ag bb cream

ag bb cream

i really can’t stress the importance of a good hair day highly enough – even for those of you whose bodies are not expanding at all angles from the neck down as you create a miracle, but definitely for those of you whose are. for a boost of confidence, i got myself a shiny new haircut a couple of weeks ago and in line with tradition, i hated it for twelve to twenty four hours before i fell in love. the love can probably be most directly attributed to my talented stylist but i’m thinking that it also has a little something to do with a new styling product from ag.

ag’s bb cream is truly multifunctional. the texture is light, like a lotion and in all of that lightness is some serious power. not only does it moisturize and smooth, but it also thickens while protecting against ferocious damage from my heat tools. on a deeper level it protects my natural color from brassiness, provides a shield of care including anti-aging, anti-humidity (not an issue at the moment – thanks, polar vortex), and uv rays all while maintaining my style longer between shampoos.

it’s that last point that really has me singing, because not only do i love my style after it’s been freshly shampoo’d but on the second day? it looks really super gorgeous! no dry shampoo needed. this is a major time saver and it’s really just tricking me into thinking that i have naturally great hair. (i don’t. it’s the product.)

this stuff is so good that i’m prescribing it for anyone with hair. (that would be you.)

ag bb cream total benefit hair primer, $26 >


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