buxom show some skin weightless foundation

buxom show me some skin

i’m still anticipating the “glowing skin” portion of pregnancy, but while i twiddle my thumbs awaiting that miracle i have found a gorgeous foundation to get me through.

lately, i’ve been feeling like my favorite cc cream has started to fall a little flat. on my hunt for a perfect replacement that will look like second skin while covering imperfections, i’ve been reminded that medium-to-full coverage options tend to look thick and mask-y and those that look natural fail to cover my blemishes and scars. where’s the happy medium? well, turns out that it’s in this silver-trimmed tube from buxom.

after a test run with a deluxe sample from sephora* i am happy to report that buxom’s new show some skin weightless foundation blends flawlessly onto skin and it feels feather weight on application. once on, it’s practically imperceptible and truly looks like second skin. since it is a light-to-medium coverage option, those with uneven skin tone and spots will be thrilled to hear that it’s easy to build coverage by applying more in your trouble areas. once applied, it wears all day long and it doesn’t leave me greasy mid-afternoon. best of all, there is a radiance to it which imparts the glow that i’ve been missing.

in short, this foundation looks like a dream on me and delivers natural, glowing skin. beauties with skin that tends to be irritable and dry will find good things in this foundation. i’m feeling pretty confident that show me some skin will take me straight through spring and summer. (or at least until that mama bear glow arrives, at which point i will be milking that for all its worth.)

buxom show some skin weightless foundation, $34 >

note: if you don’t take advantage of sephora’s generous sampling policy, you should! you can have anything in the store made into a sample (in this case, i took home three days worth of foundation to play with) at no cost.


lorac POREfection foundation


with foundations, it seems that i either run the risk of not getting enough coverage (thus looking washed out and sick) or wearing something so heavy and mask-like that it looks like stage makeup. aside from that, i can pretty much tell on contact how my skin will react to something and the last several that i’ve tested have broken me out like whoa. super frustrating.

so when i heard that lorac was releasing a new foundation that was ideal for those of us suffering from acne, redness, and sensitivity and who also want something anti-aging, i could not get my hands on it fast enough.

lorac POREfection foundation has a perfect combination of natural antioxidants (vitamins a and e, olive leaf, lemon and papaya fruit extracts) that work to fight aging, soothe, nourish, and rejuvenate skin. all of that goodness combines with the best of cosmetic science to create a makeup that performs impressively well.

the formula is fragrance and paraben free with spf 20 to protect. the texture reminds me a lot of make up for ever’s hd invisible cover, but without the dehydrating effects. a little goes a long way and it provides a medium, natural finish (note: not sheer) that isn’t dewy or matte and provides a nice, healthy glow. (so many foundations rob skin of its natural variation in pigmentation, i find that this keeps some of that in there so you don’t need to contour the heck out of things afterwards.) once you’re wearing it, this foundation looks better than if you had nothing on. it makes all of my flaws vanish, feels completely weightless, breathes easily and looks like skin.

this behaves much differently from my beloved cc cream, but it’s a perfect solution for days when i need something to really perform. in my eyes, it’s got a leg up over urban decay’s naked and it is definitely my new favorite.

lorac POREfection foundation, $36 >

rediscovering a few old favorites

old favorites


on sundays i do a weekly purge of the glossarie stash and archives. i move things from the “to be tested drawer” to my makeup basket, from my makeup basket to my “keep” drawer or into my donation bags. (everyone who comes over is forced to pillage and take what they wish. i’m also known to bring the bag to lunch dates and happy hours – it’s vicious.) inventory control is a major process, but i find that as i’m working through it each week, i discover new obsessions and i always find a few neglected old friends.

this week, i found four former glossarie favorites that i was so excited to rediscover. i promptly put all of them on as my face of the day, and popped them straight into the keep drawer.

stila countless color pigments in lyric, $22 – i discovered this at south moon under and it quickly became my go-to blush shade through the summer months. technically an eyeshadow, the light pink / peach combination has turned out to be a flattering cheek shade that i keep coming back to. (warning: go very light on the touch or you will look scary.)

make up for ever hd invisible cover foundation, $42nicole brought this foundation into my life nearly two years ago and it is still a favorite for photo shoot and event days. my skin just takes really well to it and i’m left with that no-makeup flawlessness that serves as the perfect canvas for the rest of my makeup. i love the perfect application and the long-wearing performance.

clinique bottom lash mascara, $10 – we’ve talked about it twice now, but i still cannot get enough of this stuff. something about that teensy brush and the gorgeous, smudge-proof formula makes it one of my all time favorites for going on three years. the look is long and fluttery, without a single missed lash. i’m partial to the black/brown shade because you can swipe it through your eyebrows in a pinch to fill things in.

soap & glory a great kisser in juicy peach, $10 – this one was found in the pages of lucky magazine and it is still a popular lip balm choice for me. it’s got a sweet peach flavor, a slight coral tint, and a tackiness to it that makes it adhere to my lips and lock in moisture. it feels amazing (hydrating, soothing), but it also makes my lips look shiny and full. and you know how much i love something that looks as good as it performs.

have you recently rediscovered an old beauty favorite?

smashbox liquid halo hd foundation

smashbox liquid halo

it’s been awhile since something truly revolutionary has come along in a foundation, so we are definitely due for a groundbreaking new launch. i believe smashbox has done it with their liduid halo hd foundation.

as a little backstory, i used the halo powder foundation for years and it truly was best in class because, hello, a hydrating powder? so innovative. but, as i’ve crept past 30, i’ve shied away from powders because i think they tend to settle and age. (plus, glowy is in and who am i to fight that?) i’m always searching for the world’s most perfect foundation, one that magically covers all of my imperfections yet still looks like i’m not wearing a drop of makeup. it hasn’t been easy to find, until now.

new halo liquid hd foundation is everything i’ve been looking for. it’s oil free, non drying, and i can wear it all day looking and feeling like i’ve got nothing on. my pesky pimples and acne scarring are completely hidden and my skin looks like it’s lit from within, yet it’s not at all shiny. i had a quick chat with the smashbox lady at nordstrom and i learned that the highly impressive results come from color pigments that are encapsulated in gel so they actually blur your imperfections while evening out skin tone and remaining virtually undetectable. just further proof that gel technology is taking the beauty world by storm.

i think what i love best about this foundation is that i’ve found something that is perfect for everyday, but high performance enough for special events and even the occasional photo shoot. it’s no longer necessary to keep extra bottles handy for different makeup scenarios and that alone is enough to make me want to buy stock in this stuff.

new smashbox liquid halo foundation spf 15 is available at sephora for $42.

my 30 second face

smashbox cc cream halo blush

it’s always good to have a 30-second face in your back pocket. one or two go-to products that you can slap on at a second’s notice and be completely presentable to the world in under a minute. the two products that comprise my hurry-up-and-get-out-the-door routine change on a regular basis, but my summer duo is pure dynamite.

smashbox’s cc cream comes in five shades and it has a whole lot going for it. for one, it’s extremely lightweight making it perfect for the lovely 90+ and sticky weather we’ve been having this week. beyond that, it completely covers my acne scars and dark spots while controlling oil (major!) and taking care of my daily spf 30. its skin-perfecting formula has serious staying power and emits a gorgeous glow. it does so much more than your average foundation, kind of killing all of the primer/foundation/setting powder birds (in a more minimal way) with one stone.

the new(isn) smashbox halo blushes are genius. a quick swirl into the freshly ground color is all i need to bring a luminous flush to my fair cheekbones. the ‘warm glow’ shade is a rosy nude that’s way better than natural and the staying power that these blushes possess makes them near waterproof (definitely summer sweat-proof) so there’s no issue with fading. i love the shade range in this group so much – perfect for warming up any skin tone, even if you’re spending as much time inside (and out of the sun) as i am this summer.

do you have a 30 second face routine? do share!

a few favorites

a few favorites

it’s been one of those weeks where the winning beauty discoveries just did not stop coming and i’ve been pulling these five products out of my beauty basket almost daily since i brought them in to the glossarie test lab.

physicians formula mineral airbrushing blush spf 30, $10.79
the perfect pink in a smooth, easy-to-wear formula that also packs spf 30. this gorgeously packaged blush is so summer-right, i can’t even stand it. (and if that doesn’t sell you, there’s the cutest ever mini kabuki brush hiding underneath the blush pan!)

topshop brow pencil, $12
i am still letting my brows grow in a bit (it’s painful) and this pencil has been a godsend. the spoolie brush is substantial enough to tame my unruly arches and the pencil formula is so creamy. it’s easy to blend and impossible to overdo.

jouer pearl lip enhancer in rose, $16
jouer’s classic lip enhancer is ultra moisturizing and these new tinted versions are just as soothing. the rose pearl shade is the ultimate glossy nude and it’s been polishing off my everyday face with just the right touch of color and shine.

21 drops 10 calm essential oil rollerball, $29
confession: i’m not the most relaxed person and i hate to fly. this essential oil saved me on a recent flight and i’ve kept it close ever since. a couple of drops in the palm of my hands, cupped over my face, and a deep breath in – all is right with the world.

dr. lewinn by kinerase instant perfecting b.b. cream, $15.97
a complete surprise, this bb cream blends beautifully and blurs away imperfections. it’s hydrating, but very lightweight and includes spf (both very important for dc’s ugly summer weather). my skin looks bright and glowy and it feels like i’ve got nothing on.

summer skin savers from cover fx

cover fx

the temperatures are rising which means it’s time for me to settle on a whole new face routine for the heat and humidity. i have historically turned to a powder foundation to keep my face matte and shine-free but in truthfulness, i love the fresh, natural finish of a liquid (i’m feeling that powders are starting to age me and look heavy). these two products from cover fx are running in strong contention to be the set that gets me through the summer.

cover fx mattifying primer with anti-acne treatment is a god-send for my problem skin! it has the same slip and shine-cancelling effects that i’ve loved in this primer and this one, but it has salicylic acid to actually treat and heal my acne while it locks down my makeup and keeps my oil glands in check. it’s completely non-irritating and it doesn’t clog my pores, but i just know it’s going to prevent the dreaded makeup slide come summer.

cover fx natural finish oil-free foundation is light and creamy, with a slight hydrating effect. i love it because it feels like a tinted moisturizer, but it’s heavy enough to cover my angriest acne spots without the need for concealer. the formula includes vitamins c and e so it actually soothes inflammation and reduces redness as you wear it and i’m left feeling like my skin is better off at the end of the day than if i wore no makeup at all. you can use your favorite foundation brush to apply and a little goes a long way, providing even, natural coverage with really long wear. i should also note that the color range in this line continues to impress me – with 24 shades, there is something for everyone.

shop cover fx at sephora >

hard candy cc correction creme

hard candy cc creme

oh, alphabet creams.

first there was the bb craze, now cc creams are on the scene, with dd creams not far behind. quietly testing bunches and bunches of them, i have mainly stayed out of the conversation because…well to be perfectly honest, i haven’t been the biggest fan. (just a little proof for you that i will never post anything on this blog that doesn’t pass my test!) my skin is just not well suited to bb creams, so i kept chugging along with my typical primer-plus-foundation routine without complaint. when hard candy contacted me about their new cc cream, i was optimistic but skeptical. when i finally got around to giving it a test last week, i was floored. i seriously cannot believe that i let this $8 wonder sit in a drawer for so long.

but first, let’s back up. what exactly is a cc cream? cc stands for color correction (or color control, or complete correction…) and cc creams claim to retain all of the skincare benefits of a beauty balm while adding more effective and natural-looking skin coverage. cc creams include spf, come in multiple shades, tending to blend better with skin tone than a bb cream, and, with a lighter texture, they leave a less oily finish while still nourishing the skin.

the hard candy cc cream comes in four shades (i’m using fair), is oil free, and includes spf 15. the texture definitely leans on liquid, so i’ve been turning the tube facing up, squeezing a little out and then using my brush to pick up the creme straight from the top of the tube. it works well because my hands don’t need to be involved and i don’t waste any product. the creme is super easy to apply, needing hardly any blending at all. my skin tone is quickly improved by a light application and i absolutely love the way that this stuff wears. my skin is left looking not too matte, not too shiny, just flawlessly natural. i find that the coverage is more than a tinted moisturizer and the wear time is so impressive that this little tube has completely replaced my primer-plus-foundation routine. needless to say i am really loving this stuff – so, providing that you can find the right shade match i am highly recommending!

shop hard candy cc correction creme ($8) >

it cosmetics ultra repair liquid oxygen foundation

it cosmetics oxygen foundation

i’m very picky about what goes on my face, because breathe on it wrong and i’m suffering a massive breakout. i’m always skeptical about foundation and i’m intensely particular about formula and what something feels like when it goes onto my skin. when it cosmetics’ new ultra repair liquid oxygen foundation arrived, i had high hopes because there is a lot of buzz about oxygen-infused products and how great they are for your skin. your skin cells (and all of your cells, really) require oxygen to metabolize and boosting the oxygen level can give you more youthful, glowing skin.

this foundation goes on the most smooth of any other that i have found. it looks and feels like second skin – absolutely weightless. your face is left looking dewy with minor imperfections completely blurred away. normally with a foundation, i love the way that it looks or i love the way that it feels on my face, but rarely both. in this case, you get the best of both worlds plus amazing skincare benefits. the formula includes hyaluronic acid to keep skin supple (especially helpful in winter), it contains anti-aging ingredients like peptides (to plump and hydrate skin), hydrolyzed collagen (to help fight fine lines and wrinkles), and niacin (which minimizes pigmentation).

i will also note that adding the ultra repair liquid oxygen foundation to my regular routine and making no other changes to my skincare, i have noticed a real difference in my skin health and clarity. it’s calmer and much more clear – improvements that i can fully attribute to oxygen. if you’re skin is picky and you’re in the market for a new foundation, this is an incredible and innovative option.

shop it cosmetics ultra repair liquid oxygen foundation ($39.95) >

almay smart shade mousse makeup

almay smart shade mousse makeup

i consider myself a bit of a foundation naysayer. i want all of my flaws masked for a perfectly poreless finish that doesn’t look like i’m wearing makeup. oh, and i also don’t want to feel like i’m wearing makeup. it’s a constant struggle.

i’ve loved the almay line for a long time. it’s always touted by my derm as the best possible makeup brand for sensitive and breakout-prone skin. so, when i was flipping through instyle a couple of months ago and saw the new almay foundation teased, i waited patiently for it to hit drugstore shelves. after scooping it up at target a couple of weeks ago, we have become fast friends.

i’m always leery about shade matching makeup (it’s good in theory, but for some reason it never works out quite right) but the 100 shade (light) has been doing a bang-up job of matching my skin tone more perfectly than most foundations. there are four shades in this lineup, so i’m not going to be so bold as to say that there’s something for everyone but i’m definitely impressed with the match on me. this stuff is light as air, yet heavy on coverage, and it somehow goes on to feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. it gives my skin a smooth, even appearance that has been working as a great base for a variety of makeup looks without looking cakey.

there are a couple of caveats, though. the first is that since the mousse goes on white and then “transforms” into your ideal shade, it can be very easy to overdo it on coverage. i got the hang of it after one application though, and it’s been a breeze since then. second, you’ll find that the finish on this is almost powdery which leads me to believe that it might not be so friendly to those with drier skin. the rest of you light-handed, combination-oily gals will definitely enjoy the silky texture and flawless finish with a drugstore price tag.

shop almay smart shade mousse makeup ($11.89) >