mane message ‘the macaron’ package

mane message macaron package

olivia never fails to keep things fresh and oh-so-pretty with every passing season. i don’t know how she got inside my mind, but her latest selection of signature hair ties features my most favorite color combination of the moment: blush, aqua, navy, and gold. (for those interested in that sort of thing, this is the exact palette that i plan to use in our nursery! we find out gender tomorrow, so the inclusion of blush is technically tbd…) i love the gold foil polka dot print on cream and i just know that’s going to make the sweetest addition to my anna beck arm party this spring, whenever it’s not pulling back my pony. (anna beck, who you will also notice is a fan of navy, aqua, and blush!)

if you haven’t added these soft and stretchy hair ties-slash-boho-bracelets to your regime yet, i can’t think of a better time to get on board. (and if silver’s more your style, well she’s got you covered there, too.)

mane message ‘the macaron’ package, $11.50 >


detox your locks

ouidad superfruit renewal, phytoneutre

sometimes my hair feels…congested. product buildup can cause it to go heavy and limp and kind of dull at virtually no notice. i used to rely on drugstore detox shampoos like this one to get things back to normal, but i’ve found that they really strip things down and dry them out unnecessarily – almost creating more trouble than they are worth. lucky for me detox shampoos have come a long (and i mean long) way. i’ve been playing with two new releases from phyto and ouidad to the tune of squeaky clean and extra gorgeous results.

ouidad superfruit renewal clarifying cream shampoo, $18
anyone with curly hair knows that it’s notoriously sensitive to product buildup, so it’s no surprise that the queen of curl has created the epitome of clarifying shampoos. this cream shampoo feels more like a conditioner, but lathers beautifully to get all of the gunk out of your hair. it smells heavenly, making my shower feel like a sweetly scented oasis that really adds to the whole experience. while it’s a wiz at detoxing, the addition of five superfruit acids add vibrancy, shine, softness and bounce leaving my hair looking the best it ever has.

phytoneutre detox clarifying shampoo, $19
this option from phyto is also a cream formula that eliminates buildup, but eucalyptus oil means that your hair’s natural protective barrier remains intact. chamomile, sage, and witch hazel break down even the strongest-holding styling products while delivering a boost of oxygen to your scalp that you can actually feel. i find that the scent here is weighted in eucalyptus for a fresher, deep clean (and tingle!), but that the results are incredible. with mostly natural ingredients and a concentrated formula, you’ll notice that a little goes a long way.

with results like these, you’re probably wondering why i don’t make either (or both!) of these my regular go-to shampoo. the truth is that detoxifying shampoos should really only used once a week, but either of these beauties would make a perfect complement to whatever shampoo/conditioner duo you’re already committed to – and will probably make them work even better.

ag bb cream

ag bb cream

i really can’t stress the importance of a good hair day highly enough – even for those of you whose bodies are not expanding at all angles from the neck down as you create a miracle, but definitely for those of you whose are. for a boost of confidence, i got myself a shiny new haircut a couple of weeks ago and in line with tradition, i hated it for twelve to twenty four hours before i fell in love. the love can probably be most directly attributed to my talented stylist but i’m thinking that it also has a little something to do with a new styling product from ag.

ag’s bb cream is truly multifunctional. the texture is light, like a lotion and in all of that lightness is some serious power. not only does it moisturize and smooth, but it also thickens while protecting against ferocious damage from my heat tools. on a deeper level it protects my natural color from brassiness, provides a shield of care including anti-aging, anti-humidity (not an issue at the moment – thanks, polar vortex), and uv rays all while maintaining my style longer between shampoos.

it’s that last point that really has me singing, because not only do i love my style after it’s been freshly shampoo’d but on the second day? it looks really super gorgeous! no dry shampoo needed. this is a major time saver and it’s really just tricking me into thinking that i have naturally great hair. (i don’t. it’s the product.)

this stuff is so good that i’m prescribing it for anyone with hair. (that would be you.)

ag bb cream total benefit hair primer, $26 >

sam villa e-t.c. light hair dryer

sam villa e-t.c. light hair dryer

i’m going to level with you beauties.

until right before christmas, i had been using the same hair dryer that i took with me to my freshman year of college. that’s a solid 14 year relationship we are talking about here, and longer than i have known my husband. i loved that thing so much that i traveled with it everywhere, because in my eyes it far surpassed any and all hotel hair dryers or those at my friends’ houses. things were serious.

fast forward to december 2013 and sam villa’s e-t.c. light appears on my doorstep. i was hesitant, but also ready for a change, vowing to take my hair and skincare more seriously in the new year, even if that requires upping my financial investment. the box boasted all things that i was looking for: ultra lightweight, maximum airflow, ceramic tourmaline (translation: better for your hair), even whisper quiet – i was ready to give it a try.

after one (lightning fast!) blow dry, i was hooked. this thing weighs half as much as my previous model, dries my hair twice as fast and leaves it smooth, soft, and shiny. most importantly, it is visibly less dry and damaged, with more fluff and volume than ever before. without a doubt this blow dryer has made my hair healthier and given me back valuable minutes previously lost to my morning routine. needless to say, i quickly parted ways with my prehistoric blow dryer from the year 2000 and made some room in the vanity for this shiny new toy.

my love for this hair dryer has even been endorsed by a stylist friend who says it is the absolute best there is!

now, knowing that this wonderful tool isn’t cheap and knowing that my dear glossarie friends would be interested in procuring one for themselves, i worked with sam villa to create a 20% discount for my readers. using the code GLOSS, you can get 20% off your entire order at sam villa on top of a current february promotion that they are running which brings the cost of the e-t.c down to $135.96 (from $199.99).

i’m not saying that this hair dryer will change your life (ok, i am), but i will wager that it could very potentially be the last one that you ever buy.

sam villa e-t.c. light hair dryer, $135.96 (after using code GLOSS) >

#goodhairday with panasonic nanoe flat iron

panasonic nanoe flat iron

not unlike many of you, i use a blow dryer and a flat iron every other day to smooth out my medium-fine curly-to-wavy hair. now, i don’t know if you can relate, but i tend to hang on to my heat tools for way too long and in a category whose technology is changing constantly and rapidly, that’s kind of silly. so, when panasonic reached out to me with an opportunity to test their new nanoe flat iron, i was all over it.

historically, most flat irons have not impressed me and i have gone through many to find the two that i have used for oh, the last fifteen years. when the nanoe arrived, my expectations were not high, but let’s just say that they were blown away by panasonic’s newest wonder.

i won’t pretend to understand the technology behind why this flat iron is so amazing, but i will try to express to you why its performance is so earth shattering. for starters, it heats up to a max of 395 degrees (much lower than the 425 i have been using on my hair). a single pass through with the ceramic plates leaves my hair smooth, shiny and straight, without the need to go back over it again and again. as i go about my straightening, my hair is not scalding hot to the touch (like it normally is with other irons) and it does not look or feel dried out when i am done. with the nanoe, it takes considerably less effort to straighten my hair after blowdrying and the results are full of body, shine, and shape.

best of all, after a couple weeks of continued use, my hair is looking the healthiest that it ever has. there’s just something about a good hair day that boosts my self esteem and gives me a leg up on whatever challenges – work or otherwise – come my way. panasonic has given me a solid run of good hair days, and i want to share the love with you.

panasonic is giving away an amazing product pack to one lucky glossarie reader on twitter. the product pack includes:

i haven’t been this taken with a hair appliance possibly ever, so i cannot wait to pay the #goodhairday karma forward!

enter to win the #goodhairday panasonic product pack >

vocé haircare

Voce Lift It Shampoo

my hair regimen has needed a change for the longest. for what seems like months, i have been testing things from the drugstore to the salon with very little to show by way of results. i’m just so underwhelmed by the options out there and was beginning to give up hope when an email from the vocé team landed in my inbox. this brand-new-to-me line intrigued me with its simple, clean packaging and a promise of user-friendly products that deliver professional results.

i’ve been consistently using the lift it shampoo and lift it conditioner for the last couple of weeks and i’m noticing a serious difference in my hair’s behavior. for one, i’m growing it out which always presents problems, but the vocé line has kept it looking better than ever with a lifted volume that easily lasts for two days. the shampoo gives a nice lather but does not strip my hair, and the lightweight conditioner is the exact right amount of moisture for my thinnish strands. neither product leaves my hair flat or limp and for someone who is ashamed to tell you how long it’s been since she’s had a haircut, my ends look shockingly healthy.

along with the in-shower duo, i’ve been rotating two styling products: smooth me cream and volume mist. the styling cream is lightweight, yet ultra nourishing thanks to the addition of argan oil – which as an added bonus, leaves my hands insanely smooth. it’s the perfect precursor to my blow-dry and flat iron routine as it works to reduce frizz and smooth things out, leaving a touch of extra shine. the volume mist features collagen and delivers major non-sticky fullness. it doesn’t dry things out like other volumizers and the addition of some botanical extracts help to strengthen my fine hair and protect from heat damage – these two things give it a big leg up over its counterparts.

all in all, i am super impressed with this lineup and it has kicked all other haircare products  out of my shower and off of my vanity. the results from these four workhorses are so good that it has definitely set a new standard of quality when it comes to what i will let touch my hair. if you need a change and you’re up for paying salon prices, i think you’ll be blown away by what you find from vocé.

the entire vocé haircare line is available online at dermstore.

andré jourdan volume shampoo + conditioner

andre jourdan volume

the fact of the matter is that there comes a time in every girl’s life when her favorite shampoo and conditioner just stop working. chalk it up to (magical?) changes in the makeup of our scalp or maybe even the physics of our showers, but it’s a phenomenon that defies explanation. because of this pesky little problem, i’ve always found it helpful to rotate two sets of shampoo and conditioner to keep my hair at its best. my obsession with use me products continues and i love that they are all natural, but what to add into the mix?

when alyson from the average girl’s guide introduced me to andré jourdan’s line of products infused with organic ingredients, i knew i had to give them a try. initial research told me that they are sulfate-free (my hair behaves so much better when things are sulfate-free!) with added vitamins and proteins to to keep my hair and scalp healthy.

performance-wise, even though the shampoo doesn’t lather up much, i can still feel my oily hair getting an extra deep cleaning. (note: i am obsessed with the way this stuff smells – like an elegant bouquet of flowers, but not at all heavy.) the conditioner is ultra lightweight but does a surprisingly impressive job of detangling and moisturizing my hair the exact right amount, without weighing it down. out of the shower, my hair blows dry and straightens beautifully. the finished product is soft and bouncy with a touch of added shine and a burst of delicious scent. i get a solid two days of wear and i definitely notice that my hair is far less damaged and dry since introducing andré’s products into my routine.

if you typically invest in salon-quality products and you’re looking for something new to bring to your shower shelves, i recommend giving this line a look. it has all of the quality performance of my favorite salon brands, without any of the harmful ingredients.

psst…a little birdie told me that new email subscribers get 30% off their purchase, too!

andré jourdan volume shampoo + conditioner ($23 each) >

maggie’s fall favorites

maggie's fall favorites

happy monday, beauty queens! to ease us into the week, i’m sharing some of the products  that have been keeping me smiling brightly, smelling sweet, and feeling lovely this fall:

mcmc’s phoenix eau de parfum is a light, fresh and fruity perfume that’s been the perfect way to mix up my signature scent routine. it has top notes of cherry blossom and peach, with hints of vanilla (not surprising as i usually find the scents i’m drawn to have vanilla in them – even if i don’t recognize it right away!) and the sweet packaging doesn’t hurt either.

during the fall i want my smile to be extra bright as i more frequently turn to red lipstick, and crest whitestrips 1 hour express strips definitely make all the difference. these are like the old-school crest whitestrips, but so much better. no more 30-minute sessions twice a day for two weeks – these powerful little guys deliver results in one hour, with no irritation to my gums or teeth.

i have been on the hunt for a good moroccan oil for a while now, and marc anthony oil of morocco argan oil is really doing it for me these days. just a few drops after the shower make my hair soft, shiny and much more manageable, and it has a subtle scent that i catch throughout the day. quick disclaimer: this product doesn’t contain heat protection so i’d recommend adding a serum to the mix in order to protect your hair during heat styling!

with the cooling temps comes a change in skincare and i’ve found that simple hydrating light moisturizer is the perfect balance of nourishing and weightless. it’s scent-free, no muss, no fuss – just a really good daily moisturizer for keeping your skin in check. i’ve been using it nightly and have quickly turned my roommates onto it as well.

what have been your go-to products this fall?

klorane dry shampoo with nettle giveaway

klorane dry shampoo with nettle

next up on the giveaway agenda is my new favorite dry shampoo, which you can read more about here. if you want to get an extra day’s wear out of your gorgeous hair, click on down below.

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recipe for a good hair day (and then some)

mark. + davines + klorane = perfect hair day

my hair products are constantly rotating and sometimes i find myself forgetting which combination of things was (at least recently) giving me my best hair. there has been an extra surplus of hair potions shuffling their way through the glossarie hq as of late, but three of them truly stand out as awesome little performers. behold, your recipe for a good hair day – and days to come:

mark. prep for it hair primer, $16 – i didn’t know that primer was a step my hair was missing, but this spray lotion protects from heat styling, pumps up the volume when layered with my other styling products and gives my hair a grit that keeps it from getting greasy on day two – extending my style for an additional 24 hours.

davines this is a relaxing moisturizing fluid, $26 – this new collection from davines is as beautiful on the outside as the products are effective on the inside. the lightweight lotion leaves my hair smooth and shiny and cuts my flat iron time in half. it relaxes my curls and gives me my absolute best hair, the kind that hangs just how i want it.

klorane dry shampoo with nettle, $18 – finally a dry shampoo made just for those of us with oily hair. this aerosol spray zaps oil and gives serious oomph. instead of layering product on top of my greasy roots, the addition of nettle extract actually fights grease on days two and three to deliver day one hair all over again.

ps – for another fun tip on how to keep the good hair going, check out my latest mark. video :)