pretty gifty: clinique whole lotta candy

clinique whole lotta candy

it’s time to get gifty, boys and girls! and i know that i cannot be alone in finding this to be my most favorite time of year. maybe it’s because all of the best beauty exclusives and makeup sets make their debuts in november, but there’s something about the magic of the season that really makes me happy.

this year, i’m compiling all of my favorite pretty gifts on pinterest but i’ll be sharing the best of the best here with you.

first up is three of clinique’s best selling (and most universally flattering) chubby sticks. the formula here is sheer and buildable, making it a user-friendly option for anyone from a makeup maven to a complete beauty novice. ladies of every age will delight in the packaging (that, incidentally? reminds me of my all-time favorite beauty product from the 90’s) and the price tag is sweet enough that you can make a big impact for one lucky friend who receives all three, or split ’em up and share the love.

clinique whole lotta candy chubby stick lip set, $25 >


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