pur minerals big blink mascara

pur minerals big blink mascara

i find myself to be the harshest mascara critic. you name it, i’ve tried it – and chances are, i didn’t like it. most of them disappoint me in the flaking and smudging department. (i swear, there is nothing more frustrating than leaving the house with perfect lashes and coming home with raccoon eyes.) as i’m getting older, i’ve also started looking for mascaras with a little something extra in the ingredient list that gives back – because, in truth, mascara is terrible for your lashes, suffocating them and leaving them brittle and dry. it just so happens that the mascaras with the best “for you” ingredients, tend to be the worst performers. so, imagine my surprise when a mineral-based mascara stole my heart!

pur minerals big blink mascara brings extreme drama to your lashes. the crazy length and volume rivals any mascara that i’ve tried and the thick, black, glossy formula is pure perfection. i normally find large brushes to be awkward, but this one coats each lash easily and doesn’t deposit any unwanted mascara onto my brow bones. it glides on without clumping and the results are very va-va. this mascara wears beautifully all day long, until you take it off (at which point, it dissolves easily with cleanser and water) and the addition of argan oil nourishes my lashes so that they don’t feel dehydrated.

basically, it’s a breeze to use, wears like a dream, and makes your lashes insanely long. is there anything else you could possibly want in a mascara?

pur minerals big blink mascara, $20 >


4 thoughts on “pur minerals big blink mascara

  1. BEST mascara ever: L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara in the gold tube. I’ve tried many many many many mascaras in my life, that is, until I tried L’Oreal Telescopic mascara a few years ago. Since then, I haven’t used anything else! It costs $9-$11 per tube.


    • the WORST! most mascaras make me feel like i want to tear my lashes out, but this was a welcome surprise! if there is an ulta near you, you should be able to find it or maybe buy online? good luck :)


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