mario badescu herbal hydrating serum

mario badescu herbal hydrating serum

i’m in nyc this week, land of life threatening wind chill. i can’t remember the last time i saw a single digit reading on the thermometer and those kind of elements do not do nice things to my sensitive virginia skin. thankfully, i thought to pack my new winter obsession for this trip into the polar vortex: mario badescu herbal hydrating serum.

i’m not the biggest serum gal in general, but this one has changed my way of thinking. for one, it’s less of a serum and more of a gel. secondly, it’s the most lightweight burst of (lasting!) hydration that i have ever felt. i have been putting it on morning and night, out of the shower, and right before bed. it instantly soothes that tight post-face-wash feeling and while it would probably be enough to wear without a moisturizer during other times of the year, i have been layering my current favorite over top for a double-duty level of moisture that cannot be beat.

it’s one of those versatile products that i predict will be joining me on many a dry flight and hotel stay in the future because i now realize how much happier my skin is when it’s properly hydrated. as opposed to thick and heavy moisturizers, i love how the serum is completely non-greasy, sinks right into my skin and has not caused a single breakout or irritation. it has saved my skin on this jaunt to the big city.

if you need to supercharge your skincare routine for added winter protection, i would move this little blue bottle to the top of your list.

mario badescu herbal hydrating serum, $30 >


4 thoughts on “mario badescu herbal hydrating serum

  1. I’ll consider this one when my current super hydrator runs out. I use the Simple SPF 15 lotion in the summer and had switched to the Simple overnight cream for winter but I found that even that wasn’t enough for my skin. It’s great for the kids but in this land of 0% humidity my sensitive skin needed even more and I use Alba Botanica Hawaiian moisture cream at night, then I can use the Simple lotion during the day.


    • well you know i love my simple products :) this is something that you could layer underneath for an extra boost. my skin gets so dry and tight in the winter that it seems one moisturizer is no longer enough!


    • i’m a new england girl so and it’s surprising how quickly my skin forgets! let me know if you give it a try – it’s a miracle product for me.


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