sam villa e-t.c. light hair dryer

sam villa e-t.c. light hair dryer

i’m going to level with you beauties.

until right before christmas, i had been using the same hair dryer that i took with me to my freshman year of college. that’s a solid 14 year relationship we are talking about here, and longer than i have known my husband. i loved that thing so much that i traveled with it everywhere, because in my eyes it far surpassed any and all hotel hair dryers or those at my friends’ houses. things were serious.

fast forward to december 2013 and sam villa’s e-t.c. light appears on my doorstep. i was hesitant, but also ready for a change, vowing to take my hair and skincare more seriously in the new year, even if that requires upping my financial investment. the box boasted all things that i was looking for: ultra lightweight, maximum airflow, ceramic tourmaline (translation: better for your hair), even whisper quiet – i was ready to give it a try.

after one (lightning fast!) blow dry, i was hooked. this thing weighs half as much as my previous model, dries my hair twice as fast and leaves it smooth, soft, and shiny. most importantly, it is visibly less dry and damaged, with more fluff and volume than ever before. without a doubt this blow dryer has made my hair healthier and given me back valuable minutes previously lost to my morning routine. needless to say, i quickly parted ways with my prehistoric blow dryer from the year 2000 and made some room in the vanity for this shiny new toy.

my love for this hair dryer has even been endorsed by a stylist friend who says it is the absolute best there is!

now, knowing that this wonderful tool isn’t cheap and knowing that my dear glossarie friends would be interested in procuring one for themselves, i worked with sam villa to create a 20% discount for my readers. using the code GLOSS, you can get 20% off your entire order at sam villa on top of a current february promotion that they are running which brings the cost of the e-t.c down to $135.96 (from $199.99).

i’m not saying that this hair dryer will change your life (ok, i am), but i will wager that it could very potentially be the last one that you ever buy.

sam villa e-t.c. light hair dryer, $135.96 (after using code GLOSS) >


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