a surprising winter lip

revlon blase apricot

i love when maggie and i are in each other’s heads.

as proof of our beauty blogger esp, i had just drafted a little something for you on my favorite new lip color when i was trolling through her pending posts and BOOM! i find that she has fallen for the exact same shade.

the lipstick of the hour is revlon’s classic moon drops in blasé apricot. maggie was taken with its lovely, light coral shade that is very easy to layer. you can go easy on the application or really pile it on, depending on how bright you want to be. she especially loves it under a sheer gloss for a fresh color pop to brighten these gloomy winter days.

i couldn’t agree more! for me, it provides that burst of color without being unseasonably bright. the formula is super hydrating and the color goes on completely opaque so coverage is beautiful and true to what you see in the bullet. wear time could be longer, but the fact that it doesn’t dry lips out at all or leave a clown mouth as it goes outweighs the need to reapply.

on my fair skin, blasé apricot translates to a melon and it’s especially complimentary to all of the grays and cobalts that i brought into my closet this season. it’s perfect to wear from day to evening, going with everything from t-shirts to cocktail dresses and … well, we’re obsessed.

revlon moon drops creme lipstick in blasé apricot, $8.99 >

what’s on your lips this winter?

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