simple soothing facial toner

simple soothing facial toner

this blog has never been about me telling you what you must do. i’m not here to push product or change your habits, but i will always be sure to tell you what works for me – and one thing that has truly worked for me is adding a toner to my skincare routine. toner is a product that is the subject of much debate in the skincare world. do you need it? is it useless? there are arguments for each side of the story, but in my opinion it has made all of the difference and here’s why.

i have found that the addition of toner in the evenings, after i wash my face and before i layer on a night cream or serum, helps to remove excess oil and dead skin cells, along with any traces of makeup that i may have missed. it is an essential second step in my routine and it also helps my third-step application to soak in more quickly.

simple soothing facial toner is the perfect solution for me. it has witch hazel, a calming anti-inflammatory ingredient for sensitive skin, and chamomile to soften and soothe. i soak a cotton pad in the good stuff and sweep it all over my skin. it’s formulated without alcohol which, in my opinion, makes toners way too drying, even for those of us with oily skin.

so the next time you find yourself debating whether you should add a toner to your routine, think about your skin. the toner market is vast and varied, with options available for anyone. i find simple’s to be the most user friendly, serving anyone with dry, oily or combination skin. i know for me that it’s been a great addition to my routine that is always battling acne-prone skin and has made a marked difference on my oily and oft clogged pores.

tell me: do you use a toner?

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8 thoughts on “simple soothing facial toner

    • i know it! i think that’s why i love them so much, i love looking down at the cotton pad and knowing none of that grossness is left on my skin overnight.


  1. I’ve been using this toner since this summer and with other toners my skin always felt tight and dry after but with this one it leaves my skin smooth. I’ve been using the Simple products since last year and dor sensitive skin it’s for me it’s the best.


    • hooray! i am so happy to hear that. i love when other people are having the same positive experience as me. thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on simple!


  2. Simple soothing facial toner is the only product which worked for me. I have tried a lot of facial toner before, but they keep on making me feel itchy and irritated. I am really thankful I have discovered Simple.


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