benefit bathina body oil mist

benefit bathina body oil mist

i don’t know what it’s doing where you beauties are today, but it is absolutely dumping snow in the suburbs of our nation’s capital. it’s been coming down pretty heavy since about 8:30 am with no sign of stopping until late this evening. the view from my window is white, white, white and let’s just say that i’m not braving the cold anytime soon!

on a day like today, my skin is dry as a bone and all i can think about is dunking my entire body into something super hydrating. that being said, i am the worst when it comes to applying body lotion. it’s right up there with waiting for my nails to dry, i just really hate the process. miss maggie had the opportunity to test benefit’s bathina bath oil recently and i’m so sold by her experience that it’s got me running out to buy a bottle of my own!

here’s what she has to say:

“benefit’s bath oil mist is truly a luxurious post-shower treat that feels much more special than your average body lotion. this version is a delightfully perfumed mist and it leaves me feeling moisturized all day. it soaks immediately into skin (i will warn you: use a light touch to avoid feeling greasy) and stays there. i absolutely love how i get whiffs of the scent hours after using it – which makes me feel like i just left the spa.”

have you tried the body oil trend?

benefit bathina body oil mist, $34 >


4 thoughts on “benefit bathina body oil mist

  1. The bottle looks adorable!
    If I’m not mistaken, the Bathina body products are scented in same as Maybe Baby fragrance, which I am quite fond of. The oil form sounds even better since this particular scent is prettier when it’s close to skin. :)


  2. I remember several years back there was a body cream that was part of the Bathina collection called “Touch Me Then Try To Leave”. It was scented the same as the Maybe Baby fragrance if I remember but all I know is it was heavenly. When this cream was applied after a shower or after shaving your legs, your skin literally felt like silk and the very clean scent was perfect. Benefit must have discontinued it and I really don’t know why because it was the best body cream I ever haver used to this day. I hope they bring this back someday but in the meantime I am going to give this oil a try.


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