perricone md face finishing moisturizer

perricone md face finishing moisturizer

i am so wary of testing new skincare. with a face that tends to freak out when the wind changes, it can be such a daunting task. for me, trying a new moisturizer goes something like this:

  • step 1 – intensely analyze the full list of ingredients, rush to google + search for any potential offenders
  • step 2 – scour online reviews for any signs of reactions for people prone to sensitivities and breakouts
  • step 3 – test the product on the back of my hand + evaluate: is it light or heavy? does it sink right in or sit on top of my skin? any greasy residue?
  • step 4 – actually put it on my face, crossing my fingers, toes, and eyes that things won’t go haywire

it might seem like overkill, but i promise it’s the only thing that prevents the diaper-rash like reactions that i am all-too familiar with. since the winter weather has not done nice things to my noticeably aging skin, i have been dying to bring in some more hydrating big guns. perricone md’s face finishing moisturizer has been hot on my list for its promises to minimize signs of aging and impart a hydrated glow.

when it arrived, i scanned the ingredient list and instantly honed in on the presence of aleurites moluccana (kukui nut) seed oil. (in general, oils and my skin do not get along.) after a quick research sesh, i was thrilled to find that this particular oil is actually known for its antibacterial and anti-acne properties – amazing.

i proceeded to absolutely slather this gorgeous stuff on my face twice daily and the results have been skin changing. for one, my makeup glides right over top, sinking in and no longer highlighting the flakes and dullness that i was previously fighting. my skin feels happier and more nourished than it has with other moisturizers and it stays hydrated all day long. after my morning shower, the gel-like product sinks right in with no heavy or greasy feeling and my face just drinks it up. i haven’t always felt like my daytime moisturizer would make a nice night cream, but this product can most definitely fill both roles perfectly. i can already sense less redness and more radiance, with absolutely no irritation to my sensitive skin.

it’s been a serious improvement in care for my skin that’s been slightly more needy this winter. if your face is craving a little something extra in the moisture department, i am highly impressed with this perfect little cocktail. it’s especially perfect for those of us battling signs of aging (even the earliest ones) and persistent breakouts. if the price tag has you a bit on edge, scoop up the $10 to-go option and give it a nice long test run before committing to the full monty – and do be sure to come back and share your thoughts!

perricone md face finishing moisturizer, $69 >


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