a happy look back at 2013

i am so grateful to have such wonderful glossarie devotees and i cannot thank you enough for a truly magical year. wishing you and yours a fun and festive new year as i take a look back at some of the best moments from 2013:

the glossarie 2013 moments

10 – hosting south moon under’s night for autism awareness

9 – meeting leandra medine (but mainly having her compliment my manicure)

8 – attending stila’s blogger dinner during nyfw + sharing cannolis with ken paves

7 – shooting with kate headley, this pantene post was my favorite!

6 – attending the mark. 10th anniversary party + interviewing lucy hale

5 – many trips to nyc, a place that i feel fortunate to spend time in on the regular

4 – my very first glossy feature in seventeen magazine!

3 – tea with the queen (aka dinner with birchbox founder katia beauchamp)

2 – having my world photographed and featured in refinery 29’s “real girl, real beauty”

the glossarie people style watch

and by far the crown jewel in my 2013 was being named one of six great beauty blogs by people stylewatch. being recognized by people’s amazing team for the one thing that i love to do best just could not have been a brighter star in an already banner year.

happy new year to you, beauties! i hope that you are looking back at 2013 with as much fondness as i am and i wish you many wonderful adventures in 2014.


mark. 10th anniversary party with brand ambassador lucy hale

lucy hale

i trained up to nyc on monday to celebrate a momentous occasion: mark’s 10th anniversary party. the event was at the trump soho (gorgeous!) and featured their new brand ambassador, lucy hale. mark. really rolled out the red carpet for me, arranging hair with greg ruggeri and makeup with grace ahn – i was having the time of my life before i even set foot inside the party. after i was all dolled up, and before the festivities kicked off, i had a quick meet and greet with lucy! she is beyond adorable, completely refreshing, and very down to earth.

right off the bat, lucy told me that she loves what mark. and avon stand for. beyond her insanely busy schedule filming pretty little liars and recording her first album, lucy expressed that she wanted her next project to be just a little bit more than promoting a product. she has already attached herself to the mark. m.powerment message, feeling as though she was put here to do something bigger than her already impressive accomplishments.

of course we got to talking beauty and she has honed in on some early brand favorites like the make it rich lip pencil, touch & glow and the new on the dot smokey eye color compact. she, like me, really loves promoting something that she really loves. when i asked her if she had any trade secrets, she told me:

“i’ve loved makeup since i was a little kid. i’ve always been fascinated by it and i love going into sephora. i did my sister’s makeup for her wedding – it was pretty good, i’m not going to lie. i have learned what works for my face and how to apply things, what colors make my eyes pop.”

lucy has killer eyebrows, so it’s no surprise that they are her favorite feature to play up. i could not stop staring at them – serious brow envy! before we scooted off to celebrate, i asked lucy what is the best piece of beauty advice that she had been given, and i loved her response:

“no matter how bad your day is, we all have things that we are insecure about. it’s important to find one thing that you love about yourself and embrace it.”

love it. loved her. endless thanks to mark. and lucy for such a fun and fabulous day!

*photo credit to rob loud

seventeen magazine

2013-07-03 17.40.17

this blog has always been a passion project – an outlet for me to share my beauty product obsession with anyone who is willing to read along. the opportunities that have been presented to me over the last four years have far surpassed any expectations that i ever could have set and it’s an adventure that has been beyond my wildest imagination.

i never created any goals, but if there was a personal milestone or any kind of far flung dream, it was that one day my beauty tips and picks might be featured in a magazine – in a tiny corner with a nod to the blog and maybe an itty bitty picture of me. maybe.

magazines have been amazing to me and the blog over the years. lucky magazine really started it all when they nominated the glossarie for best beauty voice in 2011. allure honored me as a finalist in their first beauty blogger of the year awards in 2012 and now, seventeen magazine has included me in their beauty blogger special for the august 2013 issue with a full page feature.

i could die.

let me just say that seventeen and i go way back. it was the only magazine that i was allowed to read (although i totally snuck peeks at ym in the checkout line at the grocery store!) and i kept every issue through high school. my mom even used to send them to me in care packages when i was in college. i always devoured it cover to cover!

so, when seventeen tasked six of us with offering up our best tips for back to school beauty, i was all over the chance to contribute. i’m super proud of my “sweet sophisticate” suggestions and i love knowing that girls are taking my tips to the beauty aisle in preparation for the new year.

i am humbled and thrilled at seeing my name, face, and blog in print. i swear this stuff will never get old. so thank you, seventeen! i’m checking a BIG one off the bucket list.

she get it from her mama

2013-05-12 11.04.22

i was over the moon to be able to feature my mom and her makeup bag on refinery 29 this week. she definitely curates her collection with the flare of someone who birthed a beauty blogger, resulting in a steal-worthy bevy of product. she’s an avid birchbox subscriber and i loved learning about her little tricks, the way that she combines and layers to suit her skin, and her daily use of teal eyeliner about which i will be forever bragging (it makes her baby blues really pop). take notes, ladies. because if i’m looking anything like her in thirty years, i’m going to be one very happy girl.

here’s wishing my beautiful mom (and all of the mamas out there) a very happy mother’s day!

over on the anna beck blog

anna beck blog

some of you know that my day job is in mid-atlantic sales / account management for two of my very favorite accessories brands – hobo and anna beck. it’s the best job in the whole world and i absolutely love it.

i’m so excited to be featured over on the anna beck blog today in their “meet the anna beck team” series. click on over to learn more about what i do and see my three favorite pieces from the line – plus a few more fun lara facts!



yesterday went from high to low, so very quickly. those who engage with me on social media know that i was personally rocked by the events in boston. while i live in the dc area now (northern virginia, to be exact) and i have since i left for college in 2000, i spent the first 18 years of my life in massachusetts. i was raised in jamaica plain, a boston neighborhood full of character and history, so my ties to boston proper are fierce. currently, my sister lives in southie and my parents are on the north shore in newburyport. yesterday was particularly stressful because last year my sister volunteered for the boston marathon and was stationed at the finish line. not to overdramatize, but she was set to volunteer again yesterday and my parents and i could only assume that she was in the same location. thankfully, she changed her plans last minute and she was safe at home during both blasts.


but this is not about me.

this post’s sole purpose is really to proclaim my love, passion, and pride for the city of boston. to let my fellow bostonians know that i am with them in spirit and saying endless prayers for those who were injured, and sadly, those who died. boston is a tough city, but it’s also a safe city – i can’t help but think that the spirit of the city has been permanently alteredthe marathon and patriot’s day as a whole are state-wide holidays. it’s the day of the year when i am the most homesick and to imagine my friends and family going through all of the turmoil of yesterday’s events has been beyond heart wrenching.


so, i hope you will excuse our regularly scheduled beauty programming in lieu of a little love for the hometown.


my heart is with you, boston.

refinery29 beauty nation

beauty nation

refinery29 logo

i am so giddy-excited because today marks the launch of refinery29’s new nationwide beauty hub – beauty nation. i am beyond tickled that the refinery team asked me to be one of the beauty nation bloggers and i’m still pinching myself that i’m involved in such a cool and innovative project. the site is designed to be an interactive, community-driven platform for you, me, five other crazy talented blogesses and refinery29’s beauty editorial team to exchange tips and advice. think of it as a discovery zone for groundbreaking products, the freshest new treatments, everyday beauty tricks, and one big celebration of beauty as a form of self-expression that is key to personal style.

i’m joined by aimee of the formula blog, jessie from style and pepper, kim from eat.sleep.wear., baze from beautycism, and aja mangum. knowing this group (personalities that i already love and trust!), content is sure to be fun and user-friendly – i can’t wait to get the conversation going!

to kick off the launch, my profile page is showcasing my confessions of a product addict along with a round up of 8 gel-cream moisturizers (spot on for spring weather!). i’m chomping at the bit for you girls to get to reading – and then come right back here and tell me what you think :)


zoya lara

i’m the birthday girl!

to kick off the celebrations, i gave myself a manicure in my signature pink, zoya’s (appropriately named) lara. i’m getting pret-ty good at the diy manicure if i do say so myself, and i attribute my high shine and long-wearing paint jobs to the combination of butter london’s nail foundation (seriously gives the absolute perfect matte base for polish) and opi’s start to finish (leaves a gel-like mirror shine). it takes four coats total and the results are well worth it.

now that my nails are done, i’m off to do a little wine tasting and design hunting with my mister, wrapping up the day with a margarita happy hour followed by dinner with our favorite couple. tomorrow, i’m continuing the celebrations at brunch with my two blogging besties, casie and meg (whose big 3-0 was yesterday). let’s get this party started :)

hope you beauties have a perfect weekend!

mark. blogger collective

mark. blogger collective

i am really super excited about monday’s announcement of me as the newest member of mark’s blogger collective! in case you missed it, i have joined a great group of three fellow bloggers who will serve as brand ambassadors for the mark line in 2013. partnering with a brand on this level has been a personal goal of mine since starting the glossarie and i could not be more thrilled that i will be working with mark this year.

if you’re not familiar with mark, the brand is chock full of fresh, on-trend, and priced-right beauty products, skincare, and styling aids as well as fashion and accessories. mark is right on the money when it comes to interpreting trends and they also offer a unique level of personalization with magnetic snap to it palettes and these cool hook ups. i can’t wait to share my new mark product discoveries with you throughout the year!

along with special access to the complete line of mark products, i’ll be covering events, interviewing tastemakers and bringing you a very cool and unique perspective to what goes on behind the scenes of this crazy fun company. you can check out my first post for mark.com here and look forward to seeing more from me and mark very soon!

beauty resolutions in review + a fresh set

jessica simpson vintage bloom

happy new year, beauties!

i love january 1st: a whole new year lies ahead – full of possibility! i’m taking a quick pulse check on 2012’s resolutions and sharing my fresh set of goals with you.

2012 beauty resolutions:

visit a dermatologist to get this 30-year old acne under control
appointment booked for january 4th! stay tuned for a full recap.

discover (and stick to!) a skincare regimen that works
done! mario badescu has my skin looking clearer than ever.

find my signature scent, toss the rest
i don’t know if i’ll ever stick to one scent,
but at the moment i can’t get enough of vintage bloom (above).

not pick at my pimples (hopefully won’t be an issue – see resolution #1)
done! i’ve been keeping my fingers away from my face, as a rule.

experiment with eye makeup and learn to confidently craft a few different looks
fail. fail. fail.

maybe take a makeup class?
done! ‘all decked out‘ was a smashing success
i can’t wait to do more of these in 2013

master the at-home manicure
done! i do this much more often than going to sit in the salon chair, now.

drink more water!
eh…still a struggle, but i’m trying.

take my vitamins
done! i leave my multi on my bedside table and i take it nightly without fail.

work on my horrendous posture
this may be a lost cause. does anyone have any advice?
definitely going back on the list for 2013!

i have to say, i did better than expected – all in all i’m pretty pleased!

2013 will be my year

2013 beauty resolutions:

get organized! my cosmetic collection is taking over my world.

master the self blowout and stop making the excuse that it requires three arms.
(although, you and i both know that it does!)

treat my body like i treat my face – moisturize and exfoliate on the regular.

apply my eye cream more nightly, because there’s
no time like the present to get serious about preventing crow’s feet.


quit my cream and sugar habit – opt for almond milk in my morning coffee –
or, better yet, switch it up for a mug of green tea.

get out and run a minimum of twice a week – no excuses.

stop. the. slouching.

drink 48 oz of water daily.
(less than suggested, i know – but this will be a huge upgrade for me!)

wear spf every day.

of course i would love to know what challenges you have set for yourself this year (be they beauty-related or otherwise!) – please leave them in the comments.