bubblegum tips

2014-02-01 16.06.03

katy perry wore the sweetest candy pink manicure to the grammys and i haven’t been able to get it out of my head. rumor has it that her nail artist layered covergirl outlast natural blush over forever fawn to do the job. i fell in love with its understated elegance that went perfectly with her frothy valentino music gown.

i recreated the look (correction: the fine people at mani nails on w 37th in nyc recreated the look) with a bit more punch using essie chastity. i struggled to find the right pink, but once i landed on chastity’s pure cotton candy goodness, i knew it was the right call.

my pink katy perry-inspired nails are making me so happy this morning, even as it dumps snow on all of new york, and even after i had to break my cardinal rule of not entering macy’s herald square under any circumstances last night (to buy snow boots – ugh).

wishing you a fab monday, beauties! also – just for fun – what’s on your nails?


13 thoughts on “bubblegum tips

  1. For my nails I usually keep it simple and love Essie’s Mademoiselle. It looks clean and polished. But I do love to wear a great red every so often.


    • so glad you agree! the flagship macy’s just tends to be a spectacle – but i will say that i had a pretty streamlined experience, so maybe i will change my tune :)


    • i’m sorry i missed you in nyc! i *try* not to shop too much when i’m there, but i usually can’t resist the sale room at anthro in rockefeller center (followed by a magnolia cupcake) :)


      • hehe i’m pleased they opened more locations of magnolia in the last few years. in any event, i was pretty restrained too. At some point, we will have to meet if we’re ever in the same place at the same time hehe!


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