three fragrance favorites

three fragrance favorites

there’s something nice about the right perfume. i love the way that scent is such a personal choice and i rarely find two women who have same “signature.” regardless of the time of year, whether my skin is breaking out or flaking off, my favorite perfume always works and somehow, always makes me feel pulled together. everything else about my day could be falling apart, but if i’m wearing perfume, i’m doing a-ok.

i find that my fragrance preferences are changing constantly and that i am more closely related to having perfume A.D.D. than i am committing to a true signature scent. lately, there are three gorgeous smells that have captured my attention and i’ve been rotating them together for the prettiest aromatic bouquet.

kate spade ‘live colorfully’ rollerball, $24
this sachet has so many of my favorite things! it layers florals with citrus for a playful combination that’s super easy to wear. things like mandarin, water lily, and anise are paired with grown-up gardenia and tahitian vanilla to create a flirty and fun fragrance. i can’t get enough.

marc jacobs honey, $22 – $92
i have overlooked almost every other mj fragrance because i just wasn’t impressed, but honey has a punchy freshness laced with a girly sweetness that has completely stolen my heart. it’s bright (green pear, orange blossom) and warm (smooth woods), with a honeysuckle base that cheers me all day long.

lady gaga fame, $17
a surprisingly wearable scent from mother monster, i am still shocked at how much i like this mass’tige celebrity perfume. it’s a musky (incense) floral (jasmine, orchid) that’s kept light with the addition of apricot and honey. the combination is feminine and interesting, not at all overpowering or old lady.


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