodies are not expanding at all angles from the neck down as you create a miracle, but definitely for those of you whose are. for a boost of confidence, i got myself a shiny new haircut a couple of weeks ago and in line with tradition, i hated it for twelve to twenty four hours before i fell in love. the love can probably be most directly attributed to my talented stylist but i’m thinking that it also has a little something to do with a new styling product from ag.

ag’s bb cream is truly multifunctional. the texture is light, like a lotion and in all of that lightness is some serious power. not only does it moisturize and smooth, but it also thickens while protecting against ferocious damage from my heat tools. on a deeper level it protects my natural color from brassiness, provides a shield of care including anti-aging, anti-humidity (not an issue at the moment – thanks, polar vortex), and uv rays all while maintaining my style longer between shampoos.

it’s that last point that really has me singing, because not only do i love my style after it’s been freshly shampoo’d but on the second day? it looks really super gorgeous! no dry shampoo needed. this is a major time saver and it’s really just tricking me into thinking that i have naturally great hair. (i don’t. it’s the product.)

this stuff is so good that i’m prescribing it for anyone with hair. (that would be you.)

ag bb cream total benefit hair primer, $26 >

morphe deluxe buffer brush

morphe deluxe buffer brush

everyone has their druthers when it comes to foundation application: fingers, sponge, flat brush, etc. – and i happen to be a fan of the big, fluffy brush. this version from morphe is near perfection. for one, the size is generous but not too big (you’ve still got to be able to get into those eye corners and nose crevices after all). the bristles are the right combination of sturdy, but soft so that it applies foundations seamlessly and at the same time doesn’t irritate. (side poll: have you ever touched a makeup brush to your skin and it just plain hurts? i hate that!) i just love the way that this brush buffs and blends color right onto my face, making it look like second skin. i was so happy to find that for a lesser known brand, the quality here is very high, with not a single hair going astray (my biggest brush gripe!) and a price point that simply cannot be beat. if you’re in the market for a new way to apply your favorite face base, take a look at morphe – i think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

morphe deluxe buffer brush, $13.95 >

urban outfitters petal perfume oil

urban outfitters petal perfume oil

every once in awhile, something really takes my breath away. such is the case with this rose petal, peony and bergamot perfume oil from urban outfitters. this is one of the most gorgeously luxe and elegant fragrances that i have sniffed of late, but at the same time it’s insanely wearable and casual enough for everyday. the blend of florals (including freesia, along with two different roses and peony), fruity bergamot and woodsy musk combine for an addictive experience that keeps me coming back for more. the scent is refreshingly pure and light, kind of like what you wish your hair products left you smelling like without the need for extra fragrance. it’s pretty, and easy.

beyond the notes themselves, i have to talk about the packaging. for one, this bottle is huge. at nearly one full ounce, it generously fills my hand (for comparison, most rollerballs are .17 to .24oz) and i love that you can see real rosebuds floating in the perfume oil. the whole thing is just beautiful and exactly the hip and stylish kind of chic you would anticipate from urban outfitters.

you might expect that a perfume oil of this unique caliber would sell for department store dollars, but just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, i’m going to tell you that this chunky glass vial goes for a jaw-dropping eighteen dollars. (that’s less than a designer rollerball at sephora, gals.)

i’m calling it case closed on the search for my spring fragrance – who’s with me?

urban outfitters petal perfume oil, $18 >

lipstick queen saint in hot rose

lipstick queen saint hot rose

in my opinion, dry lips don’t just need moisture, they need color. for that reason, i am always on the hunt for a one-step lip that will hydrate and soothe while also giving me a sheer pop of pink. sadly, most tinted balms don’t deliver nearly enough pigment for my liking, leaving me mostly disappointed. i’m not sure why this concept is such a tough one for brands to latch on to, but it’s really not surprising that a real winner in this category would arrive from poppy king.

lipstick queen’s saint lipstick has 10% pigment for a hint of long-lasting and buttery-feeling color. available in 20 (!) shades, saint is easy to apply and a piece of cake to wear, delivering a casual glam that’s perfect for everyday. i’m partial to hot rose, a deep fuchsia that has been delivering a lightly vanilla-scented wash of pink hydration to my dry and colorless lips this winter. the shade is more than enough to wake up my dead winter lips and i also love the way that it’s bringing life to my paling complexion.

if your lips are needing a burst of brightness (or even if a sheer, hydrating nude or a gothy wine is more your speed), forego the obvious choice and take a good long look at lipstick queen’s saint formula. you won’t be sorry.

lipstick queen saint, $22 >

buxom show some skin weightless foundation

buxom show me some skin

i’m still anticipating the “glowing skin” portion of pregnancy, but while i twiddle my thumbs awaiting that miracle i have found a gorgeous foundation to get me through.

lately, i’ve been feeling like my favorite cc cream has started to fall a little flat. on my hunt for a perfect replacement that will look like second skin while covering imperfections, i’ve been reminded that medium-to-full coverage options tend to look thick and mask-y and those that look natural fail to cover my blemishes and scars. where’s the happy medium? well, turns out that it’s in this silver-trimmed tube from buxom.

after a test run with a deluxe sample from sephora* i am happy to report that buxom’s new show some skin weightless foundation blends flawlessly onto skin and it feels feather weight on application. once on, it’s practically imperceptible and truly looks like second skin. since it is a light-to-medium coverage option, those with uneven skin tone and spots will be thrilled to hear that it’s easy to build coverage by applying more in your trouble areas. once applied, it wears all day long and it doesn’t leave me greasy mid-afternoon. best of all, there is a radiance to it which imparts the glow that i’ve been missing.

in short, this foundation looks like a dream on me and delivers natural, glowing skin. beauties with skin that tends to be irritable and dry will find good things in this foundation. i’m feeling pretty confident that show me some skin will take me straight through spring and summer. (or at least until that mama bear glow arrives, at which point i will be milking that for all its worth.)

buxom show some skin weightless foundation, $34 >

note: if you don’t take advantage of sephora’s generous sampling policy, you should! you can have anything in the store made into a sample (in this case, i took home three days worth of foundation to play with) at no cost.

dove advanced care deodorant

dove advanced care

we don’t talk about our underarms nearly enough here in the glossarie, and i’m starting to think that maybe that should change.

aside from thinking arm pits are just kind of gross in general, i never felt all that confident about mine (fair skin, dark spots from shaving, not cute). i suppose it’s not normally an area that’s on display, but when you love to throw your hands up on a dance floor or if you’re a yoga-mat regular (hello, warrior one), you get what i’m saying.

i never gave much thought to what i was applying to my ‘pits – i just purchased dove’s sensitive skin option on repeat after experiencing a major underarm skin reaction a few years ago. (ever have one of those? it is not. fun.) it didn’t dawn on me that the skin under my arms might actually require some tender loving care until i tried dove’s clear tone deodorant this fall. suddenly, the dark spots that i thought were just a fact of life actually started to fade – and fast. i didn’t experience any rash’like reactions with the switch and i still enjoyed the fresh and dry feeling that i love from dove. i was hooked.

then recently, i discovered dove’s newest release: advanced care
which ups the ante even further with its major moisturizing benefits. using this formula regularly has completely changed the skin underneath of my arms, and alternating it with my clear tone means that my ‘pits are looking the best they ever have.

it may be a small accomplishment and certainly not the most glamorous post the glossarie has ever seen, but i certainly know that i’ll be appreciative of this improvement come tank weather!

(ok, i promise we can go back to not talking about arm pits, now.)

essie lacquered up

essie lacquered up

this past week in nyc, i was craving a super shiny tomato red manicure  inspired by butter london’s opaque and fiery ladybird, created exclusively for fashion week. knowing that i’d be visiting my favorite manicure spot in the city and that they exclusively stock essie, i reached out to the brand on twitter for a recommendation. the speedy response came back with really red or lacquered up – i was on the case. when i checked them out in person, really red was a rich and gorgeous cherry (a little bluer than i wanted), but lacquered up had exactly the heat that i was looking for.

five days later, my manicure is still glossy and chip free, just two of the reasons why i love essie so much. the stuff wears like iron (hello – who needs gel?), but it goes on smooth and comes off without a ton of effort. while some of this is probably attributed to the professional process at the salon, i find that essie’s manicures wear the longest when i diy them as well. they’re just the best, and you cannot beat the color options.

if your collection is calling for a go-to crimson, i’m giving this one top marks – but just for kicks (and because, who says you only need one red polish?), what’s your favorite classic red?

essie lacquered up, $8.50 >

make primers

i am impressed time and time again by the products coming out of the make camp, and these two primers are no exception. primer is one of those things that i hate slathering all over my face – it clogs my pores and aggravates my skin, almost counteracting the long-wearing benefits. there are still, however, a couple of places on my face that i really like to use it, namely underneath my eyes and on my lips.

make transforming eye primer

the transforming eye primer ($23) is creamy and gorgeous. i use it underneath of my eyes, after my moisturizer to grip on to my cc cream or foundation and lessen the need for extra concealer. it works like a charm! it goes on cool and smooth, softening fine lines and without settling into crow’s feet. the tint helps to brighten that delicate area and the silky formula is super easy to wear. if your under eye makeup tends to fade, this is definitely a  little lifesaver.

make lip primer

when it comes to lips, i love bright, bold color but i hate the way that it fades, plus it can feel dry and uncomfortable. i’m drawn to gloss/balm hybrids and more moisturizing color for the comfort factor, but keeping those on your lips can be pretty impossible. the lip primer ($23) from make is waxy, but weightless, filling in lines and sealing in moisture while locking in color and preventing feather and fade. it’s been giving staying power to even the slickest ‘sticks and tinted balms, making me a very happy girl.

have you tried any of make’s for-benefit products yet? 33.3% of web sales go to the we see beauty foundation – a great cause that supports the cooperative movement – reminding me that there truly is nothing like looking good and feeling good at the same time.

lust have: aerin kaleidolight palette

aerin kaleidolight palette

hello, GORGEOUS!

this face and eye palette from estee lauder’s granddaughter, aerin, is spring splendor if i’ve ever seen it. face brightening pastel shadows are paired with shades of pink, beige and bronze for endless options of easy and versatile beauty looks. it’s one of those pieces that will look just as stunning sitting on my vanity as it will gracing my cheeks and eyelids. i cannot wait to play!

aerin kaleidolight face + eye palette, $70 >