urban outfitters petal perfume oil

urban outfitters petal perfume oil

every once in awhile, something really takes my breath away. such is the case with this rose petal, peony and bergamot perfume oil from urban outfitters. this is one of the most gorgeously luxe and elegant fragrances that i have sniffed of late, but at the same time it’s insanely wearable and casual enough for everyday. the blend of florals (including freesia, along with two different roses and peony), fruity bergamot and woodsy musk combine for an addictive experience that keeps me coming back for more. the scent is refreshingly pure and light, kind of like what you wish your hair products left you smelling like without the need for extra fragrance. it’s pretty, and easy.

beyond the notes themselves, i have to talk about the packaging. for one, this bottle is huge. at nearly one full ounce, it generously fills my hand (for comparison, most rollerballs are .17 to .24oz) and i love that you can see real rosebuds floating in the perfume oil. the whole thing is just beautiful and exactly the hip and stylish kind of chic you would anticipate from urban outfitters.

you might expect that a perfume oil of this unique caliber would sell for department store dollars, but just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, i’m going to tell you that this chunky glass vial goes for a jaw-dropping eighteen dollars. (that’s less than a designer rollerball at sephora, gals.)

i’m calling it case closed on the search for my spring fragrance – who’s with me?

urban outfitters petal perfume oil, $18 >


5 thoughts on “urban outfitters petal perfume oil

  1. Zomg. I went to urban today just to browse around… Then i saw this little thing and hot damn… I was hooked. I kept on sniffing my wrist and couldn’t help but buy one roller. It’s so sweet yet fresh and not overpowering. And the price is totally reasonable. I love perfumes from anthropologie but they are too pricey at times. I hope they keep this line. I might have to buy another roll just in case ;)


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