dove advanced care deodorant

dove advanced care

we don’t talk about our underarms nearly enough here in the glossarie, and i’m starting to think that maybe that should change.

aside from thinking arm pits are just kind of gross in general, i never felt all that confident about mine (fair skin, dark spots from shaving, not cute). i suppose it’s not normally an area that’s on display, but when you love to throw your hands up on a dance floor or if you’re a yoga-mat regular (hello, warrior one), you get what i’m saying.

i never gave much thought to what i was applying to my ‘pits – i just purchased dove’s sensitive skin option on repeat after experiencing a major underarm skin reaction a few years ago. (ever have one of those? it is not. fun.) it didn’t dawn on me that the skin under my arms might actually require some tender loving care until i tried dove’s clear tone deodorant this fall. suddenly, the dark spots that i thought were just a fact of life actually started to fade – and fast. i didn’t experience any rash’like reactions with the switch and i still enjoyed the fresh and dry feeling that i love from dove. i was hooked.

then recently, i discovered dove’s newest release: advanced care
which ups the ante even further with its major moisturizing benefits. using this formula regularly has completely changed the skin underneath of my arms, and alternating it with my clear tone means that my ‘pits are looking the best they ever have.

it may be a small accomplishment and certainly not the most glamorous post the glossarie has ever seen, but i certainly know that i’ll be appreciative of this improvement come tank weather!

(ok, i promise we can go back to not talking about arm pits, now.)

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