lush rose jam shower gel

lush rose jam shower gel

there is a little something spicing up my shower these days!

far beyond your average body wash, lush rose jam shower gel is decadent with a scent that is to die for. i’m partial to an indulgent ritual when it comes to cleaning my body and i love the way that rose jam lathers and fills my entire bathroom with smells of goji berry, lemon, and vanilla. (i swear i smell honey in there too, but it might just be my bionic nose.) beyond leaving me sweetly scented, argan oil nourishes things right up, leaving my winter-ravaged skin soft and hydrated. on top of all that, the addition of lemon oil works to clarify so that there’s a nice balance between hydration and cleansing.

this stuff is good.

if you haven’t brought lush products into your bath scene, you are majorly missing out. their shower gels are a great place to jump into the line and the smaller sizes are the perfect entry-level product. if you think rose jam’s scent bouquet just might be your cup of tea, note that this one happens to be limited edition – so scoop it up before 12/25 and enjoy all of the luxe benefits that lush has to offer.

lush rose jam shower gel, $10.95 – $29.95 >

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