mane message ‘the macaron’ package

mane message macaron package

olivia never fails to keep things fresh and oh-so-pretty with every passing season. i don’t know how she got inside my mind, but her latest selection of signature hair ties features my most favorite color combination of the moment: blush, aqua, navy, and gold. (for those interested in that sort of thing, this is the exact palette that i plan to use in our nursery! we find out gender tomorrow, so the inclusion of blush is technically tbd…) i love the gold foil polka dot print on cream and i just know that’s going to make the sweetest addition to my anna beck arm party this spring, whenever it’s not pulling back my pony. (anna beck, who you will also notice is a fan of navy, aqua, and blush!)

if you haven’t added these soft and stretchy hair ties-slash-boho-bracelets to your regime yet, i can’t think of a better time to get on board. (and if silver’s more your style, well she’s got you covered there, too.)

mane message ‘the macaron’ package, $11.50 >

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