best of 2013: mario badescu giveaway


although technically, i discovered mb very late in 2012, my love for his products truly developed over the last twelve months. you already know how much my face loves these products. when nothing else works, my skin finds sweet salvation in the cleansers, moisturizers, and treatments, not one of which has ever disappointed. i recommend the regimen all of the time for its friendly price point and adaptability to every skin type. it’s that good.

in celebration of my fabulous year with mario badescu, the ever-generous brand team has given me one acne repair kit to give away. i swear by the drying lotion to clear up spots overnight (and i even dab it on while getting ready for extra fighting power) and the drying cream is perfect for spreading over more general areas (ahem, chin, jawline) when you feel a zit or three coming on. the buffering lotion is a godsend for cystic acne, and this trio together is one fierce plan of acne attack.

if your skin is troublesome and you’re at your wits’ end, or if you are looking for some serious weapons to add to your skincare mix, this kit is for you. enter through the link below and bring on the clear skin for 2014!

enter to win mario badescu acne repair kit! >


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