keep it pretty: vestige lipstick holder

vestige lipstick holder

what a week!

with all of the excitement in boston yesterday, i spent the day glued to cnn. mr. glossarie is out of town for an alumni golf tourney and on a night when i would normally take the opportunity to catch up with the kardashians and a bottle of wine, my nerves were too shot. so, i settled for a cookies and cream milkshake and a little online retail therapy.

i fell in love with this vestige lipstick holder ($28) inspired by anthropologie’s own albeit lipstick collection. i’m hopeful that it will hold my current favorites, because i’ve already cleared off a spot on my dresser.

hope you beauties are enjoying a peaceful saturday!


a happy saturday

making me happy
making me happy 2
yesterday was a doozy. why the whole week can go swimmingly just for friday to come along and knock you on the head never fails to baffle me! i’m taking it easy today and soaking in the joy from these five sweetly simple things:
1 – the anthropologie sale (especially this top)
2 – a new lip conditioner, apricot lipstick, and white nails – all from revlon
3 – a little gold kitten for my first knucle from catbird
4 – this bamboo beauty organizer keeping my dailies perfectly pretty
5 – a hilarious audio book – seriously a must read, i don’t think i’ve ever laughed so hard!
what’s making your saturday bright and cheery? happy weekend to you!

keep it pretty: sweet pea soap dish

anthropologie sweet pea soap dish

anthropologie sweet pea soap dish

anthropologie sweet pea soap dish

my dresser is a disaster and i’m starting of 2013 with the clear intentions of getting organized in the beauty department. i think what i really need to catch all of the perfume samples, mane message hair ties and anna beck rings that i have roaming around is a small series of pretty trays. this trio caught my eye at anthropologie this week and i’m definitely going to have to go back and scoop them up.

not only are the patterns feminine without being overdone, the whimsical shapes are absolutely calling to me. i love the way that they go together but not in a matchy matchy way. at less than an inch high and four inches wide, i’m already picturing them filled with lip balms and nail polishes – the perfect way to start getting organized!

the sweat pea soap dishes in neutral, blue, and rose are available at anthropologie for $12 each.

how do you organize your beauty products?

keep it pretty: filigree scroll vanity tray

until a few weeks ago, my everyday jewels were scattered about on hooks, splayed on an old jewelmint box, and stored in little trinkets around my room. not a cute or kind way to treat my favorite shiny objects! on the hunt for a solution, this vanity tray caught my eye while in the checkout line at urban outfitters and i had to snatch it up. not only has it added a lovely vintage touch to my dresser, but it’s the perfect place to organize and display my jewelry. i especially love the little raised feet – but looks aside,¬†this tray has truly revamped my ring, necklace and earring organization, allowing me to accessorize with ease.

how do you keep your favorite jewels on display?

keep it pretty: diy manicure bowl



keep it pretty: diy manicure bowl

my diy manicure skills are gradually improving! i’ve picked up some tricks and finally found the right products to make painting my nails at home a pleasure instead of a chore. i keep everything on my dresser in this zelenka bowl from anthropologie. here are the steps and tools that have boosted my at-home mani confidence:

1. a soft cuticle pusher really makes it easier to paint polish on without making a mess. this $1 version from elf is a no-brainer.

2. a glass nail file smooths and sculpts nails far better than a classic emery board. it’s better for your nails and works so much faster. i’ve been using this $3 one from sephora.

3. a good base coat is crucial to making your mani last longer. i’m loving deborah lippmann ‘fast girls’ – it creates a smooth canvas and i swear it makes application easier. it’s also super quick drying!

4. i like to add a top coat for protection and extra gloss. deborah lippmann umbrella is high-shine and chip resistant.

5. finally, the cleanup. i *always* end up with polish on my cuticles, but there’s a perfect solution: dip the absolute smallest eyeliner brush (or paint brush) into some acetone remover and drag it along your cuticle to get that super clean edge. the result is almost better than what you can get at a spa!

do you have any diy manicure tips and tricks? where do you keep all of your tools?

ps – allure voting is extended through the weekend! if you think of it in between all of that boating and barbecue-ing, please vote, vote, vote!

keep it pretty: diptyque


diptyque candles are the gifts that keep on giving. they’re gorgeous before you even light them and of course they’re pure delight when burning. diptyque has crafted almost fifty scents and packed the perfume-y goodness into beautiful glass jars. when you’re done burning your fragrance of choice, put it in the freezer over night and then pop the leftover wax out of the bottom. you’ll be left with the pretty jar and a great spot for your brushes and lip products.


i love the classic look that these take on when grouped together on a vanity tray and standing alone on a dresser or bathroom shelf. they’re like little vintage works of art.


are you as in love with those beautiful bold black letters as i am? as slightly spendy as these are up front, it’s nice to know that you can treat yourself to a yummy mood-setting scent now and a perfect spot to store your beauty booty later!

do you use diptyque jars to keep it pretty?

introducing “keep it pretty”

i’m a freak for organization. the container store is like disney world to me and i love purchasing things to put other things inside of. boxes, bags, mugs, bowls, vases. it’s an obsession. but, combine this obsession with a love for beauty products and a new blog series is born! welcome to a little column that i’m calling “keep it pretty.”

i love to see how people store and display their beauty products and the blogosphere is a treasure trove of inspiration. i’m looking forward to sharing gorgeous beauty vignettes and how to recreate them, my own little storage and display solutions, and those of other bloggers who i just can’t get enough of.

to kick things off, i’m featuring one of my favorite ways to store things around my condo – anthropologie’s monogrammed mugs. i’ve found about one hundred uses for these since they popped up in store, including making some of my daily products a home inside an “L” that sits on my bathroom shelf.

pretty displays from pottery barn

you might have noticed, but i have a love affair with accessories. i’m a big fan of using my favorite pieces as an element of decor so i was pretty pleased to see these gorgeous and design-y storage options¬† for jewelry and shoes from pottery barn!

a greek goddess keeps your necklaces organized and on display for $129.

a vintage jelly cupboard is the perfect place for your favorite jewels and accessories! with double-sided mirrored doors, hooks inside and hooks below, i can’t get enough of this pretty cabinet for $129.

and quite possibly my favorite – an anthro-esque handcrafted display ladder that holds six pairs of heels!

so what do you think? do you display your shoes and jewels? would you invest in any of these pieces?