maybelline color elixir

maybelline color elixirs

it’s a fact that combining products can be tricky because in the end, something always tends to get sacrificed. when i heard that maybelline was marketing a stick-gloss-balm hybrid for lips i was pretty weary to see how it would perform. in my experience, these all-in-ones tend to be too balmy and sheer or too pigmented and sticky. it can be extremely tough to find a balance and i’m hard pressed to name any brand that has done it successfully.

until now.

maybelline’s new color elixirs are gorgeous. at first glance, i love the packaging and the shade options are stunning, ranging from the palest pink to the deepest plum. the (strangely furry) wand on these delivers color in a smooth and even application that, in my opinion, every single pigmented lip gloss on the market misses. the formula doesn’t feel heavy on lips and does indeed deliver the hydrating feel of a balm while providing seriously powerful color payoff. once i am wearing them, i can not take my eyes off of the shine and i find myself pleasantly surprised by the subtle taste of vanilla. (call me nostalgic, but i happen to like a scented lip product – brings me back to my bonne bell days!)

all in all, these sweetly priced lip lacquers are well worth the investment. the balm-gloss formula is perfect for the quickly cooling winter weather and i’m foreseeing many a holiday cocktail party where these will be on my lips.

this post was sponsored by refinery 29, who was kind of enough to send
me these samples to review for you. the opinions, as always, are my own.


9 thoughts on “maybelline color elixir

  1. i don’t understand how you think this is a true and comprehensive review without swatches. the writing aspect of it is great, but what kind of beauty review doesn’t include SOME kind of swatch


    • hi anna! thanks for stopping by. my reviews have never included swatches or selfies, it’s just not what this blog is about. as you noted, i rely on my voice to share the reasons why i love the products that i choose to feature. i do TOTALLY appreciate the amazing bloggers that swatch and photograph to their heart’s content as they are some of my favorite to read :)


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