morphe deluxe buffer brush

morphe deluxe buffer brush

everyone has their druthers when it comes to foundation application: fingers, sponge, flat brush, etc. – and i happen to be a fan of the big, fluffy brush. this version from morphe is near perfection. for one, the size is generous but not too big (you’ve still got to be able to get into those eye corners and nose crevices after all). the bristles are the right combination of sturdy, but soft so that it applies foundations seamlessly and at the same time doesn’t irritate. (side poll: have you ever touched a makeup brush to your skin and it just plain hurts? i hate that!) i just love the way that this brush buffs and blends color right onto my face, making it look like second skin. i was so happy to find that for a lesser known brand, the quality here is very high, with not a single hair going astray (my biggest brush gripe!) and a price point that simply cannot be beat. if you’re in the market for a new way to apply your favorite face base, take a look at morphe – i think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

morphe deluxe buffer brush, $13.95 >


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