kate somerville exfolikate

kate somerville exfolikate

i have finally found the ideal counterpart to my skin-refreshing sunday ritual. kind of like a mini facial in a tube, kate somerville exfolikate has quickly become a part of my routine. it plays double duty, using both physical and chemical exfoliants to rid skin of bacteria and dead skin cells, clarifying on contact and polishing things to a healthy glow.

to work the magic, simply apply to clean, wet skin, let sit for two minutes and you can literally feel the exfoliants working to remove all the bad stuff that may have built up over the last few days. my skin is renewed and super soft immediately after removal. the instructions warn of redness post-application (and this is not recommended for sensitive gals), but honestly, i haven’t run into that problem. the intensive exfoliation is an important key in keeping my skin happy and i find that it’s the perfect prep for a luxurious face mask or rich night cream.

kate somerville exfolikate intensive exfoliating treatment, $22 – $175 > 


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