sephora upside down mascara

sephora upside down mascara

sometimes i feel like mascara wands have all of the fun. we’ve certainly seen our fair share of innovative shapes and designs in this department, but this new double-brush from sephora may just take the cake. there was no way that i was going to let something this crazy looking pass me by without giving it a test, more out of curiosity than expecting any earth-shattering results.

here’s the deal: sephora’s new upside down mascara features a double brush that promises length, curl, volume, and definition. (those are some real bold claims, sephora!) you can use this contraption many ways, which makes it kind of fun. 1) place lashes in a clamp between each brush to coat the tops and bottoms in thick, black pigment

sephora upside down mascara closed

2) hold the “v” closed and use both brushes in line together to fully coat each lash, kind of like how you would use a regular mascara wand, but this version is on steroids

sephora upside down mascara open

3) open the “v” and use each brush individually on top and/or bottom lashes (or use them to layer) to really customize and maximize the effect.

once you get the hang of opening and closing the brush to create various looks and you figure out how to minimize clumping (i say, just keep a lash comb handy – the end results are worth the clumps), the possibilities here are pretty endless. i like the idea of this “all in one” mascara and you really can create day or evening lash options delivering length or volume (or both!), depending on your preferences. i will say that this formula is a bit on the heavy side, but that’s what delivers the drama. i find that i have to really let it dry in-between coats and it did smudge a tiny bit on me. (note: i have the wateriest eyes on the planet, so don’t judge it too harshly.)

all in all, i’m calling this one a win for innovation and for impressive results. beauty buffs will have a lot of fun experimenting with the wand and your lashes will definitely display the fruits of your labor if you’re willing to give it a go.

sephora upside down mascara, $22 >

8 thoughts on “sephora upside down mascara

  1. Wow! That’s crazy. I might need to give this a try. I’ve been loyal to Benefit’s They’re Real for a while now. Itching to try something new.


    • they’re real worked on me for awhile, but then i bought a second tube and i feel like it didn’t do the trick anymore. it still has such a loyal following, so something must be winning with that formula!


    • it’s definitely new and innovative – the effort won’t be for everyone, but the resulting lashes are very impressive if you can take the time.


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  3. A formula that is clumpy and a bit on the heavy side, sounds like it’s a pain to use costs $22 but despite all that on top of it smudging on you, you STILL recommend it (with an affiliate link I guess I could sort of see why)?! There are so many better mascaras out there why would you bother using this one?


    • all good questions! i like to review groundbreaking products like these for my readers and you can never fault me for being honest – i shared my experience as candidly as i could, and yup! i do still believe that the resulting lashes are impressive enough to warrant a recommendation (with a few caveats).


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