falconwright wallet pouch

falconwright wallet pouch

i really don’t care to discuss the fact that it’s going to be 70 degrees today and 25 degrees tomorrow. (because that’s just crazy.) all i want to talk about right now is this adorable pouch from falconwright. done up in bubblegum pink with a white print and a mint suede tassel, this little beauty is shouting spring. i love pouches for many reasons, but mainly because they keep the depths of my daily tote organized – catching all manner of things from receipts to change, stray otc meds and let’s not forget about that #lipbomb. this one is perfectly sized at 7×5″ and is beyond cute enough to be taken out on its own for an errand or a mocktail.*

falconwright’s shop is chock full of pretty pouch options, each more fabulous than the next. if your clutter or your business cards are looking for a new home, definitely give their handmade selection a good long look.

falconwright pouches ($28 – $68) >

note: my non-water drink of choice these days? it rotates between a refreshing lemonade and the occasional chick fil-a cookies & cream milkshake. gotta get my kicks where i can get ’em while i’m the wagon!

orla kiely at target

orla kiely at target

if you don’t know orla kiely, then you definitely should. she’s a contemporary irish designer by way of london who has especially made a name for herself when it comes to unique retro prints. she’s known for her laminate cloth handbags which are the true essence of this darling collection, currently at target. when i spotted these absolutely adorably patterned cosmetic bags, i wanted to stuff all of them into my cart at once! i love that they are fabulous, functional, and pieces that are true orla originals at a fraction of the price. truth be told, i would pay top dollar because the organizers, zip pouches and train cases would make a serious impact on my travel situation. i’m going back to get the double zip ($16.99), the train case ($19.99), and the organizer ($16.99) for sure. my advice? if you spot these beauties at your local  target you should definitely scoop a couple up – because i don’t imagine that they will last long!

orla kiely for target cosmetic bag collection ($9.99 – $29.99) >

sonia kashuk soft cosmetic case

sonia kashuk soft cosmetic floral

i am lo-ving these soft cosmetic cases from sonia kashuk’s target line, not only because of their budget-friendly price of $6.99, but because their smaller size recently forced me to do a major edit of the contents of my (dirty, oversized) cosmetic bag. it wasn’t a good situation – i had old eyeliners, eyeshadows i never wear, three cheek tints (i mean, really) and a variety of other unnecessary goods in that old thing. this perfectly-sized pouch was just too cute to pass up, so purge i did!

the chubby little number is small enough to limit me to my essentials but flexible enough that i can still stick in a few extra products if i need ’em. the adorable prints are a plus – we are loving the floral shown above and this geometric. i might just snag a few more if my makeup starts overflowing again. such a great solution for toting my daily necessities on the go!

do tell us what do you prefer: a large makeup bag that fits everything you might
(or might not) need, or a small, just-the-basics pouch?

shop sonia kashuk soft cosmetic case ($6.99) here >

stephanie johnson mini pouch in dubai

stephanie johnson mini pouch in dubai

nails are deborah lippmann’s rolling in the deep;
my fabulous ring is by anna beck

stephanie johnson’s mini pouch is nothing short of a handbag essential. its small size and boxy shape make it ideal for stashing daily makeup products, pain killers, tweezers, spare change, and whatever else you’ve got clanking around the bottom of your purse. this isn’t exactly breaking news – but when i saw the traditional mini pouch in her shimmering dubai ensemble of golden glittering sequins and patent tassel zipper, i knew that she was WAY to good to travel inside of another bag. once i figured out that i could slide my iphone 5, a set of keys, two lip products, my ID, debit card AND a box of altoids smalls comfortably inside, i knew that it would make the perfect wedding clutch. i carried it to our friends outdoor event on saturday to the tune of many compliments and now i’m counting down the days until i can take it somewhere else – because this beauty is way too pretty to be collecting dust in my makeup bag drawer!

have you ever turned a cute cosmetic bag into an elegant little clutch?

stephanie johnson mini pouch in dubai, $33

may bag + balm

may bag + balm


bag: papersource world is your oyster pouch, $9.95
balm: julie hewett camellia balm stick, $16

this might be one of my favorite duos to date!

the bag is a discovery from best-ever online gift guide, to and from. it’s quite a surprise from papersource (i would have never thought to look for a makeup bag, there) – at 7×7 it’s the perfect size and with a price under $10, you’ve never had less of a reason to buy something this adorable in your life. it’s nothing fancy in simple canvas, but a sweetly inspiring quote makes me feel like i can tackle the day.

the balm is another big surprise from indie cosmetic brand, julie hewett. her camellia lip balm stick is ultra moisturizing and the effects really last, so i’m not constantly reapplying. it’s also refreshingly simple in packaging, ingredients, and formula. there’s no perfume or dye, it goes on perfectly sheer and leaves a subtle shine. it’s everything i’ve been looking for in a non-tinted balm. so, so good.

new cosmetic bags from (wait for it) pottery barn!

pottery barn ultimate cosmetic

my husband and i are building our very first house (eek!) so let us just say that i am taking the pottery barn catalog much more seriously these days. as i carefully studied the most recent mailing, i was delighted to find a gorgeous new collection of cosmetic bags. they have all of the best qualities: a gorgeous exterior print, functional organization, and a water-resistant lining.

my personal favorite is the ultimate cosmetic bag ($59) pictured above. it’s huge, has two elastic pickets and two zipper pockets, all see-through for the ultimate of ease in treasure hunting. but the best part? it unzips to lay flat, like an open book, which makes for great packability.

i’m also a fan of the new brush case ($19) – because a long and lean style is so perfect for toting brushes, pencils, and long lip glosses – and the jewelry roll ($24), an elegant way to travel with your best baubles.

if you’re in the market for some new travel bags, definitely check these out. the tropical floral prints are too pretty and each piece can be monogrammed (if that’s your thing).

shop the gwyneth palampore cosmetic bag collection >

march bag + balm

march bag + balm


bag: sonia kashuk yarn print double zip clutch, $14.99
balm: sonia kashuk moisture luxe tinted lip balm in hint of pink, $8.99

i am dy-ing over the spring collection from sonia kashuk. we are talking brand new packaging across the board, tons of new products at incredible price points and pretty, pretty color as far as the eye can see. i love when such an accessible brand gets it so right and sonia has nailed every single spring trend.

the bag combines two of my favorite silhouettes – a dome shape and a double zip. the dome shape is ideal for stashing makeup of varying shapes and sizes and the double zip means that you can keep tools and product separate if that’s your game. then there’s the matter of the shiny gold hardware, the contrast trim and the yellow patent zipper pulls – not a detail was missed.

as for the balm, i think “balm” is a negotiable word here. this gorgeously pigmented lippie is more of a super sleek and hydrating lipstick. the tint is powerful, almost opaque, but the balm-like formula means your lips are lush and happy (no dried out weirdness).

the absolute best part about this pairing is that you can scoop it up at your local target and the total cost is under $25. (i don’t know if you’ve been doing the math, but that’s about as much as i tend to spend on one lip product at sephora or the department store counters.)

hold me baby bag

hold me baby bag

it takes a lot to impress me in the beauty bag department. with the multitude of options available everywhere i turn, a company has to be bringing something really new and different to the table in order to catch my attention. when the hold me company reached out to me with the new, smaller scale version of their original hold me bag, i couldn’t resist giving it a try. i have to have everything in its place, especially my beauty products, especially when it comes to travel. my biggest gripe in the travel cosmetic world has been the lack of a product that will keep my stuff organized for a quick overnight (or even a two night) stay. when all i’m packing is a duffel, i don’t want to have to lug a huge hanging organizer or train case around for my makeup and skincare.

the hold me baby bag is the perfect solution. it offers at-a-glance organization complete with brush protection (one of my favorite features!) and it holds a ton, before folding up to a compact size. the high performance knew-suede fabric is easy to care for making me worry much less about spills and explosions. the wrap-around cinch tie means that i can close the bag efficiciently regardless of how much stuff i’ve shoved inside (no velcro, magnet, or metal snap that would restrict the number/shape of products).

i could have gotten many more products tucked inside this hold me baby, but i wanted to show you how perfectly sized it is for my daily routine. the high-quality, unique bag comes in 12 different liner color options ( each done in a wipe-clean cotton print) so there’s definitely something for everyone. i’m curious: do you have a hold me bag? is there something else that works well for taking your beauty on an overnight adventure?

shop hold me baby bag ($55) >

february bag + balm

february bag + balm (+ mirror!)


bag: liberty floral zip pouch from j.crew, $34.50
balm: figs & rouge cherry blossom lip tint, $9
(bonus!) mirror: liberty pocket mirror, $22.50

this month’s pairing (technically a trio) screams spring! and man am i ready for spring. the liberty of london for j.crew collection has me longing for sunshine-y days and warmer weather. when i spotted this gorgeous pouch at j.crew last week, i had to make it mine. the essential trapezoid shape is so purposeful, plus the floral print is just too good.

i couldn’t share the pouch without including the most darling pocket mirror i’ve ever laid eyes on! also printed in liberty art fabric, it comes in two color ways and has got to be the sweetest way to keep tabs on your lip color fade and flyaways that i’ve found to date.

this month’s balm is a brand newbie from the 100% pure, natural, and organic brand figs & rouge. first of all, it’s a tint in a tube (does anyone else find this to be a game changer?) beyond that, it’s a shimmering cherry shade that lasts and lasts. it tastes delicious and the moisture benefits and protection from the elements make it worth far more than its $9 price tag.

november bag + balm

november bag + balm


bag: hobo alex cosmetic, $88 – $98
balm: jouer spf 15 lip sheer in st. barths, $22

what can i say, i’m going a little luxe with this month’s bag and balm. my beloved leather bag brand (and favorite employer, full disclosure here) has added the most darling cosmetic clutch to the line this holiday season. hobo’s alex is a slim silhouette with a side kiss-lock closure for extra quirk and tucked inside is the teeniest of mirrors, ideal for lipstick checks. the bag is skinny but sizable with plenty of room for your best lip products and whatever else your touch up kit requires. alex comes in two vintage leathers and two spunky holiday prints (shown in mosaic). it’s the ultimate little luxury.

in balm land, i’m seriously digging jouer’s spf 15 lip sheer in st. barths. it may be slightly summer-esque, but the orange coral is super sheer and brings the perfect juicy pop to my no makeup look. the slim stick is surprisingly moisturizing and really brings a lot of hydration game to the table, without sacrificing a bit of color impact. the combination is light and results in a nice sheen that enhances your natural lip. if coral’s not your thing, you can scoop these up in three other colors. (fun fact: jouer’s website shows swatches on models of different skin tones so you can really get a feel for what will flatter you.)

ps – happy election day! i can’t get this song out of my head…