vocé haircare

Voce Lift It Shampoo

my hair regimen has needed a change for the longest. for what seems like months, i have been testing things from the drugstore to the salon with very little to show by way of results. i’m just so underwhelmed by the options out there and was beginning to give up hope when an email from the vocé team landed in my inbox. this brand-new-to-me line intrigued me with its simple, clean packaging and a promise of user-friendly products that deliver professional results.

i’ve been consistently using the lift it shampoo and lift it conditioner for the last couple of weeks and i’m noticing a serious difference in my hair’s behavior. for one, i’m growing it out which always presents problems, but the vocé line has kept it looking better than ever with a lifted volume that easily lasts for two days. the shampoo gives a nice lather but does not strip my hair, and the lightweight conditioner is the exact right amount of moisture for my thinnish strands. neither product leaves my hair flat or limp and for someone who is ashamed to tell you how long it’s been since she’s had a haircut, my ends look shockingly healthy.

along with the in-shower duo, i’ve been rotating two styling products: smooth me cream and volume mist. the styling cream is lightweight, yet ultra nourishing thanks to the addition of argan oil – which as an added bonus, leaves my hands insanely smooth. it’s the perfect precursor to my blow-dry and flat iron routine as it works to reduce frizz and smooth things out, leaving a touch of extra shine. the volume mist features collagen and delivers major non-sticky fullness. it doesn’t dry things out like other volumizers and the addition of some botanical extracts help to strengthen my fine hair and protect from heat damage – these two things give it a big leg up over its counterparts.

all in all, i am super impressed with this lineup and it has kicked all other haircare products  out of my shower and off of my vanity. the results from these four workhorses are so good that it has definitely set a new standard of quality when it comes to what i will let touch my hair. if you need a change and you’re up for paying salon prices, i think you’ll be blown away by what you find from vocé.

the entire vocé haircare line is available online at dermstore.


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