day to night: lip balm

day to night: lip balm

’tis suddenly the season for hand cream and lip balm. there’s only a slight chill in the air and it seems that my lips are instantly void of all moisture. thank goodness that each season there is always a bounty of fresh options in the lip balm department. for fall, i have embraced the high-low strategy and invested in a duo that is keeping things in check.

during the day, i reach for yes to’s new naturally smooth lip balm in grapefruit. it’s light and moisturizing in an energizing flavor with ingredients like aloe, cocoa butter and shea butter that bring major bang for the buck to this $3 option. i love the sleek oval shape that fits everywhere (even in my wallet) without bulking things up and makes it extra easy to apply.

before bed, i slather on marc jacobs’ lip lock moisture balm. it’s rich and buttery, instantly soothing my lips after i wash and tone my face (which always leaves them dry). it feels indulgent at the end of a long day and i swear that it’s made an impact on my lips’ moisture levels. while it’s not the cheapest, you definitely get what you pay for – including ultra chic packaging.

what’s keeping your lips hydrated, from day to night?


day to night: dark circles

day to night: dark circles

i don’t know what is happening to me, but i have developed a crop of dark circles. they’re not so terrible, but definitely noticeable and it’s a minor imperfection, but certainly something that makes me look much less polished and put together than i feel. i’ve taken to fighting them day and night with a one-two punch of treatment and concealer, a combination that provides 24-hour moisture.

during the day, i cover them up with benefit’s new fake up, an ultra hydrating under eye concealer in stick form. the formula blends seamlessly, covers completely, and does not crease or wander. even though i’m pretty fair, the medium shade conceals my dark circles better than the light version, which was a surprise to me. it’s refreshing to swipe on in the mornings and it doesn’t cake or settle, keeping my under-eye area looking bright all day long.

at night, i’m hooked on yes to grapefruit dark circle correcting eye cream. it’s creamy and non-greasy and one application will have you instantly feeling its nourishing effects. after a long day, it’s a soothing addition to my bedtime routine and it provides an instant boost of moisture to the under-eye area. i can’t tout any miracle capabilities in the disappearance of dark circles, but i do think that the skin under my eyes looks a touch brighter and my dark circles and puffiness are definitely held at a minimum the morning after a healthy dose.

how do you fight dark circles?

day to night: simple skincare

day to night: simple skincare


i’m forever searching for the perfect day moisturizer – one that will give me a religious experience. in short, i want one that is light but nourishing, hydrating and doesn’t feel heavy or tacky on my skin. i try a lot of moisturizers and what lets most of the front runners down is their lack of spf. when i hop out of the shower, my skin quickly starts to feel tight so i need a face lotion that’s going to soak in and soothe, right off the bat. from there, i need a formula that is fragrance-free, without anything that might irritate my skin and it has to be oil free (i mean, my pores clog if you look at them the wrong way). simple has nailed their protecting light moisturizer formula meeting all of the preceding criteria with the addition of spf.

at night, i’ve found that added moisture keeps my skin very happy – especially when i’m traveling. the vital vitamin night cream is super hydrating without being heavy. it soaks in all the way, leaving nothing sitting on my skin and brings a softness that i love, love, love. vitamin e improves my skin while i sleep, and the ingredients work together to bring balance after a long day. in the morning, my skin is soothed and stress-free – totally ready to face the day.

this duo has far exceeded by expectations! do you have any simple products in your day-to-night routine?

this post was created in connection with my appointment as an ambassador in the simple® skincare program.

day to night: lip care

day to night: lip care

it is chilly outside! and i swear the first part of my body to feel the effects of the winter change is my lips. every season i can tell when the humidity is leaving town and colder days are on the way…brrr. i would love to know how some of you deal with the perma-chapped lips that come with winter, because the only way that i can seem to manage is with a super soothing one-two punch. i have needs beyond lip balm and chapstick. after washing my face in the morning and slathering on moisture, i’ve been using dhc’s lip cream for long-lasting hydration. oilive oil and vitamin e make this stick really luscious and wash my lips in smoothness before i layer on the day’s lip color. at night, i keep reaching for murad’s soothing skin and lip care to encourage healing whilst i get my beauty rest and it even exfoliates the dry damaged spots – it works wonders, i’m telling you. both products have drastically improved the look and feel of my lips and i’m really hoping that their combined magic continues as the weather gets colder.

do give your lips a little extra love this time of year?

day to night: lip and eye palettes

day to night: lip and eye palettes

i love these new limited edition palettes from bobbi brown for holiday. they’re perfectly petite (palm-sized) and expertly edited to include three eye shadows (each with one that doubles as a liner), two lip colors (one safe, one sassy) and a gloss for the ultimate finishing touch. bobbi has dubbed uber nude as your timeless look for monday-sunday while atomic pink is fresh and fun, a bit more evening in my opinion. both are slight enough to slip into your work bag or the min-est of minaudieres. and whether you opt to give these cute compacts as gifts or keep them for yourself, the $30 pricetag is sure to please everybeauty.

the limited edition eye palettes will be available this november as part of bobbi brown’s holiday collection.

day to night: eye treatments

the husband and i had ourselves a little evening last night. ’tis the year for our group of friends to be turning 30 and sometimes that calls for a booze cruise on a wednesday. unfortunately, my body is far too quick to remind me that drinking something called a shark bite and staying out way past my bedtime comes with serious repercussions – especially, in the puffy eye department. thankfully, i’m armed and ready to combat the signs of drinking (er, aging) with this pretty pair.

day to night eye creams

ole henriksen’s new ultimate lift eye gel roll on is instant refreshment in the mornings. on days like today when i could use an extra boost (like large dunkin’ donuts iced coffee boost), it’s a total life saver. i keep it in my makeup basket and after hopping out the shower and slathering on my moisturizer, i roll two reverse “c’s” on to each eye. starting in the inner corner, i make sure to get underneath my eye really good, then i roll it up and over my brow bone. it makes a noticeable difference fast. the cooling roller boll is like the old back of a cold spoon trick, but far better. in short, perk is up, puff is down, and the general public is none the wiser to my wednesday night shenanigans.

in the evening’s clinique’s all about eyes has made a permanent home on my bedside table. i used to consider it the training wheels of eye creams because it really covers the basics without the addition of any harsh chemicals my skin doesn’t need yet (knock on wood – stay away wrinkles!). an eye cream can make a major impact in your skincare routine, however, so i’m fully faithful to a nightly application. this stuff is light, yet soothing, the consistency falling somewhere between a gel and a serum and i find that it tightens, brightens, and hydrates with the best of ’em.

day to night: lips with bobbi brown

something about summer’s wicked heat really makes me pare down my makeup routine. i can’t wear a heavy, matte lip color in the humidity or even the opaque gloss that never left my lips all winter. this summer, my mouth is all about bobbi brown and i’ve found the two perfect formulas to keep me looking lovely ’round the clock.

day to night lips with bobbi brown

bobbi’s treatment lip shine spf 15 in peach sorbet is my new go-to daytime lip color. the formula is light and moisturizing, depositing just the right kiss of color with ultimate softness. peach sorbet compliments my bronzer and warms up my face in a subtle way and spf 15 keeps my lips protected from the summer sun.

for evenings, bobbi’s lip gloss from her neons and nudes and collection really hits the spot. cosmic pink is my shade of choice and i love the sheer punch of neon color that it delivers. you get a lot of shine without a lot of product and it’s mint-scented. all in all, i find it fresh, light, and non sticky – everything you want in a summer gloss. it goes with everything and won’t wear off while you’re sipping margaritas. so if you’re looking for an intensified tint of pink to don your lips in the warmer months, this is your gloss.

what’s on your lips this summer?