urban outfitters petal perfume oil

urban outfitters petal perfume oil

every once in awhile, something really takes my breath away. such is the case with this rose petal, peony and bergamot perfume oil from urban outfitters. this is one of the most gorgeously luxe and elegant fragrances that i have sniffed of late, but at the same time it’s insanely wearable and casual enough for everyday. the blend of florals (including freesia, along with two different roses and peony), fruity bergamot and woodsy musk combine for an addictive experience that keeps me coming back for more. the scent is refreshingly pure and light, kind of like what you wish your hair products left you smelling like without the need for extra fragrance. it’s pretty, and easy.

beyond the notes themselves, i have to talk about the packaging. for one, this bottle is huge. at nearly one full ounce, it generously fills my hand (for comparison, most rollerballs are .17 to .24oz) and i love that you can see real rosebuds floating in the perfume oil. the whole thing is just beautiful and exactly the hip and stylish kind of chic you would anticipate from urban outfitters.

you might expect that a perfume oil of this unique caliber would sell for department store dollars, but just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, i’m going to tell you that this chunky glass vial goes for a jaw-dropping eighteen dollars. (that’s less than a designer rollerball at sephora, gals.)

i’m calling it case closed on the search for my spring fragrance – who’s with me?

urban outfitters petal perfume oil, $18 >

philosophy loveswept

2014-02-02 20.49.24

it should come as no surprise that when girls come over, things inevitably turn to beauty. this past week, two friends were quite literally sniffing around my vanity, rolling and spritzing various scents when they both saw the gorgeous philosophy bottle sitting on my dresser. one spray and they were hooked on its fresh, girly, and surprisingly energizing aroma – not that i can blame them.

loveswept is a brand new launch for philosophy and i was smitten by its wearable, feminine romance long before my friends started oohing and ahhing. the combination of soft florals (pink jasmine, lotus blossom, and purple passion fruit) combine with bergamot and citrus for a bit of a spark. things finish off with a warm musk and creamy amber that linger on the skin. the complete picture isn’t powdery or overpowering – this scent is downright delicious.

i have enjoyed philosophy products since the very early days of this blog and i think i’m so taken with loveswept because it is a beautifully happy fragrance that encapsulates everything that i love about the line. the combination of ingredients  is unexpected, sure to get noticed and perfect for the everyday. to cap it all off, philosophy is giving away a romantic getaway for two to paris! you can find all of the details and enter the sweepstakes here.

if you need to give your valentine a nudge (as this would make a gorgeous gift!), just send them this link why don’t you, and i’ll take it from there.

philosophy loveswept spray fragrance ($16 – $46) >

this post was sponsored by philosophy through their partnership with POPSUGAR. while i was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about philosophy, all opinions are my own.

three fragrance favorites

three fragrance favorites

there’s something nice about the right perfume. i love the way that scent is such a personal choice and i rarely find two women who have same “signature.” regardless of the time of year, whether my skin is breaking out or flaking off, my favorite perfume always works and somehow, always makes me feel pulled together. everything else about my day could be falling apart, but if i’m wearing perfume, i’m doing a-ok.

i find that my fragrance preferences are changing constantly and that i am more closely related to having perfume A.D.D. than i am committing to a true signature scent. lately, there are three gorgeous smells that have captured my attention and i’ve been rotating them together for the prettiest aromatic bouquet.

kate spade ‘live colorfully’ rollerball, $24
this sachet has so many of my favorite things! it layers florals with citrus for a playful combination that’s super easy to wear. things like mandarin, water lily, and anise are paired with grown-up gardenia and tahitian vanilla to create a flirty and fun fragrance. i can’t get enough.

marc jacobs honey, $22 – $92
i have overlooked almost every other mj fragrance because i just wasn’t impressed, but honey has a punchy freshness laced with a girly sweetness that has completely stolen my heart. it’s bright (green pear, orange blossom) and warm (smooth woods), with a honeysuckle base that cheers me all day long.

lady gaga fame, $17
a surprisingly wearable scent from mother monster, i am still shocked at how much i like this mass’tige celebrity perfume. it’s a musky (incense) floral (jasmine, orchid) that’s kept light with the addition of apricot and honey. the combination is feminine and interesting, not at all overpowering or old lady.

winter beauty

winter beauty

baby, it’s real real cold outside and i’ll be the first to admit that it’s tough to find makeup that flatters a face that’s well…flaking off. ’tis the season for me to be exfoliating all the time, along with stockpiling the best and brightest beauty products that will detract from my angry dry skin. here are a few of the things working to keep things calm and bright:

1 – exfoliation is crucial to my winter skincare routine. simple smoothing facial scrub has enough abrasion for me to know that it’s working but not so much that i can overdo the scrubbing. it cleanses as it scrubs so there is no need to double wash – my skin is left feeling soft and smooth!

2 – while i fight shine all summer long, there is nothing that brings me more happiness in winter than glowy skin. marc jacobs lightshow luminizing powder enhances all of my good features and, at the same time, allows me to hide my flaws behind a subtle veil of shimmer.  it also brings out the absolute best in my cheekbones.

3 – hand cream most certainly has a season and when it rolls around, i am never caught without a little blue tin of nivea creme. it’s luxurious, non greasy, and it soothes even the driest hands. the reasonable price tag means that i can keep one in my purse, at my desk, and in my car – meaning that hydrated hands are always at the ready.

4 – while peach-apricot blushes are normally reserved for spring, i find that a flattering pop of color can be the ultimate weapon against chilly weather, paler than average skin, and an overall lack of glow. nars guy bourdin blush in day dream is just the ticket to brighten up gray days and to bring a little vibrance to the situation.

5 – red lips are a festive solution to dress up an otherwise dreary complexion. i am yet to find someone that lipstick queen medieval does not flatter. the deep glossy tone delivers a healthy stain, infused with vitamin e to combat chapped lips. it’s sheer so you can layer it to get a bold look, or go easy for a more subtle tint.

6 – for a playful finishing touch, try demeter pixie dust. you’ll be left smelling of pixie sticks, with a citrusy sugar fragrance that’s equal parts youthful and addictive. one spritz lifts my spirits and instantly brightens my mood – and just like the dust that makes peter pan fly, the sweet stuff always leaves me thinking happy thoughts.

maggie’s fall favorites

maggie's fall favorites

happy monday, beauty queens! to ease us into the week, i’m sharing some of the products  that have been keeping me smiling brightly, smelling sweet, and feeling lovely this fall:

mcmc’s phoenix eau de parfum is a light, fresh and fruity perfume that’s been the perfect way to mix up my signature scent routine. it has top notes of cherry blossom and peach, with hints of vanilla (not surprising as i usually find the scents i’m drawn to have vanilla in them – even if i don’t recognize it right away!) and the sweet packaging doesn’t hurt either.

during the fall i want my smile to be extra bright as i more frequently turn to red lipstick, and crest whitestrips 1 hour express strips definitely make all the difference. these are like the old-school crest whitestrips, but so much better. no more 30-minute sessions twice a day for two weeks – these powerful little guys deliver results in one hour, with no irritation to my gums or teeth.

i have been on the hunt for a good moroccan oil for a while now, and marc anthony oil of morocco argan oil is really doing it for me these days. just a few drops after the shower make my hair soft, shiny and much more manageable, and it has a subtle scent that i catch throughout the day. quick disclaimer: this product doesn’t contain heat protection so i’d recommend adding a serum to the mix in order to protect your hair during heat styling!

with the cooling temps comes a change in skincare and i’ve found that simple hydrating light moisturizer is the perfect balance of nourishing and weightless. it’s scent-free, no muss, no fuss – just a really good daily moisturizer for keeping your skin in check. i’ve been using it nightly and have quickly turned my roommates onto it as well.

what have been your go-to products this fall?

fall beauty updates

fall favorites

well beauties, it’s definitely fall. i know this because all of a sudden i am confused about what to wear and i find myself breaking out the hand cream. our virginia summers are so humid that fall can feel especially dry and harsh – i notice it everywhere from my lips to my hair, and even in the dryness of my fingernails. this fall i’m looking forward to a few beauty upgrades that will not only keep things hydrated, but also on the forefront of seasonal trends.

stila convertible color in sweet pea, $25 – this all in one from stila adds a sheer tint and a natural glow to cheeks. the fuchsia pink shade called sweet pea is my current favorite. i apply it with a stippling brush to give the illusion of color to my fair skin tone and the creamy formula keeps me looking perfectly radiant, never greasy or dry.

dior addict extreme lipstick in lucky, $31 – more than just a pretty lipstick, this formula from dior has hyaluronic microspheres for the ultimate in moisture and shine. i’m partial to lucky,  a vibrant red-pink that’s not too scary, which serves as the beauty equivalent of liquid courage for me. i can swipe it on without a mirror, knowing that it always looks good.

the blind date bobby pin package from mane message, $8 – these beautiful bobbies add a level of sophistication to my slightly unruly-at-the-moment bob. i can use them to hold strays in place at the base of my ponytail or stack them for a dramatic side part. best of all, the combination of gold, mint, and coal goes with everything i own!

maybelline color show nail color in tenacious teal, $2.97 – a $3 nailpolish, what could you possibly have to lose? these lacquers from maybelline are bold and shiny, with a chip-resistent finish that comes in colors that just don’t quit. i’m loving tenacious teal for its stunning opaque finish and perfectly trend-right tones.

ilia mascara in nightfall, $26 – the formula is lighter than air, the color is blacker than black, and the brush is quite possibly the coolest. the clump-free formula delivers beautifully tapered lashes and the double-sided brush allows me to go for coverage on the first coat with the short side and crazy length on coat two with the longer bristles. LOVE.

tory burch eau de parfum, $82 – a new season obviously calls for a new scent and i’ve fallen prey to tory burch’s very first fragrance. it’s equal parts girly and elusively masculine, with top notes of peony (my favorite!) and tuberose fading in to citrusy grapefruit. besides my love of the scent, could the bottle look any more gorgeous on my dresser?

simple replenishing rich moisturizer, $12.99 – nothing is more necessary to update in the cooler months than my moisturizer. this version from simple is rich enough to hydrate my drying skin, but does not clog my pores or feel greasy. it has a gel-like texture that soaks right in and serves as the perfect canvas for my favorite cc cream.

kai perfume oil

kai perfume oil

here’s the thing about a classic: it’s simple, unassuming, not overdone and never tries too hard.

kai’s gorgeous fragrance has a list of celebrity devotees longer than my arm and one sniff solidifies just why that is. the scent is comfortably light, but seriously intoxicating with a certain je ne sais quoi that has friends (and strangers) grabbing my arm to get a closer smell. a look at the ingredient list reveals a hearty dose of gardenia tangled up with several other exotic florals that make this one a rare specialty, worthy of its cult following. its ease makes it perfect enough to be worn everyday and a flick of my inner wrist towards my nose is all it takes to have me dreaming of the islands. it’s one of those fragrances that goes with every outfit, every mood, making it an essential for every girl. i’m thinking that all you need is a cozy afternoon with this stuff and you won’t wonder as to why it’s such a sought-after scent. i’m partial to the rollerball (no surprise) for its concentration and convenience, but just about anything in this collection will add a touch of cool-gal glamour to your situation.

kai perfume oil, $48 >

estee lauder modern muse

estee lauder modern muse

at this point, i basically balk at the notion of a signature scent. beauty products barely survive long enough to last a week in my regimen, let alone a lifetime. but i’m not complaining! i’ve been testing the hottest new fragrances for fall and i have settled on my personal favorite – a perfume choice that has really surprised me.

estee lauder’s modern muse is a light, woody floral, with just the tiniest touch of vanilla to give it sweetness and warmth. it’s confident and feminine, not at all overwhelming and, best of all, it doesn’t smell a thing like grandma. (not that we don’t love you, grandma.)

while it technically launched over the summer, i was way too into this and this to pay it any attention. now that the weather is (finally) cooling and my fall wardrobe is coming into its own, i’ve been on the hunt for something a little more…grown up. i’ve smelled a few things but this one really snuck up on me and captured my heart. i’ve been spraying it onto my wrists and the nape of my neck for a little elegance with a lot of staying power.

while i’d love to say that this one is here to stay, let’s just say that i cleared off some room on the perfume tray so that the beautiful bottle could move in and make itself comfortable…at least until the next best thing comes along.

what fragrance will you be wearing this fall?

summer scent stars

summer scent stars

i am getting more and more into fragrance every day. my vanity tray has gone from housing one signature scent to a full on wardrobe of beautiful vials and glass bottles, making for a very difficult choice each morning. just like skincare, i find that i switch my scent game up when the weather turns warmer. heavier florals are replaced with tropical inspired top notes and and loveliest of fresh smelling oils. from left to right, here are my top picks for summer scents:

une nuit a bali – the travel perfume, $60
grapefruit, vanilla and indian jasmine keep this gorgeous fragrance on the lighter side. it falls somewhere between a perfume and a body mist so you can spray through the day if the heat has you feeling less than fresh – or just aching for an island getaway.

tokyo milk arsenic eau de parfum spray, $36
fennel, absinthe, and sea salt make this unexpected scent from tokyo milk an exotic choice. somehow it all works together and i promise this one will evoke countless inquiries of “what are you wearing?”. it’s spicy, but fresh, almost androgynous and all kinds of sexy.

jouer cosmetics perfume oil, $42
jouer’s fresh and feminine rollerball is my current go-to. i can’t get enough of the fragrant bursts of gardenia and honeysuckle and the tiny size makes it super easy to travel with. i roll a bit into the crook of each elbow in the mornings and enjoy uplifting whiffs all day long.

nomaterra miami eau de parfum refillable travel spray, $86
if you haven’t smelled nomaterra’s fragrances yet, you’re missing out. miami is the to-die-for scent of summer with smells of melon, coconut, orange blossom, and pink pepper. it’s a fruity floral with a beachy garden vibe that’s truly unique.

amazonian wild lily perfume oil, $12
husband’s choice, this pretty floral is crisp and rain-kissed. ranging somewhere between a true oil and almost a scented water, the subtle scent lasts all day long. if you were/are a fan of the body shop’s perfume oils, this one does not disappoint!

is there a scent that you can’t get enough of this summer?

a few favorites

a few favorites

it’s been one of those weeks where the winning beauty discoveries just did not stop coming and i’ve been pulling these five products out of my beauty basket almost daily since i brought them in to the glossarie test lab.

physicians formula mineral airbrushing blush spf 30, $10.79
the perfect pink in a smooth, easy-to-wear formula that also packs spf 30. this gorgeously packaged blush is so summer-right, i can’t even stand it. (and if that doesn’t sell you, there’s the cutest ever mini kabuki brush hiding underneath the blush pan!)

topshop brow pencil, $12
i am still letting my brows grow in a bit (it’s painful) and this pencil has been a godsend. the spoolie brush is substantial enough to tame my unruly arches and the pencil formula is so creamy. it’s easy to blend and impossible to overdo.

jouer pearl lip enhancer in rose, $16
jouer’s classic lip enhancer is ultra moisturizing and these new tinted versions are just as soothing. the rose pearl shade is the ultimate glossy nude and it’s been polishing off my everyday face with just the right touch of color and shine.

21 drops 10 calm essential oil rollerball, $29
confession: i’m not the most relaxed person and i hate to fly. this essential oil saved me on a recent flight and i’ve kept it close ever since. a couple of drops in the palm of my hands, cupped over my face, and a deep breath in – all is right with the world.

dr. lewinn by kinerase instant perfecting b.b. cream, $15.97
a complete surprise, this bb cream blends beautifully and blurs away imperfections. it’s hydrating, but very lightweight and includes spf (both very important for dc’s ugly summer weather). my skin looks bright and glowy and it feels like i’ve got nothing on.