lorac POREfection foundation


with foundations, it seems that i either run the risk of not getting enough coverage (thus looking washed out and sick) or wearing something so heavy and mask-like that it looks like stage makeup. aside from that, i can pretty much tell on contact how my skin will react to something and the last several that i’ve tested have broken me out like whoa. super frustrating.

so when i heard that lorac was releasing a new foundation that was ideal for those of us suffering from acne, redness, and sensitivity and who also want something anti-aging, i could not get my hands on it fast enough.

lorac POREfection foundation has a perfect combination of natural antioxidants (vitamins a and e, olive leaf, lemon and papaya fruit extracts) that work to fight aging, soothe, nourish, and rejuvenate skin. all of that goodness combines with the best of cosmetic science to create a makeup that performs impressively well.

the formula is fragrance and paraben free with spf 20 to protect. the texture reminds me a lot of make up for ever’s hd invisible cover, but without the dehydrating effects. a little goes a long way and it provides a medium, natural finish (note: not sheer) that isn’t dewy or matte and provides a nice, healthy glow. (so many foundations rob skin of its natural variation in pigmentation, i find that this keeps some of that in there so you don’t need to contour the heck out of things afterwards.) once you’re wearing it, this foundation looks better than if you had nothing on. it makes all of my flaws vanish, feels completely weightless, breathes easily and looks like skin.

this behaves much differently from my beloved cc cream, but it’s a perfect solution for days when i need something to really perform. in my eyes, it’s got a leg up over urban decay’s naked and it is definitely my new favorite.

lorac POREfection foundation, $36 >


6 thoughts on “lorac POREfection foundation

  1. This sounds perfect for me, too! Where did you pick it up? I see Sephora doesn’t carry it. I’d rather test out the colors in person than buy it online.


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