clearasil daily clear superfruit cleansers #wintheday

clearasil daily clear superfruit

i don’t talk much about my day job here in the glossarie, but the truth is that i have a really fun one. i manage the mid-atlantic territories for hobo handbags and anna beck jewelry – two of the best and most gorgeous accessory brands on the planet. my job is all sales, 100% commission, very independent, and while i wouldn’t trade it for anything, it can certainly be a roller coaster.

the most intense part of accessory sales account management is the fashion trade shows. i travel to nyc seven times a year for big trade shows where you will find everyone from your favorite major denim lines and big brands like rebecca minkoff, all the way to talented handmade jewelry designers who are just starting out. the shows are crawling with buyers from the big guys like nordstrom and zappos to the owners of your sweet neighborhood boutiques, all making their buys for the upcoming season.

needless to say, the days are long and i have to be on my A game. that means well rested, high energy, sparkling attitude, and of course i have to look presentable. for me, i can pull together a comfy chic outfit fairly easily. i worry less about my fashion when i travel and more about my skin’s behavior – because the second i leave the comfort of my own home, it always falls apart.

this trip, i was armed with clearasil’s new line of daily clear cleansers and man has the line changed and evolved for the better since the last time i gave it a try (circa 1998). the new products are sophisticated and gentle with 1% salicylic acid (enough to be effective on a daily, preventive basis, but not enough to tear your face up like you might remember). these cleansers tackle the blemishes that you have fast and prevent new ones while improving skin’s radiance, thanks to raspberry and cranberry extracts. as an added bonus, these smell so-o good and there’s no question that perfect skin helps me #wintheday.

i am so impressed with how the brand has reinvented itself and created products appropriate for adult acne sufferers like me. if you want to give this new generation of products a try (the exfoliating pads are a must!), clearasil is running an amazing free rebate offer on the daily clear superfruit collection. anyone can take advantage and clear skin awaits!

*special thanks to refinery29 and clearasil for sponsoring this post and thank you for supporting the brands that make the glossarie possible.


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