bite agave lip mask

bite agave lip mask

this time of year, i cannot survive without this overnight mask. it sinks into skin, replenishing moisture lost to freezing temperatures and best of all, it does not need to be washed off. it’s a lifesaver to say the least, but i have often felt that my lips are a bit left out in the cold – until now.

this past week in nyc, i popped into the bite lip lab to see what the fuss is all about.** to say that i am a huge fan of this brand would be an understatement. they only do lips and they do them damn well, with a run of colors and formulas to suit every pair of lips on the planet.

at my visit, i walked away with bite’s newest product release, their agave lip mask. the manager, melissa, told me to put it on before bed and leave it on overnight for soft lips that will last all day – and that’s exactly what happened. the beauty of this mask is that it eliminates the dead skin that can make your lip color look terrible and it plumps up fine lines so that things wear smoother, and longer. out of the tube it’s extra thick, but it melts onto lips (with a simple and sweet taste) and feels very hydrating. for a boost, try applying this after you’ve applied a lip scrub. you’ll find yourself using less lip balm on the following day since it helps lips to stay moisturized. amazing! this product is innovative and luxurious, and so necessary while we weather this wicked winter.

bite beauty agave lip mask, $26 >

**note: the fuss is underplayed! this place allows you to create a custom lipstick, from designing the perfect shade to layering in your favorite scent, then watching it be poured, molded, and packaged into a one-of-a-kind lip just for you. i’m hoping to review this process for you soon!


6 thoughts on “bite agave lip mask

    • i don’t find the packaging that bad, but the reviews are FULL of complaints! hoping to visit the lip lab again this weekend for the custom lip experience :)


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