the glossarie gives thanks

yes to naturally smooth lip balm

can you beauties believe that it’s november? 2013 has seriously flown and i find myself feeling incredibly grateful for all of the wonderful ways in which you (yes you!) have helped to make the glossarie a more beautiful place this year. i say all of the time that i would write this blog even if no one ever came to read it, but the truth is that you do. you click, comment, and email to your (and my!) heart’s delight which brings me endless happiness and much blogger satisfaction. i am truly thankful for all of your support and i want to give a little something back to you for all that you do for me – even in just the tiniest possible way. i have been collecting treasures from the glossarie archives over the last few months and i’m looking forward to offering up a handful (or maybe more!) giveaways between now and the end of the year. each one will feature a favorite product of mine – something that i have been gifted in duplicate from a beloved brand or something that i have gone out and purchased with the pure purpose of giving it to you. i hope you enjoy this teensiest of treats and better yet, i hope you win something really good.

first on the giveaway agenda is yes to’s naturally smooth lip balm and i have two up for grabs – one pomegranate and one blueberry. to enter just click the links below! you get a free entry just for being you and you can earn more by interacting with me on twitter and facebook. (i’m fun, i promise!)

enter to win yes to pomegranate naturally smooth lip balm!

enter to win yes to blueberry naturally smooth lip balm!

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