my ten favorite product finds of 2013

it’s been a very good year for the glossarie and the growth of my beauty bag and makeup routine is further proof of all the wonderful products that i was introduced to in 2013. ten products have become everyday, you-will-have-to-pry-them-out-of-my-cold-dead-hands favorites. these are the bars against which all other products in their category are measured. so without further ado, here are the best of the best:

top 10 of 2013


1 – chapstick hydration lock

2 –stila countless color pigment in lyric

3 – mark. make it rich lip crayon – how these never made it into their own post,
i will never know! coverage is creamy and intense, super comfortable and long-wearing. peony is my winter shade of choice, with punch being my year-round go-to.

4 – maybelline volum’express the falsies big eyes

5 – smashbox camera ready cc cream

6 – bite lush lip tint in orchard – another product that snuck into the top 10 without a post. this glossy, moisturizing, hot pink is the one thing that wakes me up each
morning. i’m obsessed with the formula and the color is so poppy and fresh.

7 – benefit gimme brow

8 – my partnership with simple skincare in 2013 was a true blessing for my problem skin! i have fallen in love with every product in the range and i love the calm, clear effects
that each one delivers with no surprises as to how my skin will react.

9 – real techniques expert face brush

10 – jouer perfume oil

is there something that you discovered via the glossarie
that’s still holding steady in your daily beauty routine?


10 thoughts on “my ten favorite product finds of 2013

  1. Real techniques expert face brush for sure! And my other staple of the year is Jessi Girl’s eyeliner pen. That thing has changed my wing-eyeliner life. :)


    • ahh that is such a miracle product! i still use it often as well. it is my favorite dry shampoo and the only thing that makes me look presentable in-between washings :)


    • they are seriously the BEST! i cannot believe how long it took me to discover them. i will never pay more for makeup brushes now that i know.


  2. I found Simple products through the Glossarie and can now wear makeup knowing I’ll be able to get it off with Simple makeup remover wipes without taking off all my sensitive skin with it. I use the Night Cream on my kids during the winter whereas I’m ok with the SPF day lotion. I use the foaming facial wash after a workout or on a non-makeup day.


    • hooray! i am so happy you discovered simple here – the products are truly amazing and i’m so thrilled to hear that they are working for you and your family :)


  3. Lara, since you write for mark. (and make excellent videos), I wondered if you could answer a question for me. I love the colours and application of the “no place to run” eyeliners but I can’t get the plastic pencil to sharpen worth sh-t. I have a regular makeup pencil sharpener, do I need to buy the mark sharpener for these eyeliners to work? Thanks.


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