topshop eye gleam in winterfrost

topshop eye gleam in winterfrost

this might be the prettiest metallic cream shadow that i have ever laid eyes upon. the shade falls somewhere between a pearly white and a silver gray with a texture that’s super smooth and easy to blend. it’s ultra pigmented with the frosty finish that you would expect from something called “winterfrost” and while i originally thought that this would be something that stays specific to the holiday season, i’ve been thrilled to find how versatile and neutral this shade truly is.

you can get a fiercely pigmented silver eye or a sheer wash of color depending on how you handle it and, best of all, beyond just finding a happy home on my eyelids, this pot is proving useful for other things, too. i’ve taken to dotting it in the inner corner of my eye to highlight and brighten when i’m wearing other shadow shades (or nothing at all). it also makes my matte blush much more festive! i (ever so lightly) pat it over top of my cheek apples for a highlighted touch that’s not too glittery.

if gilded lids are on your list or you’re looking for a little shimmer, this is your new go-to. in short, this shadow is insanely wearable with a feminine glamour that i’ve been craving for party season.

topshop eye gleam in winter frost, $18 >


4 thoughts on “topshop eye gleam in winterfrost

    • i can’t find anything that says that it’s limited, but since it’s part of ‘the damned’ collection and the packaging is different, i fear that it might not be around forever. let me know if you scoop it up ;)


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