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it’s been a bit since something truly great came along in the brow category. historically, it’s been all about powders, pencils, even pens, but brands have just kind of reinvented the wheel over and over – and to be fair, i never feel like my filled-in brows look natural!

well say goodbye to blah brows, because benefit is making waves with their new gimme brow. as far as i know, this brush-on fiber gel is the first of its kind. going far beyond just taming things and keeping hairs in place, the pigmented product actually gives the very real illusion of thicker brows. it darkens the sparse spots in a natural, buildable way and it’s so fast and easy to use. the brush is impossibly tiny so you can’t really screw up and the formula is sweat proof and long wearing.

i am kind of shocked by how much of an impact this tiny tube makes on my arches. it’s such a cinch (no more feathering in individual hairs with a pencil) and the finished results are going to draw major attention to your beautiful eyes. the product comes in two shades for brunettes, blondes, and in-betweens.

bring on the brows!

benefit gimme brow ($22) >


a few favorites

a few favorites

it’s been one of those weeks where the winning beauty discoveries just did not stop coming and i’ve been pulling these five products out of my beauty basket almost daily since i brought them in to the glossarie test lab.

physicians formula mineral airbrushing blush spf 30, $10.79
the perfect pink in a smooth, easy-to-wear formula that also packs spf 30. this gorgeously packaged blush is so summer-right, i can’t even stand it. (and if that doesn’t sell you, there’s the cutest ever mini kabuki brush hiding underneath the blush pan!)

topshop brow pencil, $12
i am still letting my brows grow in a bit (it’s painful) and this pencil has been a godsend. the spoolie brush is substantial enough to tame my unruly arches and the pencil formula is so creamy. it’s easy to blend and impossible to overdo.

jouer pearl lip enhancer in rose, $16
jouer’s classic lip enhancer is ultra moisturizing and these new tinted versions are just as soothing. the rose pearl shade is the ultimate glossy nude and it’s been polishing off my everyday face with just the right touch of color and shine.

21 drops 10 calm essential oil rollerball, $29
confession: i’m not the most relaxed person and i hate to fly. this essential oil saved me on a recent flight and i’ve kept it close ever since. a couple of drops in the palm of my hands, cupped over my face, and a deep breath in – all is right with the world.

dr. lewinn by kinerase instant perfecting b.b. cream, $15.97
a complete surprise, this bb cream blends beautifully and blurs away imperfections. it’s hydrating, but very lightweight and includes spf (both very important for dc’s ugly summer weather). my skin looks bright and glowy and it feels like i’ve got nothing on.

anastasia brow wiz


image via the fashion spot

last week i was in sephora, staring at the anastasia section all forlorn when a product consultant asked me if i needed help with my brows. “YES!” i think i shouted. “you-see-i’m-trying-to-grow-them-out-a-bit-but-there’s-all-these-holes-and-i-try-to-fill-them-in-but-then-they-look-too-dark…” she laughed and sat me down for a little lesson in arch support.

i had been looking at the anastasia brow powder duos which she quickly steered me away from. she put brow wiz in medium ash into my hand and walked me through how to properly fill in my brows. first, she told me that you have much more control with a skinny pencil than you do with a powder and a brush. this was music to my ears, because i have been frustrated by the unnatural look that i’m left with when using brow powder.

she taught me how to use diagonal strokes to fill in all of my brows, using the way that they naturally grow as a guide and going all the way down the tail, then brushing them out to blend a little. the results were gorgeous and the compliments have been pouring in. my previous mistakes had been 1) using a brow powder that was too dark for me and 2) not filling them in completely so i was left with this crazy uneven mess.

if you want to take spring’s bold brow trend for a spin but yours could stand to be whipped in to shape, the anastasia brow wiz pencil is going to be your new best friend. the application is smooth and easy, just stay inside the lines of your natural arch and you’ll be golden.

shop anastasia brow wiz ($21) >

boom boom brow bar ‘boostier’ powder


i love lines that do one thing really well. focused, specialty brands never fail to impress me and a great example of one that has wowed me time after time is boom boom brow bar. they do brows exceptionally well and as an admitted brow addict, they have a big fan in me.

the latest boom boom product to come across my desk is their brow boostier poweder. the itty bitty pot of powder comes with its own brush to make filling in your brows a cinch. the formula is mineral-based, hypoallergenic, free of fragrance, oil, talc, dyes, and fillers. i use it to extend the life of my wax jobs, giving my brows the illusion of a shapely arch when they’re really an ingrown hot mess. the results are natural and the color match (bette for me) is what makes this such a perfect solution.

if your brows need a boost, pick up boom boom’s boostier powder for $20.

brow power

brow power


five of the top tools helping me to keep my eyebrows looking lovely (left to right):

shape: elf brow comb brush, $1
whips things right into shape, if i do nothing else
after washing my face, i brush my brows.

pluck: tweezerman cynthia rowley slant tweezer, $25
crazy for this collaboration! the print is too good
and the tweezers are reliably precise – as always.

highlight: boom boom brow bar push-up brow, $18
one side matte, one sparkly – two ways to amp up your
arches depending on your mood or agenda.

tame: tweezerman browmousse, $10
locks down the unruly hairs.
long lasting, no flakes or stickiness, an old standby.

define: tweezerman eyehance, $20
the *best* brow pencil.
a super natural shade fills everything in flawlessly.

are you as brow obsessed as me? do share your favorite tricks and tools!

this or that: double-ended brows

this or that: double-ended brows

my brows are moody. i find that they need different things on different days. some mornings i can get by with a quick swipe of brow gel to tame a few unrulies and some mornings they are mostly well-behaved, but a few sparse spots need filling in. of course there are the days when they need both (little brats) and instead of stocking two brow products in my beauty bag, i save precious real estate with one of these brow duos. they each boast a tinted, soft-hold gel with spoolie brush and an angled waterproof pencil for definition – a bratty brow owner’s saving grace.

top: smashbox brow tech to go, $26

bottom: pixi beauty natural brow duo, $18

revitalash spotlight highlighting pencil

it’s a pretty gloomy day here in va, so i thought i’d share one of my favorite pick-me-up products! on days like today, when i need an extra boost, i like to highlight my brow bones to detract from shadows lurking elsewhere. a swipe of this chubby champagne stick from revitalash under my arches adds dimension to my shadow job, hides stray hairs, and really perks things up.

but i know you’re probably thinking, there’s dozens of highlighting pencils on the market, so what makes this one so special?

for starters, it’s less of a pencil and more of a crayon. i love the super thick line that it draws on – it’s the absolute perfect width for amping up your arches. secondly, the color really separates it from the pack. far too many brow highlighting pencils are too light in color, making them look harsh and unnatural on your face. this little beauty boasts a more subtle tone, almost a sandy buff or beige, so that it blends perfectly while still giving you a burst of illumination.

the revitalash spotlight highlighting pencil is available here for $24.

it cosmetics brow power universal eyebrow pencil

my brows have been getting a lot of love lately and as much as i’d like to take credit for their homegrown goodness, i really can’t. you see, i’ve made friends with it cosmetics universal brow pencil and it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to my face. on one end, the spoolie brush calms things down, and on the other, the perfectly shaded brow pencil, amps things up by filling in the sparse bits. for a girl who has tried tinted gels, threading, and waxes galore, this pencil is a home run. i’m loving the way the color enhances my arches without darkening them and i never realized how much a well-defined brow transforms my whole expression.

to experience brow euphoria for yourself, pick up it cosmetics universal brow pencil for $24 at

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shades of spring

i am obsessing over victoria justice’s gorgeous spring hair and makeup here. her lavender lids are so on trend and i love that she paired a poppy pink cheek with a bright pink lip without looking clownish. her natural, pretty arches and what i can only pray are false lashes (no one is that lucky, right?) are completely stunning and that soft, slightly messy updo is the perfect finishing touch.

want to recreate victoria’s pretty on your own? see my list of suggested products below.

arch support

the heat has been wicked and i’ve been going sans makeup more days than not. for me, the no makeup look means moisturizer, a swipe of gloss, and brows that are filled in and perfectly set in their place. the sweat-proof, holy grail in the arch department has been smashbox’s brow tech trio. each tiny pot has two shades of brow powder to ensure a perfect match and the company’s best-selling wax that grooms, defines, and seals the deal. i use anastasia’s mini duo brush to complete the whole thing but if all of that product is too fussy for you, smashbox has packaged everything you need into one handy pencil – brow tech to go (below). now you and your brows are ready to go beat the heat!